Adorno and the Frankfurtherschool

Well, one of the things, that I have worked quite a bit with is the Frankfurterschool. My own university Roskilde University Center was a part of the Frankfurterschool, and I read a lot of Jürgen Habermas when I were a student.

The Frankfurterschool has a very deep root in the US as well, after the war, the leading intellectuals of the Frankfurterschool Adorno and Horkheimer were there as refugees, because they fled the persecution of the nazies.

This is, essentially the root of the left, if you can say so. Woke, is a child of the Frankfurterschool.

Alinsky was the communicator of the ideas of the Frankfurterschool, and so on and so forth.

In a sense, you can say, that my philosophy is a continuation of the ideas of Horkheimer, Adorno and Habermas.

Denmark is, more or less, a part of Germany, after all.

What I have done, in relation to American philosophy, is to include philosopher as Henry David Thoreau, the philosopher behind the civil rights movement and the idea of non violence.

But, I have done a lot of thinking myself, and I have been inspired by Hegel, that Marx originally rebelled against.

In that sense, I am in the line of Hegel, Marx, Adorno, but with my own ideas and realizations.

For instance, I believe there is a g-d.

When we look at the current situation from that perspective, we must see, that there is a way out of the whole situation, if we look at what Adorno truly preached. He preached dialectic humanism, and he was a Christian.

In that sense, I believe we are not so far from each other. Ok, I am a Jew, but Adorno were very much into Kierkegaard, that is a Danish philosopher. A Christian Danish philosopher.

My point is, to really understand what Adorno ment, we need to see him in his own world.

He was all for dialogue, and was, essentially a humanist with a religious bend.

He was not a warmonger, he wanted peace and wanted people to be humane again. He had seen mass hysteria and warmongering, and almost died from that.

He was, essentially, a gentle man.

At least, this is what I get out of reading him.

So, we need to, if I understand Adorno right, to initiate dialogue and be humane.

G-d bless the will to understand the liberal leading lights and see them for what they are today.

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