Thank you

November 22nd, 2022 No comments

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately. Why is it, that whatever I do, and I hope my readers feel, that I do a lot for them. There is no such thing as giving back. I mean, just imagine all the Americans, that thrive with what I have given them. Better housing, more prosperity, a better place in the world. Not a single American has EVER given me anything back. Not a thank you, not a high five, not a cent. Nothing.

Why is that really. Is it because that I am scaring, or snobbish. Why do Americans just take me for granted?

In Denmark, I have had enough of it. The candidate for PM Søren Pape, wanted me to help him win the election. But he didn’t even want me close. I mean, that is insulting.

So I simply did not help him. I could have helped him, I even offered my help. But he didn’t want to be seen with me.

Ok, I mean, seriously, if I am so contagious, then why on earth are my ideas so popular.

Now, I am not in this game to win, or for the popularity. I do it, because I like it, and because, essentially I am good person. I feel, if I have the skills to help other people, then I should do it. With great skill comes a great responsibility. So I help, and support.

But it gets to a point, where it is honestly a bit of an unequal one sided thing.

So, if I am to help the next leader of the conservatives here in Denmark, he has to give something back. It shouldn’t be a lot. But something that is of value to him. You know I would appreciative a simple high five, a thank you Asger, for your service.

It doesn’t have to be economy or something like that. Just a simple thank you, preferably officially would mean a lot to me.

Thanks guys, I guess I just had to get off of my chest.

So in this world, there is a universal economy, of giving and taking. If we learn to give, we will make the world a bit better.

G-d bless the will, to be able to share our love and appreciation.

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November 17th, 2022 No comments

Well, it seems to me, that both the UK and the US is pretty ok. In the UK there is very little discussion, and that is a good sign. It is always when people are unsatisfied with the status quo, that they start to make trouble. So, in a very real sense, we are in a good position. People like the combination of a severe and serious economic police, that targets the production, and a tight migration policy.

So, that is a good sign.

At the same time, a patriotic production policy in the US is also pretty popular. I was honestly surprised with the succes of mr. Biden.

People are tired of all the drama, they just want the Trierism to work, and then keep on going on with their lives.

Ok, we can’t sleep on our laurels, so we need to develop new ideas, and tackle the conflicts that is around us.

But all in all, our ideas are really working, and we are progressing along a path that actually leads to peace.

I have given it a lot thought, about what is truly happening. At the core it is not policies, it is something else. It is a renaissance. A rebirth of our culture, that is so amazingly beautiful.

That is the true Change.

G-d bless the will to be the Change we talk about.

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The problem of poor people

November 8th, 2022 No comments

Ok, here is the problem mr. Sunak. You have absolutely no idea about how it is to be poor. No idea about the suffering, the unpaid bills, the angst, the abuse and the constant stress and ridicule.

But the thing is, to be poor is not so different from being rich, really. I happen to have a big foot in both worlds. My fathers family used to be a, and still is a very rich family from Bangladesh. We have numerous NASA scientists and prolific academics in my family. Same with my mothers family. My aunt studied at Sorbonne and so on.

But I happen to be a son of the black sheep of the family. My mother was a rebel, a communist, a liberator, a flame upon the firmament of people, so she ended up in a ghetto, where I grew up. My dad went back to Bangladesh, a drunk at the time, and I grew up in a neighbourhood, that was filled with thieves, prostitutes and just a lot of poor losers.

The thing is, to my experience, and I really do have a personal experience with it. You have good poor people, you have good rich people. And you have bad poor people as well as bad rich people.

There are plenty of immoral scoundrels in the rich people world, and they are exactly the same as the ones being poor, the only difference is just the amount of money they have. I have a really rich friend, he is a doctor, and he is the best person in the world, and I have a poor friend, it’s the same, a cool guy.

The thing is, the PROBLEM of the rich and poor are different, and that is what it is all about. Where rich people can suffer a lot from loosing status and having to try and keep up the pace with their peers, poor people have MATERIAL problems. They can’t afford their housing, can’t pay their bills, and this leads to a lot of suffering.

So what you need to think about, when you want to help the working class it is about giving them a job. If they don’t have the ability to keep a job, make sure, SOMEONE in the family can carry the workload.

How do you give them jobs, you make sure, that the factory is open. It is as simple as that. Keep the production going.

But that is again a problem, because there has been A LOT of outsourcing of production, you need to make that stop. Make Britain build better.

Again, we are, essentially, all the same. But the poor people suffer when they can’t get a job, so that is what you are supposed to help them with.

And, if they loose buying power, stem the flow of inflation, make sure, they can pay their energy bill.

Do that, and you will meet their true needs, but make it fast, there is not much time to prove yourself.

G-d bless the will to make a stand, for both the well off, and for those who have so little. G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it prosper.

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The way

November 7th, 2022 No comments

Rishi, you are in a good position to make a difference for all those, who are not directly descendant of the vikings that battled at Hastings in 1066.

BUT, this is my experience with the work I did with Barack Obama. Being of coloured skin as a PM forces you in a more conservative direction. You have to be more English than the English in a sense.

People will look at you, and think. Can we trust him, and you begin at minus 5 in the eyes of all the brits that are, right or wrong, wary of migrants.

BUT it is also an opportunity to show that even though your ancestors came from India, you actually support all the good things of british isles.

You know, my experience is, and I live in one of the most conservative parts of Denmark, people will look at you with suspicion in the beginning, but the WILL give you a chance to show who you are.

The key to be accepted is to be MORE conservative than the conservatives in the moral sense.

Be more honest, more supportive of the nation, more caring, be an example to the brits as to how you see the Great Britain.

If you do that, you will survive the onslaught and the suspicion.

Don’t go with the ones who tell you to do tricks and lie, be honest.

It is difficult, but that is the way.

G-d bless the British Isles.

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The soul of the Nation

October 31st, 2022 No comments

There is an option for the new PM to try and go the path of “change”, that mr. Barack Obama trailblazed under his presidentship. I have tried to give it some thought, and these are my initial reflections.

The US is very much different that the UK. The US is a PRODUCT of the US in the sense, that all the rebels of the old world sought refuge in the new world, and has therefor created a society where idealism and the pursuit for a better world is the driving force, the frontier.

In the UK it is different. The UK is a combination of welsh, irish, danish and essentially Roman ideas. A viking/roman system that is forged in time immemorial.

Change is to find a way in this setting and renew it.

Change is not a superficial, scholastic attempt at doing someting, but a profound search for the very core of the American society. If Change is to be made in the UK, it should be made on the terms of the UK.

In that way, potentially we can contribute to the very healing of the nation, in the sense, that many are searching for answers in the UK, but few truly are able to understand what it is to be a part of the Nation.

Defining that answer is what Change is about. You can reboot the economy, but that will only heal the material realm, healing the spirit of the nation is really what Change is all about.

Take that path, and the profoundness is possible.

G-d bless the will to look deep into the core of the british national soul.

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Reaching out

October 29th, 2022 No comments

Ok Rishi, one of the things a premier minister does in hos first days, is to reach out to our allies. Especially these days, where the UK is in trouble due to energyprices spiking, we need to reach out and get some help. Yes, it will cost us a little, but this is the time we need to use our friends. I am quite sure, that the Americans are waiting for a call.

Just call mr. Biden, I KNOW he will be happy to receive your call, and make a statement internationally as to your leadership. If you want to go from junior to senior, you need to do what seniors do. And that is show the force of the country to the world.

Asking for help in terms of energy may be humbling, but the people of the UK needs help.

In such a time, you call your friends.

The US is a great friend, so the Americans will share some of its ressourcer with a brother in need.

G-d bless the will to reach out to the United States of America.

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October 27th, 2022 No comments

Ok, Rishi, this is it, another go at making some kind of progress in the UK.

First of all, one of the low hanging fruits of premiership is to connect to foreign leaders. It is an easy way to make a statement.

But, and this is where you need to chose, you need to come up with how you view mr. Putin. This issue is difficult. If I understand the signals from Washington correctly, they are swinging more towards east. To confront the threat of China, that is growing by the minute.

Here a better relationship to the European Union is a good thing, and can, perhaps, mend some of the wounds that were inflicted on the relationship in Brexit.

It would also soothe some of the tension in the UK, where the remainers are still feeling the sting of the loss.

Uniting the UK, is to reach out to the remainers and the EU, and perhaps find some kind of reconciliation.

That would be a good first move.

Then we need to work on the economy and the internal conflicts that are still ripe in the UK.

G-d bless the will to find reconciliation in the UK.

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October 24th, 2022 No comments

One of the things the new premier minister has to deal with is energy.

Energy has been an area, that has been neglected for far too long.

Lets have a look at it.

First of all, one needs to understand, that energy is like the firewood of a kitchen. If there is no firewood in the kitchen, the pots cannot produce soup and we cannot fry our beefs.

Energy is the fuel of the economy.

We cannot make more food than what a family needs, so a surplus of energy will not make much sense. But too little energy will make the economy grind to a halt.

All of a sudden, nothing works. No heat, no production, no movement of the economy.

So, we need energy, and preferably in an abundant and cheap supply.

So, we have been working on this since Ørsted, who realised, that you could move things with the use of electricity. Ørsted invented the electrical motor.

From thereon, it was, essentially, a matter of time, before the industrial revolution happened. It happened in the UK, but it was actually a Danish invention, that made it possible. With all due respect to Newton, and his blazingly propelling ideas that made the UK move us from a world of dependency on manual labor to a world where we can move things with the force of other energy sources. That is really the real difference between an energy based culture and a culture based on manual labor.

But, after the Second World War, we were so downtrodden and helpless, that we accepted cheap energy from the Arabs and Russia. There was, however, a price tag. The price tag for cheap oil was mass migration into Europe, and the price tag for Russian gas was dependency on Russia, something we are now feeling in a desperate moment.

Anyway, it all makes sense, to free ourselves from these shackles that we have put ourselves in, and is really easy, if we just put our minds to it.

First of all, we experiment with ways to produce energy. In Denmark we have experimented with windmills and now relatively safe nuclear plants flowing on the sea.

Add to this power to x, that converts the energy into biofuel, and voila, an abundant a cheap energy source, that we can produce ourselves. It is called the green change, but really it is just common sense.

Anyway, the UK should use ALL its considerable strength in the field of physics, to come up with new ways to make energy. Denmark is leading, and Germany is tagging along. Siemens is building a lot of windmills at the sea, and this is a boon to the European Union. Maybe a collaboration in this field could propel all of Europe in a better direction, due to the shared problems we have.

Alternatively, make a deal with the US. They have plenty of fuel at a low price, but have a look at the issue and try to fix it, as fast as possible.

G-d bless the will to be good and timely in the face of a crisis.

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Fair play

October 22nd, 2022 No comments

Ok, there is a problem within the Conservative party, and here are some reflections as to what to do.

First of all, one needs to look at the consequences of the Ukraine war. Millions of citizens are going broke, prices are rising, and one needs to address that calamity at once.

Ok, we are going into a war economy, and that has to be realised. But we need to help with all that we have to support the poor middle ander lower class.

It is a major problem. We need to deal with it.

Secondly, we need to save our lingering production. The massive energy bills puts a great part of our jobs and therefor peoples livelihood at risk.

We need to get enough energy to make things work, ALSO in times of scarcity.

Thirdly, we need to realise, that the risk of massive unrest is coming, and some of it can be dealt with peacefully. But beware of islamist infiltration, that could get out of hand.

If we are not vigilant, there will be bombs thrown in this and that direction, and we need to be prepared.

Fourthly. We need mr. Johnson back. I know, that he is not ideal, but he is the best bet in a difficult situation. A straightalking, effective premiership, that moves in the direction of more order, and not less order.

Because, that is what it comes down to. Order in the realm.

But it has to be obtained by just ideas and rules. What I call for, is an order based on a sense of FairPlay, for all.

G-d bless the will to progress in a way, that is effective and yet benign to those in harms way. G-d bless the will of the people in Great Britain.

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A good start

October 3rd, 2022 No comments

Well, we have certainly gotten off to a good start.

Things are looking all right. Ok, we are not as popular as the late majesty her highness Queen Elisabeth, but we have made a basis to work upon.

The strategy, to do what the late queen was doing is a little boring, but it works as a good start.

You know, Michael Jackson was pretty clear about his audience. He said, people want to go to a concert, where the music is exactly like the records.

That is how audiences work, they want to listen to what they know. ESPECIALLY with the royal institutions. You can do small things, but as soon as the institutions moves too much away from what they are used to, they are unsatisfied.

BUT, things change, and the world changes with it, so as natural development in the royal institutions, we need to forsee some of the challenges that lie ahead.

The worst being the massive conflict that is brewing in the east. Ukraine fights on valiantly, but the conflict is heating up.

This has already struck Europe in numerous ways. As a reorientation in terms of energy production. Gas is over, right. We need to find new ways to fuel our production and heat our houses.

This again brings some realism into the planning and execution of energy production. We should not close down fossile fuel based energy production before we can actually fuel our economy with the green alternatives. We need to have a diverse system, that can fuel the heating and production of our economies. We also have to be realistic about food production. I am all for new ways of making food, but we still need to eat, and winter is coming.

So, there are some pretty scary consequences of not developing our energy sector and food sector in a planned and progressive manner. We have to be organised about it, and not end up in a food crisis in the middle of a war.

Then there is the military development. It is a crying shame. Brothers killing brothers, but we need to stay focused and vigilant.

This ends up being a task for the royal institutions. The soldiers may need support in terms of strategy and morale.

So we need to prepare ourselves for a difficult winter with problems in terms of food and energy.

G-d bless England and the royal institutions.

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The difficult balance

September 26th, 2022 No comments

Concerning the response to the very, very difficult matter of, how to make a kingdom in these days. One of the things I think is very important, is to find a balance between new and old.

Kingdom is old, and should not be seen as a renewer. It should be conservative in its very foundation. Preserve and support the Nation.

So the balance is, 65 % nation, and 35% renewal.

We can, and should take a lot of the new ideas of green Change, it is a good thing, to make a greener world. But again here, we should be careful. Not too much, not too little. Therefor the attempt at growing our forests is a viable path. It can be done in the many estates around the nation. And it is done, my good friend Hans, is doing it.

But the more radical ideas, are maybe a bit too much. We should be careful about too much wokeness. That is very dangerous I think. It will undermine the authority of the royal institutions.

We should be seen as primarily conservative, but to be open to new things, take the best, and support that.

So it is a very delicate balance, and don’t be fooled, people are looking very keenly on our actions.

It is a tightrope we are trying to walk and balance, and we should be very observant of the balance.

G-d bless the English and Danish Throne, may it live another 1000 years.

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The mild light

September 23rd, 2022 No comments

One of the things I learned in the campaigns I did with Barack Obama, was the value of virtue.

If we made some decisions that were unjust, as bombing the Pakistani with drones, we got a bad rep.. But if we did things to the letter in terms of ethics, we got a good rep.

You accrue a certain understanding of your character as you live your life.

The same goes for the current crown on the English. It is the sum of the virtue of the current king.

Therefor, it is really quite simple, you have to stick to your guns in terms of ethics. Find what is valuable to the crown, and do it, not with a fanfare or as a provocative action, but civilised and with style.

Currently, we have to get back on some of the old things, so we need to carve a new path.

That path is a path of justice and straightbacked integrity, as the late queen.

Just do as she did, and we will have a succes.

Talking about enlightenment, that is really the core of the idea of the kingship. There are actually two modes. One is Ra, that is the sun, bright and shining. This mode creates a lot of opposition, and then there is the light of the moon, Isis, that is benign and soft.

In the beginning, it is a good idea, to shine with the light of Isis. If it gets too bright, people will be affronted, but a mild light, everybody likes. The late queen perfected that ability, to shine mildly.

That is really where kingship is today. In the old days, the king would fight from the front, but as we have become a Republic. We need to stand back a bit, and let other do the heavy lifting.

But, we still need to shine our light, and that is why Isis mild light is the adequate light to shine with.

G-d bless the will to find a continuation of the English Crown. Hail to the new king.

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The cold winter

September 20th, 2022 No comments

There is a very cold winter coming, as foretold in the lore of litterature.

This cold winter will be a severe threat to many, especially the small folks, who may not have so much to trade or barter.

Old people will be living in cold houses, and will, as a consequence perish, even.

In this situation, it is all hands on deck, and all who have ideas, who can find solutions, should further these solutions. It is now, not yesterday, that we should think about solving the problems.

One of the things that we can do, is to support NGO´s that already are in the field. My friend Roger Haydon Mitchells has this amazing project, where the disabled and less fortunate in terms of wealth are lend a voice. Truth and poverty commission.

These NGOs can be the ONLY voice some people have.

Lending Roger a hand, is therefor vital. This can also be done by the new king. It is not a political action, but an action of relief and humanity, that we should all do.

So please, think about the winter, and how the little folks can get through it, because winter is finally coming to the heartland.

G-d bless the will to be a generous person.

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Hail to the king!

September 15th, 2022 No comments

Hail to the new king, Charles the third! This new era, that a new king may promise, is an era of both great difficulty, but also great promise.

The monarchy have not been better for a long time, and on this basis, there is an apt opportunity to make new strides to secure England, Great Britain and the realm.

My first advise would be, to find a BALANCE between, at one hand the conservative base, and at the other hand the progress of the world.

If we at one hand seem to backward looking, then we may look dated, but if we embrace the new trends too much, we seem disrespectfull of the institutions.

A viable option here, is to, at the one hand, to strengthen the military institutions, and at the other hand embrace the options of climate change.

From the dialogue we have had with Germain Richards, through my friend Palle Madsen (Germain is the forester of his majestys estate in Wales), we could embrace a new way of working with forests. Bring healthy, sound forests to Great Britain and work with the wildlife as well. My good friend Hans Kieldsen also have som quite interesting experiments with the Palomia tree, and other things. All in all a very interesting development, that could, potentially change the green landscape of the UK to a more diverse and lush landscape with an increased biodiversity.

At the other hand, we are engaged in a proxy war, and that war may spread. I hope, that we can find peace, but if not. The military will need its commander.

In this way, a modern approach to the way a monarchy should run COULD be approached. But be careful. People are used to a gentle reign, being too brash is a bit dangerous. But a wise, friendly approach, that respects the needs of the people, and truly serve them, has always been as safe bet.

G-d bless the will to find new ways for the british monarchy.

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The peace

September 14th, 2022 No comments

A milleneum ago, the great vikings of Scandinavia went to the East Roman Empire to serve as guards of the Empire. They were called the Varangian guard, and served, loyally and exemplary their lord in the Eastern Roman city of Constantinople.

Along the way from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, they founded cities to support them, on their journey. Kiev being the main city, that housed a Thinge and represented a wonderful city of north.

Be as it may, the Eastern Roman Empire collapsed, and the Varangians, were kind of trapped in the middle. No one really cared, and they were left to their own devices.

It created a nation of fighting men, trying to survive the endless hordes of the Mongols, fighting the Turks and so on.

An ever increasing attempt at surviving.

But we never forgot them here in Scandinavia, we still bear stories about our ancestors who returned with clothes of so many colours. We called some of them butterflies, for their fineries.

But now the very core of the great Rus is fighting each other, and somehow we in the West are supposed to support one faction.

Have we forgotten, that they are one people, and we supposed to help them find peace?

I know, that the anger runs deep, and as in all war, people are angry. But, as I see it, and this is the true perspective of Scandinavia. We should not pour more gasoline on the pyre. But try and make people find peace.

They are one people, and should meet as the true brothers they are.

At least, this should be the ideal.

G-d bless the peace, that is possible to find, if we try, so please try.

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