An independent Ukraine

Mr. Volodomyr Zelenski held a beautiful and extremely well composed speech to the Danish parliament a few days back, and it has kind of filtered down into the Danish society.

These are the main takes on the speech after it has been discussed in Denmark.

First of all, Denmark is REALLY supportive in terms of helping Ukraine back on its feet after the war. We know, that rebuilding the country will be an extremely difficult task. Especially the building industry have responded positively to a possible rebuilding of the city Mykolajiv.

We will rebuild it, however the people of Ukraine wishes it to be rebuilt. All the officials of Mykolajiv need to do, is to call upon the Danish officials, and we will make it happen. The war is entering its last phase, and after that, Ukraine needs to be rebuilt

The next thing you can think about Volodomyr is HOW to rebuild Ukraine.

Before the war, the country was riddled with corruption, and abuse of public finances. This is a true chance to change this negative dynamics.

How? Hire some of the best auditors of the world, to see the rebuilding through. Again, we have some very good auditors in Denmark, if you need help with auditing, we will support you.

But, my point is. If you make sure, from the beginning, to make the rebuilding to the very letter of the auditing process, you can rebuild the culture of Ukraine, starting a culture of incorruptibility.

Some of the best civil servants are supposed to be the British, maybe, Britain can help you in this regard. Open the schools of Britain, for the civil servants of Ukraine, to teach them how to make a good civil service.

Then there is the discussion on what comes after in terms of system. One thing is for sure. It has to be viking in some way.

The people of Ukraine are descendants of the vikings from Denmark and Sweden, so it has to reflect this heritage.

How, to do this? Well, Voltaire is pretty clear about this. It is about making a system where each citizen is FREE.

Again, what freedom, how to do this, is a many layered answer, but this is something we should discuss. How do we make a frame around the Ukrainians that gives them freedom.

And again. I know, that you want to be a part of EU, be careful of that. Because that is a straightjacket and they are immensely corrupt. So be careful.

Play the cards you have now, to make a Ukraine, that is strong and independent. In this way, you will satisfy the demands of the right wing, and you can path a way, where you have the most in terms of flexibility towards the powers around you.

Be free Volodomyr, and you will be able to make a state, that will survive and thrive.

G-d bless the will to make a free state of Ukraine.

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