Asger Trier

Ok, so I have asked myself; Asger, are you going out of fashion. I mean, I am not a fashion photographer or anything like that, but I guess, that my ideas are fashionable, or can be of less or greater interest.

Well, my experience is, that what I do, is to create layers of understanding and ideas, on basis of other peoples layers of ideas.

Take my work with the liberal left. It is not, that I have invented liberal left. I stand in a long line of philosophers, who came before me, and gave something to the tradition. The latest was Adorno, who gave us multiculturalism. Now I have given a point back to our shared humanistic roots. Tried to talk about democracy and humanism in this day and age.

It’s not like, that I am better than Adorno. I really like him a lot, he was a leading light of his generation, its just that I took up the beacon after him.

This is what multiculturalism is really meeting these days, the push for the people, to move on.

I mean, Karl Marx wrote some amazing things, but without Hegel, there would not have been a Karl Marx, and without Karl Marx, there would not have been an Asger Trier.

My rebellion towards Marx, going back to Hegel, is what I have contributed with to the international development of the left.

Ok, now there is a fight between Russia and the US, so this development, that was really sound for the world has less of an effect, but it is there as a layer, and my experience is, when it is there, you cannot remove it. The PEOPLE wants the politicians the move that way.

So I am there, as a part of the tradition.

G-d bless the will to be good and heartfelt in ones ideas, thoughts and actions.

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