A good start

Well, we have certainly gotten off to a good start.

Things are looking all right. Ok, we are not as popular as the late majesty her highness Queen Elisabeth, but we have made a basis to work upon.

The strategy, to do what the late queen was doing is a little boring, but it works as a good start.

You know, Michael Jackson was pretty clear about his audience. He said, people want to go to a concert, where the music is exactly like the records.

That is how audiences work, they want to listen to what they know. ESPECIALLY with the royal institutions. You can do small things, but as soon as the institutions moves too much away from what they are used to, they are unsatisfied.

BUT, things change, and the world changes with it, so as natural development in the royal institutions, we need to forsee some of the challenges that lie ahead.

The worst being the massive conflict that is brewing in the east. Ukraine fights on valiantly, but the conflict is heating up.

This has already struck Europe in numerous ways. As a reorientation in terms of energy production. Gas is over, right. We need to find new ways to fuel our production and heat our houses.

This again brings some realism into the planning and execution of energy production. We should not close down fossile fuel based energy production before we can actually fuel our economy with the green alternatives. We need to have a diverse system, that can fuel the heating and production of our economies. We also have to be realistic about food production. I am all for new ways of making food, but we still need to eat, and winter is coming.

So, there are some pretty scary consequences of not developing our energy sector and food sector in a planned and progressive manner. We have to be organised about it, and not end up in a food crisis in the middle of a war.

Then there is the military development. It is a crying shame. Brothers killing brothers, but we need to stay focused and vigilant.

This ends up being a task for the royal institutions. The soldiers may need support in terms of strategy and morale.

So we need to prepare ourselves for a difficult winter with problems in terms of food and energy.

G-d bless England and the royal institutions.

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