The newly minted Danish cultural minister is named Angel, or in Danish; Engel.

He is trying to find his feet in a vicious fight against the civil servants, who wants to control him, and it has made me think a little about, what it is to be an angel.

First of all, angels are not what we think they are in our modern spiritual traditions, that is benign, humble creatures, that shoot arrows of love to the beloved.

They are really something else. Let me spin a tale, that may let you have a glimpse into this subject of spiritual elevation.

Spirit is, to Plato and Anaxagoras intelligence, so angels are just reflections of g-ds intelligence. Mikael, means Mika el, el means OF G-d.

But there are deep traditions of angels, that we must understand, to understand, what angels really are.

The original angels are, as most of our civilisation, originating from the Middle East. Here these beings can still be seen as massive winged beast, carved into rock with the utmost detail.

The world of angels are often connected to astrology, so that angels refer to specific star constellations and other parts of our understanding of the celestial realm.

But what has really interested me, has been the virtues of the different angels. The angels of the seven heavens, has been my go to congegration of angels, and they are BOTH benign, AND very, very powerful.

We say that Mikael is the harbinger of light, and he will blow his silver horn, to call upon the sons of light, in their fight against the sons of darkness. Satan being the leader of that motley crew.

So we see, from that story, the story of the apocalypse, that angels they fight. What do they fight for and against? They fight for life and light, against death and destruction.

But, and that is the dilemma, they actually fight, and when they fight, their shields are emblazoned with marks of inlaid silver, commemorating the victory over evil.

This is what angels do, when they fight, they fight evil, oppression, darkness.

When there is a part of society, where evil prevails, angels roam these streets, caring for the dispossessed, lifting all spirits in the face of the sons of darkness.

In other words, you cannot fight good people if you are an angel, that would be wrong, but fighting bad people, is all what the likes of Mikael do.

G-d bless the will, to find in each of us, that angel, that speaks to us, to do good in the service of human dignity and life.

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