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Understanding Plato, is to understand academia. Academia is in a great crisis these days. All the things, that some see as a part of Woke, and most see as a part of political correctness, that is diminishing the ability to think freely at campus, COMES from academics, who obviously do not like the idea of letting other people talk about what they want to talk about.

This is a bit like telling a jew not to like Israel or a muslim to be unjust. It is a fault in that league.

Let me explain.

Plato was a quiet rebel. He had seen atrocities in his life, and decided to make a system, that would serve as a deterrent against tyranny. A deterrent against oppression and corruption.

Being the person he was, he didn’t do it by scolding anyone, he did be trying to build the most beautiful, coherent, idealistic system that man has ever seen.

He was all into beauty, good and truth, and many other virtues. He is THE philosopher to turn to, if you want to be an idealist.

He had seen it all in his own life time. His teacher, whom he REALLY loved, Socrates, was killed by the callousness of a class of tyrants. His other teacher Anaxagoras, was put to jail. He was surrounded by teachers who had been put into jail. The system he was living under, that of Democracy, was riddled with disgusting moral corruption.

So his attempt at solving the problems he saw in his life, was to, at one hand, point to Sparta for an alternative, which I personally thing is a problem, and then build this beautiful, marvel of a system, that we still see as the basic stone of all of academia.

Academia MEANS people who adhere to the crowd that was in the grove of Academus, a grove where Plato students hung out, as we still, in an abstract way do.

Plato was a QUEIT rebel. The tenants he gave us; the cave allegory as the main tenant is about GOING AGAINST the moral corruption of the society. His genius was, that he invented an institution, that, if it works, works against the corruption of Democracy, thereby being the very thing that keeps Democracy sound and well functioning.

It wasn’t Sparta that was the remedy for Democracy’s inherent danger of corruption, it is academia as such.

In this sense, if academia LEADS the corruption in a Democracy, something went just wrong somewhere. It is doing the complete opposite of what it is supposed to do. I mean, it just doesn’t make sense.

We still have bastions of true rebels within academia, as Chicago university, and Oxford.

But there is an inherent problem, in academia as such, and as a true platonist, I just know the ideas of this ancient person, and have lived with his ideas in most of my career, or whatever you can call it; his message is clear. We are supposed to search for the light, through dialogue, to hinder the moral corruption of society.

G-d bless the will to see things openly, and be honest and true. G-d bless the wisdom of Plato.

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After the long symposium that I have just attended at Oxford university, a lot of good analysis and understanding have evolved as a result of the discussion.

First of all, I have been quite critical against woke for some time. The reason being, that I do not see this new cultural marxist idea to be very much in contact with the whole idea behind cultural marxism. Cultural marxism is, at its core a religious, humanistic, Jewish philosophy, that seek to further the right of the individual.

The mass movement of woke is against the very idea of woke, that is supposed to see each individual as something sacred.

How can safe spaces, and political correctness have anything to do with the sacredness of an individual?

Harking back to the beginning of cultural marxism; Adorno, Horkheimer is to realise that the opposite of nazism is not just the fight for a fair treatment of minorities, which I think is extremely important, but much more, the ability to treat people humanely. Freedom of speech being the main idea.

Enlightenment, that Adorno speaks about, is being true.

I also believe, as a result of the discussion, that there must be a certain faithfullness to the idea of non violence. I know that in Ukraine and the Middle East, we have to defend ourselves, but the point of non violence is essentially, that war is about the virtues of each opponent. If you find yourself fighting against a party, that is totally beautiful in terms of ethics, and carries the sacrifice that they have to endure with a smile.

Then you fight against someone, who are truly good persons.

Seeing each other for what we are, is important, and making safe spaces, to shut that important truth out, is a step in the wrong direction.

Thoreau, who came up with the ideas of non violence, was a principled person, who preferred going to jail, rather than obey an unjust law. He was a simple living guy, who just didn’t accept the rules, if they were unjust.

That is the true example.

G-d bless the will to truly find peace, in a world of conflict.

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The work of G-d

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When you work for spirit, the aim is to make a better world. But how may that world look like? It is a world of happiness and joy. That is entire project of the monotheistic religions, to meet in joy, love and happiness. Dance, have fun, meet across the normal boundaries that set people apart.

G-d bless the Lambeth conference

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Holding on to our humanity

For a long time, I had the good fortune to be so strong in my faith in humanism, that I did not succumb to the usual death trap of bitterness and vindictiveness that is often accompanied, with people that searches for light and truth.

Plato explains it like this. Humanity lives in a cave. It is strung to the end of the cave wall with strings, so it can only see the shadows of a small bonfire that is behind them. But, between the bonfire and the peoples, some guys walks back and forth with carboards that casts shadows on the cave wall.

The point being, that most people only see the manipulated truth, not the real truth.

So the task of the philosopher is to go down into the cave, cut the strings, and let the true light into the cave.

This story is the main story behinds things like journalism, science, a lot of religion and many other application, for thousands of years.

The problem is, when the philosopher cuts into the strings, people start to rebel, and are angry with the philosopher. Bringing truth into the cave is unpopular. The truth bringers are rarely popular.

So you do, as a philosopher, end up in a string of harassment, are put to jail even and even, sometimes, put to the stake and burned alive. As Galileo, and Anaxagoras.

You know, I have just been through another bout of persecution, by the city council, by the cultural minister, by some people of the antivaxx, by a ring of peadophiles and so on.

For the simple act of being honest about the problems we face these days, and for calling out the crime ridden underworld here in Northern Jutland.

Now even I do have my limits, and after a hectic spring, with a lot of struggle, I found myself in a position, where I fought on endlessly.

That was the trap, right there, the bitterness, the loss of faith in humanity.

Because, and that is a profound realisation, enlightenment is a HUMANISTIC tradition. It is about the faith in human beings, and the good we can do for the world. The minute you loose that positive and constructive focus, you are just a bitter old man, loosing your motive and idealism.

Luckily the red indian community was there for me, in my troubles. They tried to heal me, and showed me thet beauty of being positive and supportive.

Maybe this is where we have ended after Trump? Lost our faith in being honest, supportive and nice to each other. We have become bitter, the fight has caught us, and we let ourselves to places, that are not good.

Holding on to our humanity is the only thing that really matter in a conflict. Loosing our humanity will mean that we have, in a very real way, lost the fight for a better world.

G-d bless the will to remember our humanity in a world riddled with trouble and conflict, remain positive and supportive to everybody, even though it is immensely difficult.

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Red indians

The green agenda is not really going in the right direction. In Canada and Holland, we have these huge demonstrations of farmers, and all farmers in the world, are just waiting for their turn to be “the problem”.

To me, this has absolutely nothing to do with the idea of caring for nature.

Last weekend at had the supreme honour to be a part of a Sundance festival. It is a red indian ceremony that has taken a bit of root here in Denmark. Through some of my good friends, I was invited. It gave me an insight into who these people were, who was the origin behind all the green change ideas.

They were the absolute opposite of all the hard handedness that the farmers are handled with. Nice, peaceful, loving people who didn’t think about politics, but of being good people, sharing, having fun, singing, praising nature.

Going from that perspective to a harsh handling of the farmers just doesn’t make sense. What the green movement is about is positive, it is about the nurture the forest, the appreciation of the trees.

It is beautifully poetic and sees nature for what it is.

There is nothing wrong in learning a bit from the red Indians, and their beautiful vision. Me coming from a platonic perspective, I see a lot similarities, not least the beautiful, positive look on life.

We should remember this, when we are working on the green agenda. If we end up in methods that are not beautiful, we miss the entire point.

The green change is about love and light, and caring. For nature, but also for everybody else. It is the good guys, being nice to everybody around them.

The aim is a better world, where we share and dance and are happy.

G-d bless the will to be honest and light giving.

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Good and evil

These days at the Lambeth conference, we discuss the idea of allowing gays and lesbians to be consecrated into marriage.

That is a difficult discussion, and hopefully, the conference will come to a conclusion without too much conflict.

The whole debacle stems from a discussion on woke, that see gays as a minority, that, among other minorities, should be protected.

This is an attempt at laying out the essence of the discussion to, hopefully, shed some light on the issue from an ethical perspective.

It all comes down to cultural marxism, that is the root of woke.

Cultural marxism was a branch of marxism that bloomed in Carl Marx own home country Germany, and has a lot of quality in terms of theoretical level. It is truly high level theories.

Some of the leading lights of that development was the German jew Adorno and his friend Horkheimer.

What is really going on? Well, the German marxist had to flee Germany in the Second World War, having seen the mass hysteria of Nazism. So, in essence, woke is a counter theory against nazism.

The minorities that woke see as supposed to be supported are those groups that were persecuted in the Second World War. People who didn’t fit in, and ruined the supposed health of the German Volk.

Jews, gays, handicapped persons and so on, and so forth.

This is really what wokeism is doing, it tries to find a counterpoint to nazism, by supporting those who nazism persecuted.

No, don’t get me wrong. I am VERY close to this idea. I fact, I am almost a copy of Adorno. I am myself a jewish scholar, who came from a marxist mould.

BUT, and this is where I disagree with woke. I do not think, that good is necessarily the opposite of what nazism see as good. In fact, I believe, that good in enligthenment, humanism, platonism, as described in the Bible and other good philososphical texts.

This does not mean, that we should not protect minorities, but we should not forget our humanity in the process. In fact, Adorno is quite clear about his stance, he sees humanism and enligthenment as good, as THE aim. Enligthenment is the opposite of cancel culture, because enlightenment is being true and giving space for truth.

This is forgotten today, where woke seems to have been cut off from the root.

In fact, what religions does, ideally is not simple, it is a flexible aim, that seek to find what is good in a situation.

Evil comes in many, many, many forms. It came in nazism, no doubt about that, but it has other ways. One of them, is tyranny, other is abuse. You can have tyranny and abuse in other areas of life than just minorities.

Understanding, that evil has many ways and not just one, is important, to be able to make a good world.

Because, as Adorno actually say, that is the aim. To create a good world.

G-d bless the will to find peace, and unity across the different parts of the church.

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Fair play

International leadership, is a bit like being a teacher in one of the smaller classes. You have to be the one who, by your diplomatic skill, ability to make good rules, and, in rare cases, a harsh response to some of the bullies of the class, make a class with peace.

I know, I did a lot of it, when I was a teacher in the smaller classes in Aabybro, while at the same time doing some of the work I did for Barack.

It was, more or less, the same dynamics.

Most of the kids are good natured, and just want to get along and have some fun. But occasionally there is the kid, that has bad manners, and then start making trouble in the class. For a teacher, that is difficult. You have to make rules, that make the kids wanting to go along, without being too harsh to the bully.

I will give you an example. I worked with third graders here in Denmark. Some of these third graders had severe psychological problems, and were, treated wrongly, extremely agressive.

So I had to figure out a way to make the kids behave and, at least, have some peace.

My solution to the problem, was to build a small computer cafe with some left over old computers. It wasn’t much of a computercafe, but the kids could play some games, and have some fun with the other kids. Boys at that age love being together with other kids their age, and play some computergames, as long as it is social.

So I did build that cafe, and then all the kids came to join, they loved it. But there was, as always, the obligatory bully, who wanted by the virtue of his strength, and swearing, to CONTROL the other kids. Kids that age is a study into the primitive behaviour of people, left alone, the rule of the strong is the rule they abide by.

Anyway, I had to find a way, to make the kids abide by some kind of rule, that they accepted and respected, AND had the support of the parents.

These kids loves playing football a lot, so I figured, if I made a rule, that resembled football (FairPlay), it would probably be something they could relate to. So I made this rule, that IF YOU SWEARED you would get a yellow card, if you sweared again, it was another yellow card, and that was, automatically a red card. Ten minutes away from the computercafe.

It had a wonderful effect, not only was it a lot of fun to scream YELLOW CARD at the top of our lungs, but it had the effect, that the ubiquitous bully spend a little time outside of the class room, and then accepted that he was not allowed to swear. The true aim; to make everbody accept that it was common law (that you are not allowed to swear) that ruled, and not the rule of the strong, was accomplished.

AND, to make it even more of a succes, the parents really loved their kids coming home, having learned not to swear. Everybody was happy.

The point being? You have to stop being the bully, and abide by the JUST rules of a class room. The world is exactly the same. Grown ups have bigger guns, and can make a lot more damage, but the rules are exactly the same. So, to my experience, ruling the world, is not about YOU ruling, but MAKING EVERYBODY ELSE ABIDE BY SOME JUST CODE, so that ALL THE KIDS can have peace sitting in front of the computer having fun.

See? It is not about winning, it is about making just rules, so that the world is at peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the world.

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I am not white, you know my mother was white, but I am not. Having to grow up in a community where everybody else is white, has been difficult. But it has also given me an understanding of the possibility of being together with people, even though my skin had a different hue than those around me.

Anyway, you can either take the path of agression or you can take the path of reconciliation in a situation like that.

Sometimes, you need to fight. I do it all the time. Tough, life threatening fights. I have fought a vicious fight against some kind of marauders, who are trying to kill all the trees here in Denmark. They are trying to destroy all the beautiful, living forests here in Denmark. I fought it, with all that I have of energy and ressources.

But, there is another way, often, and it is when that path is open, the path of dialogue and understanding, that we need to follow that.

It takes an adversary or opponent who is willing to be open, to discuss. This is why it is so very important, to have good teachers and academics, who are willing to sacrifice their lives in the service of our democracy. Someone, who are using their lives, to further the UNDERSTANDING between peoples.

That is what I truly believe is the answer to all the difficult discussions and fights we have had lately. Instead of dedicating ourselves to the trenches, we should always, whenever possible, seek the path of understanding.

Doing that, will be a remedy to all the animosity we experience in the wake of Trump and the reaction from the Liberals.

We should unite under the flag of understanding, and dialogue.

G-d bless the will to breach the divide. G-d bless the will to understand those around us, and find peace.

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Unity comes from good

There is a kind of change in the understanding of the liberal world view. We have had Trump, that kind of underlined the extreme animosity between right and left, and then we have had Woke and cultural Marxism being all the rave, after Trump.

These extremes, as it is, are not good for anyone. Not white people, not coloured people either, it makes people come less together and be less united.

There is a deeper level of understanding in these matters, that we have to face. Cultural marxism was a trend in the US, that came from Germany with the Jewish refugees of Frankfurt. Among them Adorno and Horkheimer. This is the root of Woke.

Being a Dane, I suppose I understand Adorno and Horkheimer better than most, because we stem from the same cultural intellectual ground.

But the difference between my perspective, that of unity, and that of mr. Adorno is, that I truly believe in the democratic and cultural foundation of the great nations around in the world.

What should unite us, shouldn’t be the animosity between different groups, but should be what we have in common. What brings us together.

Where mr. Adorno, the great thinker of the 50´es saw into darkness, to understand the light. I believe, that understanding what is good in its own worth, is what should unite us. What is beautiful and gracefull, what is kind and humble, what is sincere and honest. What strives to be true and not to be lying, what will help others and not just thinks about themselves.

These virtues are what should unite us, within a good systematical frame off cause. But what is good, is what unites.

G-d bless the will to see things from a positive angle.

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For all of humanity

Ok, international security seems to be a little better. After the succesful trip to the Middle East, by mr. Joe Biden, tempers seems to be a bit less severe.

It helps, that I am supporting the American administration, and being both a jew and with a muslim father, I get a sense of understanding both sides.

Anyway, what are really the things at stake.

Essentially, leading the world is not easy. That being said, it is not impossible either. But it requires a lot of deep understanding of the world as it is.

What it truly presupposes is knowledge, of the different peoples around the world, and their history.

How the Iranians are what they are, the Egyptians, the Arab and so on.

Peace is the aim of all the endeavours of the religious, and it is possible, but difficult.

The crisis in the Ukraine is not finished, and it will continue to be fought, but in order to make peace there. We should not see the conflict as a fight against someone that we want to win, but a conflict, we need to help, to our best ability, to settle in a way, that all parties feel that they are not loosing it all. Make people not loose face.

That is difficult, but not impossible.

At the end of the day, it is all about knowledge, thinking about the world, understanding the world, and by the token of value or virtue, propel the world to a better place for all of humanity.

G-d bless the will to find peace and prosperity for all humans.

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The mechanics of the discussion with the farmers I was a part of here in Denmark are like this. On the one side, you have an industrialized food production, that has some quite severe consequences for the health of the nature around it. We had this HUGE discussion about the leftover nutrients of the farming that end up in the fjords, making the fjord absolutely unlivable for the fish and marine life in general.

AT THE OTHER HAND the farmers argued the fact that WE NEED FOOD. In a world where food becomes scarcer, cutting down one of the most effective farming industries in the world, is probably not such a wise idea.

So the solution became 1. A fierce focus on technological development to reduce the use of nitrogen or fertilizer. Robots to focus the use for instance. 2. The development of new ways to grow protein like growing grasshoppers and so on. 3. Reduction of the least productive farming soil, turning this soil into production FORESTS instead.

What is REALLY important is the way it was done, it was done with a massive respect for the farmers, and with an ungoing dialogue with the NGOs of the field, and dialogue with the responsible foresters.

We had this problem that some other project called rewinding came in and ruined the proces, so that was partly a problem of bad planning. But this is how it is.

But I will not lie, it was one of the most difficult political negotiations I have ever worked on, so there is ample room for problems. As we see in Holland right now.

The only way to make it work, is to really LISTEN.

G-d bless the will to be as democratic as possible in some extremely difficult negotiations. G-d bless the will to truly have faith in DIALOGUE.

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Green development

Concerning the trouble in the Netherlands, where we have seen farmers protesting the green policies of the government.

We have been through the same process in Denmark, and it was a VERY difficult negotiation. But we managed to succeed. We have made a deal, where we SUPPORT the farmers in their work in the direction of a more sustainable growing system. One of the things we have done, is to partner up with the leading industry of Israel, that makes some pretty amazing things like protein out of grasshoppers and meat made in labs.

How did we do it? We LISTENED to the farmers. They are not totally happy with the deal we have made. But the deal is made with all parties of the parliament, and it is as balanced as possible.

It does not rely on force, but on economic incentives.

When I worked on the deal, I was fortunate, to talk with a lot of the farmers. You know, I really love this crowd. Hardworking, innovative, extremely liberal. They are, in all essential meaning of the phrasing the “salt of the earth”.

They know A LOT about the land, and they are nature lovers.

They are ALSO very independent, and hate anyone deciding for them.

So my experience is, let them decide. Of cause, it had to be a development, that increases food production in an ethical way. But they off all KNOW how to make a more effective and green world.

What you need to do, to make this work is to LISTEN. Don’t force these processes on them, negotiate, try and see it from there perspective, use their knowledge and wisdom.

It can be done, if you have the sincere humility of a democratic attitude. We don’t own this world, we try to make it better, hopefully, together.

G-d bless the RESPECT for everyone involved in green work in general. And then MAKE IT LOCAL.

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Pope Francis

It has come to my ear, that the pope of the Vatican is ill.

You know, things are like this. When you have lived a long life of accomplishment and truly great deeds. The end is not so bad.

Having lived a life of making peace, and contributing to the connection between the different groups of faith, has been a truly marvel to behold.

But don’t forget Francis, if I may call you so. The mission is to bring people to spirit, to save them from a life of misery and suffering.

That is done through all means possible. Good example, great help, guidance in the service for what is good on this earth.

That job is never in vain, and will always spur us, just a little further.

G-d bless the wonderful pope of the Vatican.

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Dear Volodomir Zelenski, all international bodies have tried, whatever they could, to try and alleviate the situation in Ukraine.

It has come to almost nothing.

The reason is, that Ukraine has become a part of the international game. Where we, in the Arabic spring, tried to help the Arabs becoming more humanistic and free, the reason why we in the west try and support Ukriane, has nothing to do with political ideals, but what YOU project. That of a courageous individual, that tries to survive.

Therefor, the only way for an international solution to come, is if YOU change your rethorics.

Instead of calling for help, call for a time where we can negotiate.

This does not mean, that the help has to stop, but the only one right now, that can actually move the issue, is yourself, because you have become an international celebrity.

Use that sway over the international agenda, to argue for a plan, that will, hopefully, end in peace.

When Denmark had a long fight with Germany, we ended up in making a democratic vote, where each part of Denmark wanted to stay. That was painful. But in this circumstance, a stop in the war, will help us avoid not only blood shed in Ukraine, but also Third World War.

G-d bless the will to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine and a Third World War.

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Ok, the problem about the situation in the world today is like this:

Nobody listens to the other side, and poor Ukraine is in the middle getting squeezed and mauled.

Here is an analysis, that takes the perspective of both sides, to try and relate the understanding from each side.

The aim is absolutely not to make a greater conflict, but to try and make people understand the other part of the conflict. As K.E. Løgstrup say, 80% of all conflicts are just misunderstandings.

So, let us first try and see this from a Russian perspective. Russia is, more or less, getting all the benefits of the war in Ukraine, a lot of new allies, an expanse in terms of political clout all around the world. Africa is going with Russia. Why? Because Russia seems to be the one who has the best case. Donetsk is a part of Ukraine, that is Russian, in any way that it makes sense. So people around the world see it as a just cause. They won’t say it out loud, to alienate the Western alliance, but that is their perspective. In other words, the strategy, that mr. Putin has made from the beginning, that happens to be copy of how my ideas was with war, always keep the moral high ground, is getting him a sound victory. Well, it is my idea, based on an analysis of the Pelleponesian war, so I can’t say anything else, that that it is a good strategy.

Zelenski, being new to the game, has no idea about the ideas that I, as I was the main advisor for Barack Obama have made, so he fights in his own way. He has some wins, not the least his media campaign, but the world still, more or less, seem to think that Russia has the moral high ground, and they therefor go with Russia.

Now, if you turn the perspective around, and see it from the western alliance, it is more or less like this. Zelenski is a good and just president, that we have a moral obligation to support. Not only this, he also gives us an opportunity to fight the Russians by sending Zelensky a lot of weapons. So, the justification for the war lies in the faith in Zelenski. Now Zelenski is a good guy. He wants the best for his people, and he is a liberal. So, I am not to criticise him as a person, but his and his peoples METHODS are not good. We have seen horrible pictures of people tied to posts, there is the problem with the Azov unit being openly nazi and using dark magic.

So maybe the over all cause of Zelenski is right, but his methods are wrong.

So really what it all comes down to, is that there is no real right or wrong, at least when it comes to moral high ground, but the world has, more or less chosen the path that Putin is responsible for.

That is the truth, right there.

How do we then solve this dilemma? We do it by trying to minimise the pain and suffering. Fighting is terrible, people are dying. So, if we can avoid people dying, that is the way.

If we have to fight, we have to do it, precisely and reduce all cost in terms of human life. That is the only way to fight in a world where all is transparent.

Going there, step by step, is the way.

Trying to reduce our faults, and then, if we have to fight, find an ethical way.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we try. So try.

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