A dangerous situation

The endless cycle of war has finally begun in the UK. That of attack and retaliation. This is how war works. 

If the one side keeps attacking, and no one answers, in the end someone will do it in a primitive way. 

As the conflict unfolds, people will be forced to choose sides. This is what we know from Thucydides, a war will eventually pit people against each other. That goes for the muslim as well for the democratic side. 

In this situation, the state needs to up its game. If it does not deliver on the war on terror, people will just take the matters in their own hands. Condemning it will not do anything, people are too angered to care about condemnation. This is war, no words will change it. It is a hot war, not a cold War, so it is not a spywar. 

The only responsible thing to do in this situation, is to go hard, VERY hard on the terrorists. That is IS afiliated organizations and the like. Close down the mosques, and untangle the vast network of Islamist terrorists.

It may sound as a callous response to the Finsbury mosque attack. And yes, those Muslims that were there by chance are not necessarily Islamist, and for those, it was wrong to target them. Just as wrong as killing innocent Londoners. 

My point is just, that the state is loosing control over the situation, and the only way it can regain control, is by closing all the terrorist mosques, repatriate all who are terrorist and not citizens and so on. 

The lack of action on the part of the government is the cause of this situation. 

If the security forces do not step in and do something, the situation will spiral out of control. 

That is how humans think and work, and we should understand it and try to take the initiative instead of leaving it to the street. Because that is a dangerous situation indeed. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it prevail in these very difficult times. 

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  1. Jane von Rathsach
    June 19th, 2017 at 16:42 | #1

    Denmark has the same story, caused by ignorant and weak politicians.
    Sweden once was the diamant of the Nordic countries. This is now no go zones everywhere.
    Stockholm and Malmö by ferry only 15 minutes from Copenhagen.
    I agree completely with the above.
    We need a Brexit everywhere, since EU and Merkel translate terror to something different, though the people are furious.
    Go for completely new politicians like Theresa May. Our EU and stop FN, since they protect Saudi.

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