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I have often discussed with myself, what it is with Change?

Why has Change been such a success. Change being defined by the slow evolution of political matters, so that it makes a better world, without making anyone angry and avoiding the conflicts.

I think it is because, wisdom is a tool to make peace.

Take the deal that mr. Netanyahu is making in Gaza right now. It is wise. I truly think, that it takes into consideration all of the political players in the region, and secures the long term security of Israel. Well done mr. Netanyahu.

With that no-one is really angry or trying to make more conflict.

It is a compromise, and all those who are in the compromise realize, that they can’t get everything through, but are ok with getting a part of their demands.

So, problem is met with a compromise that all can accept.

We have a wise solution to the problem, and we can worry about other things.

This is not to say, that the conflict is over. But we managed to find compromise on the aftermath of the Gaza war already, that is very, very promising for the peace in the long run.

G-d bless the Change we find, and may we make it the way we do things. G-d bless Barack Obama, and his legacy.

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Ok, Joe, as I thought, Mr. Trump has opened up with his first barrage.

He calls you old, oppressive and a lot of other things.

This is my experience with these things.

First of all, you need to respond. But you need to respond in a way, that highlights your own qualities.

People see you as weak, you are not. You are strong, so people need to listen to that, see it for themselves.

My best advice would also be to strengthen the REAL results you have made in your term.

You have made America great again. I know it sounds like a trope. But everywhere in the world, people respect the US.

So that would be reversed if Trump came back. It is a hard truth, but that is as it is.

So highlight your own achievements; International respect all over the world, a steady hand on the wheel, progress in all areas.

This fight is already dirty, and we need to respond to it, in a manner, that will elevate us, and not make us look bad.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of adversity.

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Funding plea

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Ok, this is the situation, on the blog.

Last year was a horrible year in terms of economics. I lost my job as a journalist, and, so far, I have not been able to get a new job.

It happens, when you are ostracized.

Luckily, the international community and all my dear friends, that I have been working with over the years, have been chocked by it, and have tried to help.

Especially the European Union have been trying to help. Thanks a million. I really, really, really appreciate it.

But things are not changing over night, and all the paper work that has to be done takes time. It is ok, that is how it is.

But as things are, is running on fumes.

It is very difficult to keep it running, as things are.

So, this is a plain funding plea. I have not done a lot of those pleas, I guess it pains me to ask.

But, I guess it is better to be honest about these things, so that my readers know the situation.

So if you feel, that gives you something, consider giving something back.

Over in the right, there is a fundraising opportunity.

All funds raised goes solely to the blog. And if, by some amazing miracle, that the funding exceeds my humble needs, it will be send on to some other soul who is also trying.

Thanks on beforehand.

G-d bless the help we give with our honest intentions. Thanks.

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To serve

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Ok, this is a shout out to Elon Musk, well done Elon. You have, kind of, put your ship right.

The fact that things are calming down, is a good sign.

When you enter into politics, as you have, it’s a hard game, and you have to be really careful. You get friends and foes, and that’s ok. You just have to pick those with care.

Concerning Twitter or X, my advice would be, to be careful here as well.

Politics is, compared to entrepreneurship a careful process. You have to listen to everybody, while as in entrepreneurship, you have to use your will to push your product.

So, the dynamics are very different.

It seems to me, that you are trying, slowly to push the boundaries for free speech.

Again, that’s really perfect, but be very careful.

You have to pick your fights.

Right now, I have picked the Middle East fight, because I hope, that I can contribute with something positive and good. I am a jew, so off cause Israel is extremely important to me.

The Ukraine conflict is so poisonous. So I am hesitant to involve myself in that.

To be honest, I think it wouldn’t make much of a difference, if I entered into that conflict.

So I focus on where my advice, realistically, can make a difference.

So I am careful what I do.

That is very important in politics, to pick the causes that you can see, that there is a good chance, that your involvement can be of service.

At the end of the day. Politics is a humbling thing. You can only succeed, if serve the causes you fight for.

You have to put your own ego aside, and help where you can.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world, and give hope.

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The royal family

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This is a recognition of the royal family. I know, that you have been through a lot, and things are still very difficult.

But it seems to me, that things have turned around, and everything is progressing on a more positive path.

Not least the crown princess has become much better, and all the prayers seem to have a very good impact on his highness Charles III.

All in all a positive movement.

So, what can we maybe learn from the crisis?

First of all, there is a very solid connection between the members of the royal family, that is getting much better.

The crisis has brought the human side of everybody to the fore, and I think, that this may just have healed some of the things of the past.

Everybody has new resolve and faith in the betterment of people around them.

This is what faith and prayer gives you. It gives you hope, and healing.

I have, personally been both really worried, and also praying a lot for those who were sick.

So for me, it is, personally really, really wonderful to see, how people are ok. It is also my prayers that seem to be heard, in a sense.

So the family is much better. There is still the treatment of his Majesty Charles, so that will take time.

But at the end of the day, we overcame this, and became stronger.

G-d bless the will to have faith and support those who are our closest.

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Keeping Israel safe

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Ok, let’s see if we can untangle the current situation.

And I must underline, that this not about me, but about the danger, that is pretty clear. An Israel without friends at all, is a dangerous place to be.

We are talking about a two state solution. What is really the problem with this, seen from an Israeli perspective?

It is the fact, that a sovereign state, that holds the right to bear arms, is a viable threat to Israel.

In the equivalent for Gaza, the Indian territories in the US, the inhabitants there does not have states, and they are not violent against the rest of the society.

This has lead to a situation, where there is peace between the rest of the US and the few remaining indigenous people. It was a choice that the indigenous people made themselves, they chose not to fight to be able to survive.

In these days, there is a great relationship between the territories and the rest of the US.

But it really comes down to the ability and wish to do violence.

If Hamas and other Palestinians did not want to fight Israel, it would not be a problem.

But they are still in it for the fight, and therefor it is a very palpable threat to Israel.

That is really the problem.

If Hamas and others that wish to harm Israel gets to build a state, and thereby have the means to fight Israel, Israel will not be safe.

So there are, essentially, two choices. Either we do not build a state, and keep Israel safe that way. Or we build a state, that does not have the potential to destroy or harm Israel.

The latter option is what the US is trying to obtain.

It is, essentially, a compromise. It gives Gazans respect, and thereby, hopefully make them become friendlier to Israel.

It is still in its infancy, the whole discussion. So we dont know, if it is possible.

But that is where we are.

G-d bless the will to do an enlightened debate on the Israel/Gaza conflict.

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Bring peace

February 19th, 2024 No comments

Ok, I get it. The Knesset and most of the secular Jews, do not want a King. So they reject my ideas, and want to do it themselves.

That is absolutely ok, it is a free world, and no-one will or can force the Knesset or anyone else to do something against their will.

I am not going to do that, and I respect it.

The thing is. It is essentially not up to us. We are the Chosen people. What does that mean?

It means, that G-d has Chosen us, to lead the world to peace.

In case you had maybe forgotten this. This is the goal.

Now, you can choose not to believe in the old myths, live your life as a cab driver or a police officer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is totally ok.

But when you are faced with the entire Middle East, trying, desperately to make peace.

Then you have to remember who you are.

Or should I say, who we are.

We are supposed to be special.

You may not believe in G-d, but that does not mean, that G-d does not exist. He does exist. And seen from the perspective of G-d. Are we doing what are supposed to now? Or are we forgetting what we are supposed to do now?

I am not saying this to be annoying, but to give you an angle on how you may be seen from a spiritual point of view.

If I am right, then we are in trouble. Because we are not listening to anyone, and we are pretty much just seeing the end of our own nose.

How does that rhyme with the aim of Israel being the light upon the Nations, and we being the ultimate peacemaker?

I know, that that is a hard truth to face.

But the thing is, we ARE the Chosen people, and we HAVE a frame and a goal we are supposed live up to and follow.

So we need to see it from the perspective of G-d, to really be seeing the whole picture of things.

When we stray from G-d and our services, then G-d will punish us.

The 7´th of October was a reminder of us not allowing ourselves to be divided.

Refusing to see the big picture is a problem.

We need to engage in the discussions of the future of Israel/Gaza.

I am not pointing a finger to anything specific.

But I am saying, that we need to look at the situation from an above perspective, in order for us to thrive.

We are supposed to bring peace.

G-d bless the will to find a solution to the postwar discussion.

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The process

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Ok, this is how international politics work, or how any natural process works really.

To cite Empedocles the Greek philosopher, natural development is like a sphere. In the middle of the sphere you have strife in the outskirts or the surface of the sphere you have love.

That is how you can see nature. Nature then flexes between love and strife.

This is the idea that, most probably inspired Göehte, and was then picked up by Darwin to describe the evolution of nature.

Today it is a bit garbled compared to Göethe and Empedocles, all we have left is “survival of the fittest”, which is only looking at the strife part of the equation.

You have the same balance in the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Anyway, Empedocles proceeds, and tells us, that there is a kind of pulsing between the surface of the sphere (love) and the center of the sphere (strife).

In other words, we go from love to strife to love in ALL NATURAL processes. From the life of a deer, to the life of a seaplant. This is a universal model to encompass all life.

So, he has this nugget of wisdom, that we can use in the conflict in the Middle East.

He says, that when the process shifts from strife to love, the turning point is what will define the development of the new love process.

In other words, when you work with peace building, which is the natural process after strife, you have to be on point as when the development shifts from strife to love.

That is why you can’t just leave the peace negotiations by itself, you have to attend and push, because right now, the direction of the peace deal is what is formulated. See?

It is not about power of right to decides for ourselves, it is about playing the game to our advantage.

If we keep out of the negotiations, we will step into a negotiation, that is already defined, and probably not to our immediate advantage.

We have, kind of, progressed over the point of the start of the love process (in the words of Empedocles).

We need to keep up, and formulate our own premises. Now, not when we have won the physical war.

It is not about winning the debate. It is about planting ideas for the aftermath of the conflict.

To me, it is quite obvious what we need. We need at situation where we are safe from the bombs. Also we need the last hostages freed.

How this is formulated, is actually up to the discussion not only with us, but also our neighbors. If we do not get our neighbors into an agreement, how our we to ensure the deal?

We are a part of the Middle East. We should play that part to our best ability. We have an opportunity to get the entire Arab world on our side, if we play our cards right. That is an opportunity we will never have again, if we blow it.

G-d bless the will to play the part of the game, that will give us security.

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The frame around the war

February 18th, 2024 No comments

All right, what is really the overview over the war in the Middle East?

The international pressure on both Hamas and Israel is very high. Everybody around just wants the war to stop. Egypt is pressuring Hamas, the Arab Kingdoms is pressuring Hamas, Iran is not really getting into the mix.

Why, because nobody really wants the war.

So what is really the intellectual framework we can try and put around the conflict?

At one hand, we have the experience of the First and Second World War. Here France put a very high price on the German economy after the first world war, to recompensate for the cost of the First World War. This lead to inflation in Germany, that then again led to the Second World War. We have to be careful not putting too much pressure on the citizens of the countries that we win over, or they will rebel, and do something even worse.

At the other hand, there is the whole Machiavellian stance, that is like “be real!”, if people have some kind of chance to rebel they will do it, you can never trust those you have conquered.

So the truth lie in-between.

My point is, we have to find a peace deal, that does not pressure too much, and not too little. It is a balance.

Looking at the negotiation position. We are late to the game, but we have pretty strong hand.

The Americans have, because they want to bring peace, already been negotiating with the Arabs, bringing a lot of pressure on Hamas, and that is absolutely a boon for us. BUT, the Americans have recommendations or demands. Mr. Biden wants a two state solution. So there is already a frame to the negotiations, that we cannot just put aside. So to be realistic, we have to find some kind of compromise within that frame.

To the benefit of our negation stance. We at one hand have a lot of backing, and nobody wants Hamas to lead the state of Palestine, they want it to be a state that is lead by someone who can secure a peace after the war.

And that is really the game changer, as I see it. The two state solution has to be a neutral version in the Palestinian end of things, to secure the peace.

War starts when diplomacy ends, and we have a strong hand right now in terms of negotiation. We should, at least be a strong part of the negotiations. I mean, if we stay out of the negotiations, we only loose the initiative, which was what happened in the sixdays war.

We won the war, but really lost a lot on terms of negotiation, because we did not start that process soon enough.

G-d bless the win we can find, if we play the game with determination and exceptional skill.

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Middle East

February 18th, 2024 No comments

Ok, so there is a very positive development in the Middle East. The other regional powers are not really wanting an all out war with Israel. Even Iran is signaling restraint. Why?

Because they ALSO want peace. The direction of this development is pretty clear. We are working on a strengthening of mainstream religion, and we are all to benefit.

In this view, fighting each other does not make much sense.

Just imagine the peace potential in a shared platform of religion?

I am not saying we should all be the same, what I am saying is, that we can make a platform we share and thereby make peace.

It is going to really difficult, but that would be an amazing result of the Biden presidency.

Anyway, I get it. There is the fighting right now, and Mr. Netanyahu is split between the part of his constituency that wants victory, and the world, that wants the war to stop now.

My reflection on this is; define victory.

Will it be an eradication of all people in Gaza? I mean, probably no. Will it be a negotiated surrender?

All theories and experience with war tells us, that being magnanimous when you win, is key to holding the territories you win.

That was how the Romans built their empire.

Then what is a victory, is a victory not, that Israel gets to be safe in the long run?

Add to this, I mean, when all the atrocities happened at the 7 of October, that was a chock, but the Palestinians are the ones who are suffering now. The scales have been balanced.

What we need to get to, is to get to a situation, where we are able to live in peace with our neighbors.

And we are actually moving in that direction, judging on the what the regional powers are saying.

My experience is, when you get an opportunity for peace, and you have, essentially, reached your goals, you take that opportunity, and see where it leads.

This does not mean, that we should abandon our troops and stop the war. But we should see the development for what it is. It is a chance for a permanent peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in a troubled time, and think about those who suffer in the war.

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Reaching across the aisle

February 17th, 2024 No comments

Ok, this is a shout out to the European Union. It seems to me, that we are, kind of, moving in the right direction.

The staunch and very invested support in the peace process in the Middle East, and the attitude to the new parliament that will be made after the election, shows a lot of ability and positive attitude.

The EU is moving, trying to listen to the those who are critical, and support a dialogue with them.

This spells a very good and interesting development. It will not be easy, and we have to be able to compromise ourselves also.

A dialogue is to reach out and try to find a way to meet at the middle.

We have done that before in the Liberal camp, and we are actually doing it again in the American election. Elections are always won in the middle.

But to see, that the European Union is open to humanistic dialogue and compromise is definitely positive.

So, props to you, well done, and we will continue down that track to reach across the aisle.

G-d bless the will to reach each other in dialogue and compromise.

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Turning around the boat

February 16th, 2024 No comments

Ok Joe, I have really been trying to figure out a way. How do we turn this boat around?

My basic analysis tells me, that it has to do with the RELATIONSHIP you and Trump has to the media.

Right now, your relationship does not IN ANY WAY give you the credit you deserve. You have been really successful in making US stronger, more stable. Everybody respects your voice in the world.

I mean, this was what you promised to do, that is what presidents do, and you did it.

So why dont you get the credit?

Because the Americans can’t see it. They do not see you, when you talk to foreign leaders, they don´t see you at the head of the table, making things happen.

They don´t see that, all they see is when you talk to the press.

In this situation, your strengths do not shine through.

At the other end, Trump is really good at new media, he can whip up a crowd like no other. But the fact of the matter is, that he is really bad at the administration end of the things.

He may have gotten a little better, but he is a showman, actually an amazing showman. This is his strength.

So what do you do?

You change the media.

This is my own experience working with television (I had a small television station, TV Freedom).

A lot of the issues with the relationship between politicians and the media is really soured. Why? Because the media is often not really ethical. They will twist your words to get to you, or get a good story. You have an easier time than Trump, but a good story is a good story, so if you can get something on someone as a journalist, you more often than not, do it. I know, I am a journalist myself.

This is where I wanted to change the relationship between media and the politicians, because I have a lot of good experience as a blogger with politicians which is full of trust and support. So my experience with politicians is really positive.

So I took this experience and made it a basic principle of my little TV station, to build on trust. It worked, and I had a lot of really good interviews with the MPs here in Denmark. I made sure, that they knew, that I would not cheat them in any way, and I respected them 100%.

That was so constructive. So I got to be a companion.

Maybe you need such a companion, someone you can trust, and bring him or her with you, to shoot some of the sessions you have, where you are at your best. Talking to foreign heads of state, sitting at the head of the administrative table and so on.

Actually I would be happy to do it, and we trust each other.

My point is, people need to see you when you are in YOUR strength. When you fight for world peace, oversee complex maneuvers and so on.

But it has to be a work that is STRICTLY controlled, so that no secrets are revealed and so on. The security level has to be really strong, so it is a difficult thing.

Anyway my basic point is, you need to show people what you do, when you do what they asked you to do. You were asked to work in a fine manner, to secure the reputation of the USA.

You have done that to a brilliant conclusion. And the thing is, Americans do not want chaos, they want stability and know what is coming tomorrow. They want to be able to be proud of their country. You have made that, made them able to be proud to be Americans. They just need to be able to see, what you have done, and how you do it, by your skillfull management of your presidency.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world.

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Ok, there are a lot of potential donors that is trying to give some money, so that I do not have to find a job, and then not be as effective in blogging. Actually someone found my account and just put in 30 dollars. Thanks, that is really appreciated.

To service those who may want to contribute and support, I have put a fundraising bank account on the right, so you may support, if you want.

Any kind of support is very dearly appreciated.

What I am focusing on now is the reelection of Joe Biden, the peaceprocess in the Middle East, and the discussion of the EU, how to make it work. But I am also working on a lot of green energy and foresting projects, that you may find interesting.

So any kind of donation, will go to those endeavors.

Thanks on before hand, all and I mean any penny is REALLY appreciated.

G-d bless the will to be able to do good in this world.

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Get into the offensive!

February 15th, 2024 No comments

Ok, we are actually getting somewhere. The negotiations in the Middle East is ok. Hamas is pressured by everybody else, as to do some kind of peace negation.

Why? Because the rest of the Middle East is not interested in fighting.

So, this strategy; to reach out to those regional powers, and get them on board in a negotiation bears fruit.

Well done.

Then it is back to the American fight for the next presidency.

The whole discussion on whether we are old and nice, is essentially just slandering.

We have done, for the most part, really good.

I know, that the border issue was a problem. But at least now we have tried, and was stopped. So they can’t blame us on that account.

But, this is the thing, we need to get in the offensive.

We need to have new projects, ideas, things we want to do.

One of the things, that was the linchpin last election, was the China issue. Where are we on that?

We have to be clear, that we are not backing down!

And also, we are actually seeing some kind of movement in the Middle East.

As soon as this bears some kind of fruit, we need to say it out loud.

So, we are moving, but we need to get from defensive to offensive.

G-d bless the will to win the next election.

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Democracy and humanism

February 14th, 2024 No comments

Ok, the last element we have to consider in the Middle East process is off cause the democratic/humanistic element.

To be honest, it is very difficult for Hamas to start being Democratic/humanistic all of a sudden.

But maybe we should discuss the possibility of making the proposed two state solution along the lines of a Democracy.

It is not without its flaws, and it has the danger of devolving into chaos.

So there is that to consider. A Democracy has to come from the wishes of the people.

But it is very important, that we keep the discussion of humanism and Democracy as a part of the negotiations.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the Middle East.

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