Ok, these are my reflections concerning prayer. I know, that there is the Middle East conflict, that I have to support. But, I mean the King Charles III is really sick, and we need to support him too.

It is like this, to my theoretical and practical knowledge.

Each person has a halo.

In religious iconography you see the halos as rings around the heads of the saints.

But actually a more precise description would be to describe it as all around each person. Actually all life has this halo around it.

Some call it the spiritual body. As you have a physical body, you also have a spiritual body.

In psychology you call it the subconscious. It is the same concept, with a few differences. But all in all, the science that goes with the subconscious is the same as what we in religion call a halo or a soul.

You can be sick in your physical body, and you can be sick in your spiritual body.

But the thing is, these two bodies interact. So if you have a trauma, which is a wound on your soul, this often is seen as having a physical reaction.

People who are truly hurt on their soul are often having very poor health. And people who have a healthy soul will have a healthy body.

So this is as it is, as far as I can tell, from a spiritual/psychological perspective concerning health.

What do you do to get better? You target your health at both levels. You seek to get a healthy soul in a healthy body.

This is one of the reasons you enter a community, and seek to be together in positive relationships. Sing and have fun with your family and friends, healthy relationships.

The angels and demons

There is also the deeper level of understanding health, and that is solely spiritual.

My experience is, that most diseases have some kind of spiritual connection.

I am, in all humility, a good healer. I heal myself, my kids and friends. I am never sick actually.

The Catholic church is very famous for its exorcists. I know that this is the rare cases, where people are wholly possessed by some negative entity of some kind. That leads to massive unhealthy conditions. Abuse of all kinds, and real unhealthy living. The church, the faith of both Islam and Judaism is all about fighting for the good side. We side with the angels, in the battle for good in this world.

Disease is a part of this. Even relatively mild diseases often have some kind of negative spiritual element in it. That is why prayer work. Because you call upon the angels to help you in the fight against the sickness. The stronger your credits are with the angels, the more they will help you. That is why some people are better healers than others. Because some people have, through a lifetime of prayer, become friends of angels and G-d.

These people can call upon their angelic friends and call upon them to help some of their own friends.

It is a bit like work out, the more you put into it, the stronger you get.

And it is about passion. Angels respond to faith, the deeper and more profound your faith is, the more the angels will respond.

This is my experience. I could also reflect on it from a science/physical perspective. But I mean, these processes are, at its best opaque.

All physical as well as metaphysical processes are opaque. So it is guesswork, most of it.

But at least, these are my own experiences, that I have lived through.

You get to a state, where you are protected. I am protected. I have just walked through a fire, where most of my compatriots have fallen. But I remain, why? Because I am protected by the angels.

But I must say, that it is something I use a lot of time on, praying for peace, for health, for abundance.

You could do the same, if you want to get to healthier lifestyle.

You choose yourself, do you go with the Angels or Satan?

Choose the angels, if you want a healthier life. It is something that is a lot more longerlasting and will eventually give you happiness and peace.

G-d bless the peace we will find in each of our lives, G-d bless the King Charles III and may he recover.

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