Antisemitism in Europe

The antisemitism is slowly rearing its head again in Europe. Seventy years after the last round.

These ideas are totally wrong. I mean, we Jews are not perfect. We are a warring, intelligent, money hoarding, soft hearted very religious people that have the dubious honour to have founded all religions. Mostly.

This has led to the fate, that people either love us, or hate us. Loves us when they themselves are close to their own positive roots, hating us, when they are corrupt. Corruption and Jewhate almost always stick together.

So, where are those trends?

First and foremost, we see them in the effect that the 68´ths has had on the states. 68´ths had an open allegiance to the PLO and his ilk of traitors and con men.

They “fought” Israel by propaganda and subterfuge. When the hapless europeans came to Gaza, they met those who they thought was friends, but truly it was just Potemptkin setups.

These idiots have merged with the states. So now they are using the many heads of state to persecute Jews that stand up for Jewish rights and rightful place in the society. Me, among others.

There has just been a case in Denmark, where the state prosecutor unmotivatedly sued Finn Rudaizky, former head of the Mosaic believers because he had helped the press by releasing evidence about the terror attack last year where a Jew was shot. The city council of Copenhagen is openly antisemitic, and pro IS. So they accept IS fighters roaming around. One of them did the terror attack on my Vilks committee, and he at the same time did an attack on the Jewish synagogue.

So what is the reaction of the state? They end up prosecuting Finn Rudaizky and I think at the same time vandalised my boat.

That is a problem for Jews in Europe, because if that is how the state sees Jews, we are, in reality, sitting ducks. Just waiting for the islamist to step on to our door and kill us. The state will let the islamist be free to do their dirty jobs.

Disgusting alliance.

Then there is another problem that is in Germany. It is relatively new, and I do not know much about it. However, it seems that the Afd are relatively antisemitic. That is a problem, and they should denounce that.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of persecution.

Note: This is not the official stance of the Vilks committee (I am a member of the board of directors)

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