Israel needs to wake up. We are slowly sliding towards a strategic situation that is not in Israels interest.

So far, we are still relatively neutral. But the push of Islamic Jihad and Hamas on Israel, is tearing at our relation with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other Arab nations. This cannot continue.

Either we secure the relationship, or we loose the relationship. Yes, for now Israel still has a friend in mr. Putin, but if Putin is swallowed by the war in Ukraine, who knows what will come to the fore.

I know, that this seems pretty academic, but the fact of the matter is, that we need allies. As the situation is in the relation to the US, this is also getting a bit strained.

So we need to get the ground situation under control. Whatever it takes for a peaceful solution. Use force, coercion, whatever it takes. We need to be proactive towards the Arabs, to keep them as allies.

My own situation here in Denmark is getting precarious as well. I don’t want to be enemy of the Arabs. But if they ally themselves with Russia and starts to turn Sweden into a caliphate, this is problem for the entire scandinavian peninsula.

So, please, get into the game. Be a player, make friends with the US, and the Arabs, and keep the peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the world.

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The current situation is heading for a mass war in Europe. That is really the situation. I am not saying this because I want it, absolutely not. But we need to be clear about the development to try and steer Europe away from the looming catastrophe.

I know, I have been more realistic in the latests posting. We have a two front war, or even three front war.

If we push the Ukraine war, it will spread, and the ground work is laid out for a catastrophe of a conflict.

If Sweden enters the war, Saudi Arabia will give the potential ok for a mass mobilisation of the muslims of a more right wing understanding in Sweden. So Sweden is caught between a hammer and the anvil. Sweden will never survive this pincer push.

Yes it is Swedens own stupidity and naivety that has brought it to this, but the war on Sweden will be devastating anyway. People will die in the most horrible way.

So, there is actually a small chance of nuclear war, but there is a very real risk of a caliphate in Sweden.

Not to mention the situation in France, that has been in a state of alarm since the Charlie Hebdo attack. These things are real. The UK is faring, comparably better, but to be honest, after Luthfur Rahman won the election in East London, who knows what will happen in the UK. The situation is dire there as well. We are living in a tinder box, and everybody are trying to light the fire.

It reminds me very much of the situation before the First World War.

We risk destroying Europe as such, at least central Europe.

Essentially it is all up to Joe, and the Democratic administration. How long are we willing to go Joe? I know that Russia is an enemy, but destroying Europe.

I might be wrong, and I certainly hope so, but the option of peace is still on the table, so please consider this.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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The two pronged war

Well, it is a problem, that the US strategic concerns seem to be vacuumed into new constellations, that it is not really interested in.

Let us have a look at it.

First of all. Mr. Obama made a political shift from focusing on Russia, to focusing on China, as the main adversary.

To be honest, that was, partially, a fault. It made it possible for Russia, to grow and pose a much greater threat, than what we expected.

This ties into the gas pipe from Russia to Germany, that has made it possible for Russia to hold some sway over Central European politics.

At the other hand, it has made the case for a renewed, healthy competition between China and the US. There has been a lot of political will to get the production of American goods back to the US, and this is good for the US long term, and gives the workers a job, another good thing. The endless siphoning of jobs to China, is a great threat to working communities. Not only in the US, but also in Europe as such.

This creates, in practice, a situation, where we are kind fighting on two fronts at once. Since the tools are different in each scenario, it makes sense.

Mr. Kissinger was of the intention, that the US should focus on Russia and not on China. I was of the intention, that we should focus on China and not on Russia. Now the situation is, that we focus on both, at the same time fighting radical islam.

So we can actually do it.

The problem about the strategy of fighting three wars at a time, is 1. It requires some pretty amazing balancing to make it work. 2. It is a pretty difficult for our allies, to fight in all three scenarios at one time.

So what is the logical conclusion. We need to roll with the punches. If there is an increase in hostility in the pacific, we need to counter that. At the same time, we need to roll with punches in Europa as well.

So we need to be playing two or three games at once.

First of all, the great threat in Europe is actually, as mr. Erdogan pointed out, besides from Russian agression. Islamist agression in Northern Europe. Al Qeada, Hamas, Islamic jihad are, covertly, operating from especially Sweden. Incorporating Sweden into NATO poses a great risk therefor.

Seen from a strictly defense political view, this is a great problem. There are 30% muslims in Sweden, and they pose a pretty heavy threat to not only the political system in Sweden, but also to the surrounding countries. We are much better prepared in Denmark and Norway, but when the s…. hits the fan, things are going to get ugly.

Add to this, the newfound friendship between Saudiarabia and Russia. The coordination between the islamists and Russia is a potential.

This is not about racism, I am not talking color here, I am talking islamists and radical terrorists.

Sweden seems to have lost control of great parts of its territory, so that basket of problems is going to explode sooner or later. Sweden can of cause make a massive mobilisation towards Russia, and they are doing that, but this still does not tackle the islamists.

My idea has been to try and evacuate and repatriate the islamists out of Europe, before we get to a real war, and start killing each other. But this seems to be against some sentiment of humanism in Europe. As if war is much more humane. I have tried to defuse the situation.

But, this gets us to the main point. War is coming to Europe, and we need to be clear on our targets. We also need to realise, that there are two opponents. Russia and the islamists (not all muslim), and we need to prepare for even a more aggressive Russia.

In the Chinese situation it is the same. China uses the opportunity to curb the freedoms of Hong Kong, and seem to linger close to Taiwan. As Russia is, more or less, loosing the war in Ukraine, as it stands, China is waiting to put its bets.

But we never know, what will come out of it.

So we need also, to prepare here.

G-d bless the will to understand the threats of security in Europa as well as in the pacific ocean.

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Atomic physicists

April 30th, 2022 No comments

Well, first of all, what we miss in the face of Third World War, is someone, to talk people down.

This used to be my critical role, as an international agent of Change. But lately the wardrums are beating nonetheless.

But, and perhaps this is a small glimmer of hope, the theories are evolving, and eventually one says, that the pen is stronger than the sword.

As a part of the process of understanding g-d, I have contacted mr. Holger Bech Nielsen. Mr. Bech is one of the leading physicists of the world. The smartest man of Denmark, some people call him.

He was instrumental in developing quantum physics and has some thrilling theories on time and space that he has developed as the heir to Newton, Niels Bohr and Einstein.

The closest call to an Einstein character in the world. Very wonderful person, with a huge engagement in nuclear physics. He has a piece of the atom named after him, and so on.

So I gathered my fleeting courage to call this amazing person, and lo and behold, he actually called me back. I was in the middle of my evening routines with the kids, so I kind of had to talk physics and metaphysics while feeding the kids, and making the beds. That was multitasking.

Anyway, we had a VERY interesting conversation. Nuclear physics traditionally see itself as an heir to the greek philosopher Democritus, but the fact is, according to my research, that there was a few philosophers BEFORE Democritus, that Democritus was inspired by. First of all Plato who discussed metaphysics in his main work Timeaus, a theory that has a close relation to the theories of an atomic physicist called Anaxagoras.

Both Plato and Democritus was inspired by Anaxagoras, that I have done a lot of research on, relating Anaxagoras to Plato, Darwin and Democritus.

The thing about Anaxagoras is, that not only is he the founder of nuclear physics. For a long time the strand of nuclear physicist in Ancient Greece was called either atomicists or Anaxagoreans, he also devised a beautiful theory (the first recorded theory of nuclear physics). He has a much broader cosmology (theory of the universe) than what we usually know about the hellenic classics.

So, I told mr. Bech about Anaxagoras, and that I wanted to discuss the connection between theology and physics and my work on Anaxagoras.

First he kind of listened to what I was saying, politely. When he discovered, that I have dug up some ancient theory of the birth of nuclear physics, he was really interested, and when I told him about the cosmology of Anaxagoras, he got REALLY interested.

Mr. Bech is one of the persons, who have been quite active in discussion Big Bang theory, and when he heard, that Anaxagoras has a theory of the start of the universe, that is close to the Big Bang theory, but with som REALLY interesting twists, it really caught his attention. We may be able to further the theories of the birth of the universe with the theories of Anaxagoras. Mainly, what caught mr. Bechs attention, is the idea of Anaxagoras, that centrifugal power plays a very decisive role in the birth of the universe. Anaxagoras has this idea, that centrifugal power is a main power in the whole mechanics of the universe. Everything turns around. Planets, solar systems, galaxies. So perhaps centrifugal power is the missing link in Big Bang theories, that still has a lot of loose ends. Since mr. Bech is one of the main inventors of the Big Bang theories, it makes sense, that he may be able to use the ideas of Anaxagoras in his work.

So in the end, at least in our first conversation, it was actually the physicist who got something out of the conversation. Which I, for one, is quite happy with. I want to prove the existence of G-d in a platonic light, but I am very happy to share knowledge with the physicist. Perhaps in this way, we can find some common ground between religion and science.

G-d bless the will to find healing between religion and science in this modern world. And g-d bless the peace of the world.

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The OPEN world

April 29th, 2022 No comments

What is going on with social media?

Mr. Musk has just bought Twitter, I have, for a long time criticised social media quite a lot, and everybody are essentially really tired of social medias political bend of censorship.

I for one, have been a proponent of control with social media, if it does not comply to basic rules of democratic dialogue. To put censorship in the hands of fanatical leftwingers, is not the way democracy is supposed to work. Democracy is a system, where all are free to speak.

I get it, the destructiveness of negative dialogue in social media often make social media so toxic, that we need to do something. But just censuring on the basis of cultural marxism, which is the de facto norm today, is cultural marxism tyranny. That is the truth of it.

A healthy democracy makes room for all opinions, in fact a healthy democracy keeps the world open.

I know, that now comes the metaverse and all that, but the internet was devised as a tool to make people speak across the aisle, thereby, hopefully, making peace.

This is very, very important to truly remember.

I know, that the IT tycoons are rich, powerful and often pretty good looking 🙂

But my argument is, that if we FORGET the ideals our world was built on, then the rest of society will react very negatively.

I know, that I am, in internet years, an ancient being. But mr. Niels Bohr, who founded the internet in terms of ideology, he wanted to stop world war three by making the world more open, he was dead before I was even born. So my point is, maybe tech develops with a scaring pace, but the ideals remain the same.

We have the problem of negative flaming and trolling. This I get, but we should still keep the dialogue OPEN.

G-d bless the will to find peace through understanding.


Source, Open letter to UN:

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April 27th, 2022 No comments

Ok Zelenski, this is your window of opportunity. The Russians have, in their violent and destructive way, tought you a lesson to their power. Don’t underestimate the Russians. Napoleon underestimated the Russians, Hitler underestimated the Russians, and the result was the end of both Napoleon and Hitler. Right?

Idealism has a strange way of finding its end ind the endless ressources of the Russians. That is the historical experience.

At the other hand, truth is, Russia is a REACTIVE force. It has spread itself east in a thousand years, not once been imperialistic in the other direction. Why? Because that is what it has been from the beginning, a viking culture spreading east. It started from Sweden and Denmark, and then just spread east.

So, seen from this mindset, the solution to your problem of mr. Putin, is to find a balance between your needs of security and peace, and the needs of mr. Putins of stability and security.

Putin is fighter.

So what he respects, is a man. A man of honour and integrity. He respects a man that talks and walks in the same way.

So in order to end the destructive war, what you need to do, is to make a small step, and then apply it. Make small steps, and then see, if Putin is ok with that.

Step by step, and then keep your words.

There is no figuring things out or being smarter than everybody else. I mean, I for one REALLY have the sympathy for BOTH Ukraine and Russia. I hope for a peace deal. And I am not stupid.

The same goes for mr. Putin. You can say a lot about him, but one thing is certain, you cannot outfox him. Being honest with him will work much better.

These are the ways of peace dealing. Finding trust, so that you can actually make deals.

G-d bless the peace we hope to find in the destructive wars of Ukraine.

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The open world

April 27th, 2022 No comments

Ok, so now mr. Musk has bought Twitter. To me, that is good news. I have, recently, criticised social media a lot, because to me, as a Democratic philosopher, it goes against what public dialogue is supposed to do.

What is public dialogue supposed to do? It is supposed to create a frame around the democratic institutions, so that the politicians are inspired to do good decisions.

In other words, if there is a problem in society, politicians try to understand the public debate, and serve the public by applying the conclusions the debate finds.

So that is why freedom of speech is such a vital virtue. Because without free speech, how are the citizens supposed to discuss difficult issues?

It is exemplified in the example of Socrates, who went to his death, because he did not want to relinquish his criticism of what he saw was wrong. So it became a pillar of Democracy.

Social media has not observed this basic tenant of Democracy, but has started censuring ad lib. This is simply illegal according to the very constitutions of the different democratic states.

I understand it, because social media is also just a business, and they are making money. So too much fuss and anger is not good for business.

But, as I have said before, Social media is the realisation of the very idea of the internet. The founding fathers of the internet were actually great thinkers and technicians, before social media, they had dreams and vision, of an open world.

To forget this, just to make money, is against the very idea of the internet.

So what we need, is a balance.

At one hand, discussion needs to be open. At the other hand, I understand, that the toxicity of the debate is often counterproductive.

What we need to do, is have an open debate on all issues, but ask for a good tone. Right? All this yelling and cursing that is going on, is not good for an open debate.

So ideally, there is a kind of school teacher process that needs to start. People needs to talk in a nice way, and if they start flaming and cursing people, they should, somehow, be told not to that, or..

But the debate should be free. Mr. Niels Bohr dreamt of a world, where we are able to meet people in trust, thereby creating peace.

These days, it works, to some degree. We are actually able to understand what is going on in the world, but the censorship based on a POLITICAL VIEW that is the norm in most social media, is a step in the wrong direction.

We need openness, in both code and dialogue, everybody should be welcome, as long as they search for truth and gives space for argument.

G-d bless the open world the founding fathers of the internet envisioned, and let be strengthened not weakened.

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April 21st, 2022 No comments

Dear Zelensky, the reason why Mariupol and other cities are destroyed, is because you have no experience with war and making peace.

As a result of the last peace deal, the Russians drew back a bit. To show, that they were serious about making a peace deal. It was a big chance. But, instead of drawing back the Ukrainian troops, you decided to bomb targets in Russia.

I mean, if you really want peace, you should show that you understand and respect the peace offering of the Russians. Russia have NOT used its full force yet, why? Because their main aim, is to occupy only Donbas, get Ukraine out of the negotiations with NATO, and then have friendly relationships with Ukraine.

They have relinquished their demand of demilitarization, still the denazification is on the table. And maybe that is not negotiable.

But you have to respond in kind with what Russia is doing. If you force the Russians to be cruel, they will, even though it is wrong.

So if you want peace, make a deal with the Russian, and draw back at the same pace as the Russians are. At least do not see the peace offering as weakness. It is peace offering, and not weakness.

G-d bless the will to make peace in the Ukraine\Russia conflict.

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The dilemma

April 19th, 2022 No comments

The new plans of mr. Boris Johnson of making camps in Africa, to send migrants to, has made a bit of a discussion in the UK. In Scandinavia it has led to an easter rebellion of palestinians, burning and destroying. So this whole idea, has had some effect already.

One of the main criticisers of the idea was the rev. Archbishop Justin Welby, whom I hold dear as a friend and see as a moral lighthouse. He is a good guy, no doubt about it. Also the bishop of York is against it.

This creates a division within the conservative camp, and lets see, if we can discuss this.

Morality comes down to protection of the weak. If you hurt someone, and you do it on purpose, that is wrong.

That is why we do not like the school bully, and have rules for social interaction. Law is there to protect the weak.

This is applied to the migrant, who are obviously weak. They have nothing, and nothing protects them.

At the other hand, the effect of mass migration to the UK and West Europe in general, has created, especially in blue collar communities massive conflicts of culture. Often spilling into civil strife of the worst kind. So blue collar communities are very upset with the development, and has therefor given their vote to mr. Johnson, since the socialists have no idea about their predicament, and seem to have abandoned the worker as a social group, supporting gays, people of color and lesbians instead.

This is not to say, that there is something wrong with being gay. I am just trying to discuss the moral base of the whole development.

So we have, in practise, a dilemma. On the one hand, we can stop the migrants coming to working communities, thereby protecting the workers, or we can protect the migrants, thereby putting the workers in harms way.

This is a moral dilemma.

The attempted solution to the problem, is to protect BOTH migrants and workers, by making a refugee camp in Africa that has all the facilities of a good refugee camp. A camp where the migrants can learn, have skills, and perhaps a route to a better life, with new skills.

This effectively solves the problem.

I know, that it has to work, in order for it to function. We have to see it in action.

There are many things we do not know about the project, if it will work. And we have to work on that. But we have to do something, otherwise we end up harassing and hurting the workers, who have no guilt, and we are supposed to support.

Leaving the poor working communities to their own fate is, in my view just as great a sin as not taking care of the migrants.

So, these are the arguments, and I hope, we can have an enlightened discussion on the subject.

G-d bless the will to be fair to all implied.

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The UN does not make any sense these days. I really agree with mr. Zelensky. I mean, what is the point of gathering, if there is no effect?

We can talk and talk, but what is the point, if the horrors are just endlessly continuing on the ground?

To the defense of the UN one must say, that the UN has no military wing, and should not have a military wing. Because it serves as a diplomatic institution.

But what is it that the UN lack?

It lacks authority.

Nobody wants to listen to a gathering of independently warmongering countries, that all see their own ends as important. Authority lies in the ability and motivation of a party to throw itself into the work of making peace.

Israel is the way, as I see it. To make a new UN. Because it has the necessary authority.

Meanwhile, the UN is what we are supposed to work with, but it doesn’t.

Well, you all have me. A simple, poor blogger, to try and alleviate the diplomatic train.

And as that inferior blogger, and as Zelensky said himself, not always able to be the one to make peace. Because of my stupid situation. My message is loud and clear. There is a path to peace. It is the motivation, that is the problem.

Nobody in the international community really wants peace, because the war serves purposes of internal character. It is, to be absolutely honest, a healthy and convenient thing for the West European nations to have a supervillain in Putin.

The problem about that situation is, that what we sacrifice in our own internal process of vilifying Putin, be it just or not just, is Ukrainians.

To look at the conflict from a humane perspective, it makes sense to think a bit less about the unity that an external villain gives us, and a bit more about the poor, hapless victims of this war, that happen to be people, civilians and others in Ukraine.

I for one, understand the mechanics of war, and have tried to stem the avalanche of destruction, that is the effect of European wars.

Not vilifying, but still supporting of the Ukraine.

Zelensky is a hero to the world, he deserves our selfless support. Not a support that serves ourselves.

Otherwise WE are the ones who put the Ukrainians to the meat grinder.

At the other hand, Bucha is wrong.

That is the bottom line of the war. Bucha is wrong, and my hope is, that this war soon meets it end. Because at the end of the day. No one is served by a humiliated Russia and no one is served by a destroyed Ukraine.

Everyone deserves a shot at happiness and peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace, ultimately a peace with winners of all kind. Russians and Ukrainians. G-d bless the will to find a way to negotiate with the aim of a true and lasting solution to the situation in Ukraine.

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In the Ukraine war, the situation is like this. First the Russians just wanted to make a deal with the Ukrainians, that is they wanted to demilitarize Ukraine and liberate/occupy Donetsk.

But at the beginning of the war, mr. Zelenski wanted to fight. So he fought, something that surprised the Russians, who were not prepared for a fight. So he won some inital victories. Also due to the fact, that the Russians fought under a strict non agressive order. They just wanted to force Ukraine to negotiate.

Then, as the war went on, and Ukraine did not want to negotiate, the russians changed tactics, and started a more agressive line. Destroying infrastructure, being less carefull. Add to this, a waning morale in Ukraine, the horrors started. Terrible sacriledge of humanity, as always in war.

Then Zelenski started to show inclinations of dialogue, and to support this the Russian drew back.

This was misunderstood by Zelenski, who felt he was winning, and started to feel confident in his chances. So he put away the notion of peacetalks, and started talking about not giving territory to Russia, that is the Donets region, that was the issue in the first place.

So now the Russians are angry, and threaten to eradicate Ukraine.

It all comes down to one thing. The Donetsk region. Who is going to control that region.

Well, in the end, the power that has the tenacity and firepower to hold Donetsk will be the ones to hold Donetsk. It is really as simple as that.

Then what motivates soldiers? They fight for something. The Ukrainans fight for their independence, and the Russians fight for their indepence.

Therefor, in the end, the most probable result will be a divided Ukraine. Divided into Ukraine proper and Donetsk, that will be a part of Russia.

If this is the case anyway. A good idea would be to make this happen instead of ending up in this situation as a result of a long a vicious war.

People from Ukraine and Russia are brothers, and should be their keepers and not their enemies. Hopefully this is the result in the end.

Until that we can only pray for peace.

G-d bless the will to find peace in the end.

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An independent Ukraine

Mr. Volodomyr Zelenski held a beautiful and extremely well composed speech to the Danish parliament a few days back, and it has kind of filtered down into the Danish society.

These are the main takes on the speech after it has been discussed in Denmark.

First of all, Denmark is REALLY supportive in terms of helping Ukraine back on its feet after the war. We know, that rebuilding the country will be an extremely difficult task. Especially the building industry have responded positively to a possible rebuilding of the city Mykolajiv.

We will rebuild it, however the people of Ukraine wishes it to be rebuilt. All the officials of Mykolajiv need to do, is to call upon the Danish officials, and we will make it happen. The war is entering its last phase, and after that, Ukraine needs to be rebuilt

The next thing you can think about Volodomyr is HOW to rebuild Ukraine.

Before the war, the country was riddled with corruption, and abuse of public finances. This is a true chance to change this negative dynamics.

How? Hire some of the best auditors of the world, to see the rebuilding through. Again, we have some very good auditors in Denmark, if you need help with auditing, we will support you.

But, my point is. If you make sure, from the beginning, to make the rebuilding to the very letter of the auditing process, you can rebuild the culture of Ukraine, starting a culture of incorruptibility.

Some of the best civil servants are supposed to be the British, maybe, Britain can help you in this regard. Open the schools of Britain, for the civil servants of Ukraine, to teach them how to make a good civil service.

Then there is the discussion on what comes after in terms of system. One thing is for sure. It has to be viking in some way.

The people of Ukraine are descendants of the vikings from Denmark and Sweden, so it has to reflect this heritage.

How, to do this? Well, Voltaire is pretty clear about this. It is about making a system where each citizen is FREE.

Again, what freedom, how to do this, is a many layered answer, but this is something we should discuss. How do we make a frame around the Ukrainians that gives them freedom.

And again. I know, that you want to be a part of EU, be careful of that. Because that is a straightjacket and they are immensely corrupt. So be careful.

Play the cards you have now, to make a Ukraine, that is strong and independent. In this way, you will satisfy the demands of the right wing, and you can path a way, where you have the most in terms of flexibility towards the powers around you.

Be free Volodomyr, and you will be able to make a state, that will survive and thrive.

G-d bless the will to make a free state of Ukraine.

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March 26th, 2022 No comments

In the war in Ukraine, the tolls of death is so high, that the suffering of people is almost impossible to fathom.

This is due to the nature of the conflict. Mechanised warfare at the scale we are witnessing creates these devastations.

In this situation, there should be no doubt about the stance of Israel. That of peace.

It seems to me, that Zelenski is finally ready to talk. This opportunity should not be passed over. Israel should use all is political capital, and try to reach out for Putin. Maybe this is an opportunity for peace to truly start.

But it has to be motivated and actually be put into action.

If anything seems to appear in terms of a true peace, then we all should support this.

Finding a peace in the end, is what is all it is about. People are dying, their homes are falling apart.

The human suffering is the meter we should use to understand what is right and wrong.

G-d bless a peace that is illusive, but yet not gone. G-d bless the friendship between Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

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March 25th, 2022 No comments

Listen, we have to have some kind of an idea about an endgame in Ukraine. What is it, that we wish to make of the war between Russia and Ukraine that is raging right now?

My experience is, going to war is easy, winning is difficult, but creating some kind of system out of the conflict is the most difficult.

When Barack and I went to a very idealistic war in North Africa, we had a huge succes in the war. Democracy was at the forefront of our thoughts, and we really, really tried to make Democracies out of the Northern African countries. But the fact of the matter was, that we did win the war, but we messed up the peace.

There is a very real risk involved in the Ukraine war right now, that there is no peace worth having at the other side of war.

So my best advice, right now, would be for the West, to think about what comes after. How are we going to rebuild Ukraine? What are the ideals we strive for?

Are we going to free the Ukrainians, and then if they are freed, how are we going to make a sound system afterwards?

My best advise would be to think about institutions from the beginning, and then be dead serious. Not just involve an ambassador or two. But make a full institutional remake of Ukraine, send them our best thinkers, and give Ukrainians the ressources to rebuild their country.

Also, make it possible for Ukrainians to come home, and start the rebuilding at once. This way, we forsee some of the conflicts that will come with all the refugees roaming around Europe. We need to help Ukraine on their feet as fast as possible. Make a Marshall plan, but include the motive to make sound, uncorrupted institutions.

Then, perhaps, we can give hope.

G-d bless the will to keep hoping.

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March 13th, 2022 No comments

Ok, the situation is, as it stands like this:

Both parties are, more or less in the same position regarding ethics. It is a war, I know, you loose a war, if you do not fight it. But Ukraine has the Azov batallion, Russia have the Kadyrov batallion.

At the wargames, more or less the same. I know, that Russian agresssion against Ukraine is most covered in the media. But the truth is, that Ukraine has fought a war, with some of the same amount of agression in the breakaway republics.

So here again, both parties are at the same level, when it comes to fighting against a people.

At the same time, both nations do share, more or less, the same culture, same cultural roots, and the same amount of wealth when it comes to richness of art, language, and history. You both come from us here in Scandinavia.

So, the similaritites, brotherhood and family is larger than they are small.

Such common ground is a basis to find each other, at least in the basic willingness to find some way to find a warm community of brothers.

That is really the heart of the matter, to understand what is shared. Not what tears a part.

The West is not trying to mend the fences between the two nations, but I, and the rest of the Jewish community would try and help you finding your brothers.

G-d bless brotherhood, not of man, but between Ukraine and Russia.

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