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Ok, it is my fault, to a degree, that the Twitter or X media is not going well.

I have tried to discuss this, but due to my my own problems, I have not had the energy to do it. Sorry.

But let us have a look at it.

Plato recalls in his cave allegory about the philosopher, who will venture into the cave, to cut loose some of the strings, that hold humanity to the end of the cave wall.

It is difficult, because all humanity see, are the shadows of the manipulators.

The problem is, humanity absolutely prefer the digested, manipulated truth to the truth itself. Truth being the light, and thus enlightenment.

In other words, if you tailor the truth to people, they are actually very happy.

Everything gets problematic, when you actually let people see what is going on. Not only from those who are doing evil, but mostly from the general populace, who PREFER being held in darkness.

Having power over one of the most powerful medias, will set you onto this issue.

Where will the limits be, when people are prone to start hating, because too much truth is escaping.

There is a practical view, and an idealistic view.

Newspapers started in the French Revolution with massive papers calling for liberation, and they sought to enlighten the world. It created a lot of chaos, and a lot of development. Human rights, democracy and so on.

But it was extremely violent. That is the prospect of social media. The more you open the box of truth, the more violent things tend to go.

To me, it is a balance you have to find. Shedding light upon the world, but be careful not to rock the boat too much. Because that will end you and X into a lot of trouble.

It is a careful, slow work, where truth should be shed, but not all at once, in an increasing pace. But careful, so that we do not end up in another revolution. Yes revolutions are necessary and important. But being responsible for millions of dead people, like in the Protestant revolution, as Luther was, is something you have to think about.

My way, has always been evolution. We develop, but not so that people start being mean to each other.

G-d bless the will to do good, and shed the light upon the world.

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Ok, so now mr. Elon Musk is fighting the ADL and see most Jews as enemies. Ok, who did actually help the white farmers in South Africa? Was it the nazis or the Jews? To me, having tried to give a helping hand to the Suidlanders, and actually succeeding in bringing their plight to the fore, is a little strange to hear that Jews are against South Africans.

Elon, listen. When you go from being the poster boy of the left, to the villain, it brings a lot of hurt. I know it from my own life, I have been trough that process, many times actually.

When I started out as a dancer in Copenhagen, I were the poster boy of multiculturalism. Then when I did my criticism, I was the villain. Then I started working with Barack, and now Joe, and I am the hero again.

Lately, some of the current government is angry at me, for G-d knows what reason, then I am the villain.

Being at the Center of the political stage is like that, sometimes you the hero, sometimes you are the villain.

What is important though, is not to loose the perspective. Why are you doing these things, and most important how long can you go?

These days, my ability to work in the political sphere is, more or less, restricted to environmental issues. Because there is a political movement against me.

If I do not respect that, the conflicts get worse, and in the end, everybody are angry at each other.

That is human nature.

So I accept the limits, because I actually do not want to impose my view of things on the world. My aim is to make a better, more happy world.

I will give you a tip, I learned from a beautiful lady here in Denmark.

When I stuck my nose into some of the most dangerous issues here in Denmark. Things like child abductions and so on.

This beautiful lady was a helper of these families who had lost their children.

Her advise was to smile, and be positive.

I mean, you have had a rough time, it has been difficult. But no one has ever threatened your children.

In a situation like that, how can you ever smile?

But deflating the conflict, not jumping on the ride is a vital skill, if you are at the centre stage of political development.

You need to tackle the accusations and the political difficulties with a diplomatic skill.

Not involving in all these issues, is important.

The advertisers will come back, if you learn to smile at alll the accusations, and be nice.

I have always worked for peace, and this is a disarming stance.

Go for peace in a nonviolent way.

G-d bless the will to find reconciliation in a difficult world.

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Angels have been an area, that I have discussed a lot lately.

I have delved into this issue at the back of some work I have done as a journalist, trying to help the poor and persecuted. The dark lord rests in the darkness of criminality, abuse and suffering. If you want to understand evil, you need to face it on its own turf.

But the way we then work to counter the evil of this world is very different according to the traditions we stem from. I have worked extensively with the Christian churches, as well as Jewish faith, and my father was a Muslim, so I have a lot of insight into the different faith schools.

The Catholic Church is the best at dealing with the lord of the flies. It has this amazing system of checks and balances, involving psychologists, doctors and a lot of experience with these things.

This gives the understanding, that the catholics, through their strict and effective organization hold the best cards to the fight between evil and good.

But the other faith systems also have some good answers to the fight against evil. Within Judaism, that I have worked with extensively, the connection to the angels is very direct and strong. Through the work of angels, it gives each practitioner an army of do gooders to help and work with. My personal experience is, that the closer you get to the angels, the more we help each other. But it is a much more individualised connection to g-d and good.

My point is, we can actually learn from each other, if we understand, that we are all in the same boat, when it comes to fighting Satan.

Sometimes there is division on our side, sometimes there is unity. This is a time, where the darkness is swarming. Maybe it is time to hear the valiant cry from the silver horn of Michael the archangel, and understand, that evil is not on the side of religion. Evil is when people seduce, abuse and destroy human life.

G-d bless the willingness to find peace in this world, and may it last.

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Peace in Israel

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It has just been Rosh Hashanah, and I was really lucky to celebrate it with the local Jewish community.

I have thought a lot about it. First of all, in a country like Denmark, there are so few Jews, that the disagreements are truly limited, because there are just too few to disagree.

At the other hand, there are off cause disagreement, it is like that when people of different opinion are in the same room.

But what really strikes me at the celebration was something deeper. We all share the journey TO Israel. The perilous, arduous journey through Sinai, the difficulties on the way.

The point is, when we got there, and started to build the promised land, we were one, but when the daily life started, division started as well.

I for one, have a great respect for the most abundantly religious people of the Jews, to me, they are living examples of integrity and faith in the best core of what it is to be a human being. At the same time, I have the same feeling about the most radical left wing.

One of my Facebookfriends here in Denmark, almost got kicked out of the local communist party, because he helped the poor!

My point is, when you look at the virtues of each party, they are, more or less the same. Care of people, protecting the weak, being a mensch.

Sometimes, especially in times of great disagreement, what we actually agree about, is wise to remember.

We all believe in the sanctity of the human, and that is the core of what it is to be a Jew. The celebration of life over death, of surviving despite absurd odds to the opposite.

That was what it is to be Jew, and that goes for left as well as right.

G-d bless the peace of Israel.

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The enlighteners

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The old aristocratic families of Europe seems to still live in secret, so to say.

This secrecy is a function of the French Revolution, and the consecutive purge of Aristocrats around the world of Europe.

But the enlightened, as they are seen, are actually pretty old fashioned, do gooders, who still believe in king and country.

In these renaissance days, where we are trying to figure out, how to reapply the ideas of the classic era, their role seem to have shifted in a sense. From persecuted, to actually being able to contribute, on their own terms to the international society.

First of all, the idea of enlightenment has to be truly flexed and reflected on, to be done.

One has to remind oneself, that the outset of the ideas of enlightenment is the temple of the sun-g-d Ra, that was the main temple in the ancient world of classical Egypt. It is the rays of the sun, that enlighten the world.

Next, one have to remind oneself, that the light is, in the view of the ancient Egyptian priest the TRUTH.

The truth and the light is the same.

So when you talk about enlightenment, you talk about shedding truth in the world. Something that is the very basis of academia and journalism.

In a sense both crafts come from the temple of Heliopolis, academia through Plato, that was an adherent of said temple, as I can deduce. And journalism through the rise of hermetism that was in the vogue in the French and Italian reneaissance. The point is, enlightenment, or ‘the highest enlightenment’ as we say in the newspaper Politiken, is actually an idea that come all the way from ancient Egypt.

However, it is not easy, shining forth with the light in terms of being true and honest, is extremely difficult, the darker the corners, the more difficult. So in a way, the principles are sound, but our application lacks.

I have stood face to face with true abominations, the dark lord.

He is vicious and crafty, so it is a dance between light and darkness, and you need to be honest about these fights.

You also have to have the skill and balls to do it. That is what is the idea behind enlightenment. But g-d knows, it is extremely difficult.

G-d bless the will to be an honest voice in the face of the darkness. But remember, when you stare into the darkness, it stares back, and the greatest risk is, to become like the darkness. You need to keep the flame of light high above your brow.

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Finding a middle leaning path

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I think, that the current development within the UK is quite good. You can see it by the quietness, when the brits gets annoyed, they make a lot of fuss.

As it is, they are content, this means, that they would like to keep things as they are.

Mr. Cameron had this amazing cool, that mr. Sunak has a bit of the same of.

One thing though, I think is important, is the fact, that we still need to reach across the aisle. Sleeping in the laurels is a very dangerous thing. I have worked quite a lot on the green energy sector. Maersk, the leading danish company have bought my ideas on developing green alternatives to the current use of fossil fuels. We are working on shipment on ‘hybrid’ boats, that sport both an engine that run on fossile fuel and an engine, that run on renewable or sustainable fuel called methanol.

Getting involved in some of these cool project, could be a way to reach across the aisle, and support the good things from the left. Thereby creating a mid leaning political process.

Maybe ask Maersk if they want to work together, or some other promising project.

It creates that mid leaning agenda, that is very important for the voters.

Yes, there are some strict measures going on, but that does make this government hard core right, it can reach across the aisle.

G-d bless the will, to find solutions in a difficult working environment og politics.

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Strengthening the UK

September 13th, 2023 No comments

Ok, I am finally in a position, where I can support the brits again.

First of all, think about it. Why don’t you invite me, and we can work together?

Denmark and Great Britain is not so far from each other. The reason why I say this, is that I am trying my new outreach. Today, I will launch my new project Trier Communications, where you can all get a bit closer to the ideas I have. At my side of the river bank, I would like to be able to live of my blogging.

I know this may be a little unrealistic, but one may hope.

Anyway, back to the Brits.

The ideas the mr. Sunak is working with is, essentially, a combination of my economic ideas added with the ideas I have around migration. The thing is, it works, everybody is, more or less, happy about the state of affairs.

As they used to say in IBM, when I had an associate there, if it work, don’t fix it.

The path is therefor pretty clear, do more of it, strengthen the good development you have already.

G-d bless the will to be successful in the affairs of politics.

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A world of openess

September 10th, 2023 No comments

There has been this amazing symposium regarding openness in regards to government in Tallin last week.

These ideas hark all the way back to the US, where mr. Niels Bohr lead the development of nuclear bombs, a thing he really felt bad about afterwards.

Niels Bohr is the father of the ‘Copenhagen spirit’ that is still very prevalent in a lot of Silicon Valley.

The point being, that to make a world that is in peace, one needs people to speak and communicate across borders.

Thereby the cry for openness.

It REALLY warms my heart to see how the Eastern European countries are truly leading in this development. It warms me, because at the base of this development lie an attempt at creating a better, more warm and trustful world.

But it is no coincidence, that the Eastern Europeans are leading in this development, it is because, they have met closedness in the communist era.

They know how it is, to be surveyed all the time, being send to camps, if you do not conform to whatever the government believe is the new vogue, the seeping evil, the creative way, that the KGB or the STASI world keep taps on all who were deemed ‘dangerous’ to public calm.

So, that is why, the Eastern Europeans are leading in this development, they KNOW the value of freedom.

Lest they be a beacon of hope, in a world a darkness and repression, support them, and maybe, they will inspire the rest of the world, to make a conversation, free of the strings of the dark forces, that is a part of many corrupted governments around the world.

G-d bless the freedom they may inspire us with.

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China and American jobs

September 10th, 2023 No comments

Manufacture is important for the families involved, but there is another feature, that is really important regarding manufacture, that has to do with the competition with China.

China is actively undermining American and world economy by going directly against branches of industry.

One thing is, when American entrepreneurs and ‘developers’ like Mitt Romney, actively, sends good paying American jobs to China, another is, when China is ACTIVELY focusing on a branch of industry to take it from the West.

They do it by state subsidising specific branches of industry, and thereby dumping the prices.

This is industrial warfare, and should be met with equal measure.

G-d bless the will, to see where the danger lies, and counter it.

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How to be inspired

September 6th, 2023 No comments

Where does inspiration come from? This is a question, that I have put to myself a lot of times.

Is it inherent in something, do you get from other people?

An an artist, inspiration is important, I mean in Greek spirituality, it is all about the three muses.

I believe, that inspiration comes from different places, beauty being the most obvious. But it also come from ideals. In politics, ideals are really important. That is your driver, what you use your life for.

Good politicians shed the pay, and go for what they believe in.

This is the main reason, why this Union focus is so important. It is what you can believe in.

So, passion and inspiration comes from your virtues and ideals.

That is where people are really moved.

The obvious good thing about this attitude is, that, apart from being extremely important for the society, it is actually a good thing to work for.

Good paying jobs, to make a living. Make people have a bit of self respect.

It is not only about the job, it is about the selfrespect.

That selfrespect is what carries a man, that carries a family, that carries a town, that carries a state and ultimately the country as such.

Not a bad ideal to fight for.

G-d bless the will to support the Union of America.

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Looking at politics, you can basically say, that there are two ways of doing it. One is control, and the other is inspiration.

When you control, you tell people to do this and that, put up strict borders and so on.

I am not saying, that this is bad, it is just a way of doing things. Within the military, this is the way.

But a good democracy, runs very badly on control, because the basic virtue of a Democracy is freedom.

So, one needs to understand, that you need to inspire people, and not control people, for a democracy to work.

That is why the good politicians are half rock stars. Like Kennedy, like Obama, like me.

We are the lifeblood of a democracy, because we make it work, on its own premises.

Now, that is a nut that the EU is yet to crack. How do the EU inspire?

To inspire, you have to have virtues, to fight for something, to give yourself to something. Like me, I sacrifice myself in the name of Democracy.

You know, what I write here, costs me a lot.

But I do it, because I truly and profoundly believe in it.

This gives people hope, and gives people an amount of faith in the Democratic system. As soon as you move to a system, that is unfree, for any reason really, it goes against the idea of the democratic institutions.

But the problem is, to inspire, you have to be extremely competent and idealistic at the same time, uncorrupted and true.

These persons live best in a certain environment, and it is not in bureaucracy, it is in a free democratic forum.

So in order for the EU to prosper, it has to find a way, to initiate forums, that are actually free, and gives people a chance to find a way.

Count me in, contact me directly, send me a mail, I will be happy to support.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world.

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September 2nd, 2023 No comments

Well, one of the major discussion concerning the eastern front, is the way, that this war is panning out.

First of all, the major weapon the Chinese have, is their geeky squad. Their hackers. They can hack almost anything, especially the military equipment, that is the core of the American army.

Hopefully this has been taken care of, but high tech fighters falling out from the sky, is not a welcome sight.

Secondly, their greatest weakness is the fact, that they have clumped up all their industrial capacity in one place. This is due to the control they wish to have over the industry, so that is an inherent weakness of a communist economy. Communism is not a capitalist construction, so the relationship between those who wish to do business, which require freedom, and those who wish to control is always a very diffficult balance.

So, there is an opening there.

The strategy is quite clear, target those areas, that are producing all they are making, and the whole card house will come falling down quite easily.

This you can do be sending over strato fortresses, bombers of a different kind and so on. Just make sure, that as few of civilians as possible are in harms way.

But the Chinese infrastructure is really a very weak point for China.

The bleeding edge tech these days is the drone development. It is a bit scary, but there is no doubt, that high tech ai powered drones is the new weapon of choice. The progress that the Ukrainians seem to do on the battlefield is, mainly, due to this tech. It is versatile, does pin point operations, and is deadly effective. It will change the way we do war over the next twenty years. There is the Armageddon spectacle we have to be careful about. The combination of AI and these drones is scary. So we need to make sure, that there is a PHYSICAL switch to turns these gadgets off, so we have a fail safe.

Anyways drones might work in a ground war, but an aerial war, that we saw in Afghanistan and Libya, is not for drones, it is for aeroplanes.

I hope, that the confrontation between the US and China will remain pin point operations, when it starts, to reduce the cost of lives.

So drones are good on the ground, but aerial fighting is still fought with human fighters on different vehicles.

We will see, maybe the war will wane off, and that would be the best, but the historical mechanics of the development is pretty obvious for anyone to see.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant in peace, and decisive in war.

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The Thucydides trap

August 31st, 2023 No comments

Ok, it seems to me, that the fight that the local secret service has had against me, is kind og waning off. I mean, they have fought me, for no reason than just, that they felt like it. It does not make much sense.

Anyway, having put this problem aside, we can actually start working on some international security.

The major problem right now is China. I know that Ukraine is a great problem, but it is kind of stable. It is a bit back and forth. It is extremely costly, but apart from that, it does not seem to rock the security situation much. In fact what has happened has been, that the West has become involved in internal politics of Ukraine. I am not saying this to scorn the heroic fight of the Ukrainians, they have fought valiantly. It is to see the scope of the fight. Is it a third world war? So far, it is not. It is contained in and around the south of Ukraine, more or less.

This is good for the world, nuclear annihilation is really the great concern. This is a possibility, and we have to be very, very careful about this.

But, and that is the difficulty of the Chinese situaiton. This fight has the risk of spinning out of control.

At one side, China is a responsible player. Chinese culture is, traditionally, not aggressive, but much more protective. China IS a great civilisation.

The problem is, what has been defined as the ‘Thucydides trap’, referring to a Greek historian, who lived in the roman times, and wrote about roman history.

I think, without knowing it, that it refers to the fight between Phoenicia and Rome, that happened around 2000 years ago.

This fight was quite dangerous for both world powers of the time. Because Rome grew in power and started to push the boundaries of Karthage.

What can we learn from this historical event?

First of all, we should not over qualify our own strengths. Karthage was, at the time, much, much, much better at sailing around. Rome had good ground troops, but Karthage had been shipbuilders for thousand of years, add to this, the Phoenician were masters in manipulating the world to their end. They used the northern barbarians (us) in a showdown called the fight off the sea peoples, that set the Mediterranean area back a thousand years in the time of Homer.

So the Phoenician were this massive, extremely experienced power, that had been there for thousand of years, and were used to having a monopoly of trade.

Does that ring a bell?

Rome at the other hand, were the upcoming power, that had one thing, that the Phoenicians didn’t have; grit.

The victorious general, voted in by the public, Scipio Africanus, a great Roman hero, managed to get to the mainland of Phoenicia, and through sheer grit, defeat the complacent Phoenicians, who were used to peace.

What is the teaching we can learn from this?

It is about grit, we need to be ready for a conflict, that can and probably will continue for a long time.

So far, it is only skirmishes. But as the fight goes on, it can end in open hostilities.

Hopefully, this can be contained in smaller areas.

But, and this is where we should be realistic. What if the fight ends up in LA?

Imagine the shock.

The Second World War was on American territory. On the small island of Pearl harbour, yes, but that was American soil.

The same can happen this time around.

Have we wrapped our heads around that danger?

This was the downfall of Karthage. The leadership of Karthage, could not, in their wildest imagination, imagine roman troops in their vicinity.

When they came, they were woefully unprepared.

Only Hannibal Barca, and his family, had seen the danger, and tried to fight Rome. You probably have heard about Hannibal and his war Elephants.

Anyway, the danger is really tangible.

We need to be awake.

So far, the fight has been fought with peaceful means, but we need to be prepared for a real fight.

The ones who seem to have the best strategy, are the ones with the best card at the election.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant in the face of Chinese opposition.

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Paradise Lost?

August 29th, 2023 No comments

Joe, we are getting there. Calling for the shared heritage of rev. King, is definitely a right call.

When we did the election with Barack, this was the final argument when we won his second term. So there is a positive precedent to this reference to rev. King.

At the heart of the matter lies a connection, to what the US is all about.

The US started out a as dream for the first pilgrims, wanting to make a utopia found in the sacred writings of the bible, an Eden.

After 500 years, they actually made it. You know Paradise lost by Steinbeck is a prophetic warning, in the very epitome of the dream coming through in the 50’ties.

Steinbeck warned us, as I understand his work, of the danger of growing complacent.

Reaching the destination of the perfect society, was, in a strange way, the worst that could happen, because people thought; well now we are here, we don’t have to strive anymore.

Striving is what CREATED the US, and when striving is no more, things tend to go the wrong way.

I am not saying this to point fingers. I am saying this, because my ambition has always been to create a world, where there is happiness and abundance. I feel that the US is as much my dream as anyone else, because you guys were made by guys like me. The rebel intellectual.

So my advice would be, don’t despair, go on fighting for that dream of yours. Maybe it’s going to be another hundred years in the making, maybe sooner. It all comes down to the dedication, to reach that dream again, and again and again.

The striving HAS to be a part of the whole ideology of the US.

Never give up, keep on moving, keep on striving, be on the way to reach that new frontier.

The frontier is eternal, and it is only, if you keep on moving towards it, that paradise will be rebuilt. Because Steinbeck’s novel was a warning, not a prophecy set in stone.

G-d bless the will to keep on fighting for another day, and the possibility of reaching that dream.

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