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Ok, the eastern front of the American influence is in trouble. The first and foremost of these troubles is the lack of cohesion within NATO.

It goes all the way back to the Cartoon crisis and the obvious conflict between the Islamic world and the West.

It was fueled by the demonstration of Rasmus Paludan who, for the 300 time burned the wholiest book of the Muslims.

Again he is definitely not my invention, and I see the way he provokes as an attempt to make the conflicts deeper.

We have to settle on some kind of compromise, otherwise there will never be a NATO including Turkey, so here is my proposal.

We respect the sacrosanct nature of the holiest book of the Muslims. But we still do fight terrorism.

Terrorism defined as open attempts at destroying the public peace. Like bombings, violence with a religious motive and so on.

We try to confine to attempt at curbing terroism to parts of the Muslim world that is openly hostile to the West as Al Qeada, Islamic State and other radical Muslim organizations.

In this way, there is an attempt at a compromise.

If Turkey has other items it sees as important as protected for muslims, put these items forth, and we will have a debate.

G-d bless the will to find a compromise, and ultimately find peace.

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Rasmus Paludan

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Well, there seems to be a choice the liberals have to do in regard to Islam. Are we going to pander them, or are we going to find a civil and progressive way to counter them.

9/11 is a long way back, and people have moved on.

But, we have to be careful. I get it, Rasmus Paludan is mess. I ABSOLUTELY agree. I don’t like him, he is uncivil, and in all ways, it is just a mess.

To me, he is exactly what we are not supposed to be, and I will just let the Turks now, he was NOT my invention. On contrary I have been a part of the Islam critics who have been most adamant in opposing him.

He is terrible.

I believe in slow progress, and defined goals. I believe in listening and fighting civil.

I also believe in finding peace with my adversaries.

He is all that is opposite of this.

So please, I understand, that he is a nuisance, and I absolutely agree.

We should progress civil, with small steps and maybe even find peace.

That said, I still believe in fighting. I fight, but I do it not on all Muslims, but on islamists.

G-d bless the will to be honest in approach and civil in fighting.

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Democratic Humanism

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Ok, it seems to me, that everybody agrees,that woke is not the Way forward. On both sides, but then what, begs the question?

I have pointed to Democratic Humanism as the answer, and that, then again, begs the question, what is really Democratic Humanism?

Here we have to honest about this creed, that brought us things like the Statue of Liberty, the pyramid on the one dollar bill, and made Washington D.C. into an Egyptian city, with steles and geometry.

Mysteries are good, but if you don’t understand the mysteries, then I guess you end up believing in more simple ideas.

Anyway, let us start where mr. Giordano Bruno left off; at what they called “hermetic”. You must forgive me for delving into the mysteries beneath Western culture, this is not to find a negative thing, but to truly find the very, very positive roots of western thought.

Anyway, mr. Bruno read a collection of texts called hermetic texts, that were essentially a mix of classical Egyptian as well as classic Greek texts.

Someone must have found them in the crusades or something. But they were, most probably written in Alexandria when the Greeks occupied Egypt.

To be honest, I have read most of the source material. And they are not a VERY high level, compared to prime source like Plato, Aristotle, Anaxagoras and Pythagoras who were writers who wrote in an earlier times than the hermetic, and actually studied in the immensely famous Egyptian university of Kemet.

These texts are essentially reflections on the earlier philosophers.

BUT, it points to the philosophical basis of the first humanists; they were platonists and LOVED Egypt. This is why we see the pyramid on the one dollar bill.

The philosophical ideas being enlightenment. That is to stand up for truth, light being the truth. That is the philosophical point of the Statue of Liberty. Her light is the truth, and I guess that is why it is so immensely important, that for this day and age, the new media still reflects the base ideal of truth shining. Not only into the U.S., but also to shores far above. As soon as this base idea is left for darkness, the U.S. will falter and become weak. But does it fill the world with beautiful truth, it will be strong.

So that is the base. Truth as light.

G-d bless the will to be faithful to the light of the United States of America.

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To me, democratic humanism, is really the logical step after rev. Martin Luther Kings call for civil rights.

Woke is not focused on rights, but on race, and I truly believe, that if there is a positive focus on rights, we can actually create a platform, where we all meet despite the color of our skin.

In the Roman times, what happened at the Nicea convention in 325, the Roman world, tried to create a faith, that included all the peoples of the Roman world. That was the first steps of the Christian religion.

The powerful example of that was, that it is actually possible, through religion, to make a basis, that all agree upon.

In these day and age, the British empire cannot be defined by religion, because it is so diverse, but it can be defined by its political structure, that of democratic humanism.

The vision of this, to make a base, that is encompassing all those in the British empire, is what we need to do.

And it seems to me, that democratic humanism is the way, at least, from what I have understood in the different symposiums that I have attended in Oxford.

So, that is a way, that is acceptable for all.

Not least the Americans, who are the harbingers of this idea. Democratic humanism is the political base of the U.S., it goes all the way back to the founding fathers, the free masons and ultimately to Giordano Bruno, who were the leading idealist of the Italian renaissance, that created the free masons and the other secret societies.

So, democracy should be the valiant cry upon the lips of the troops.

G-d bless the will to be faithful to democracy.

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Democratic humanism

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Well, the discussion on woke has been going back and forward for some time now. To be honest, I REALLY like the father of woke, Adorno, who is a religious, democratic humanist as me. Ok, there are some of his ideas, I think is a little outdated. But at the core of his thinking, he is really good.

After a long interview with a friend of mine, mr. Kaspar Bonde, we tried to compare the ideas of democratic humanism with woke, and to be honest, I think that democratic humanism trumps woke on one very important point, it does not include race as an idea.

The acceptance and understanding of all people, without any eye to race is, to me, the right answer to people who hold the white man supreme to Jews, is to ACCEPT anyone without any regard to color. To me, color should be of absolutely no consequence. That is what rev. King talked about. A world, where skin color does not matter.

I believe, that Adorno has the same ideals, and I hope we end there. Because that is the way to make the conflicts smaller and the unity stronger.

G-d bless the will to be honest in perspective, and not see skin color as important.

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The internet

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Well, to understand the present, you need to understand your past. I am reading Berkeley these days a prominent philosopher of the 17´th century.

In his days, philosphy was mostly a discussion of perception. How do we understand things (Descartes) and what does that do to our understanding of reality.

I mean, that is not the most dangerous of political subjets. It is in fact not really political.

Today, the ideas we discuss are mostly political, at least within the European family; Trier, Marx, Hegel.

It has spread to the US with Adorno and Heidegger, but it is really still here in central Europe, that the German tradition is living and breathing.

First of all, just becuase we lead in this area, does not make our ideas perfekt. I mean, Marx ideas were far from perfect, and they destroyed the world, in a sense, whereas Hegel ideas were good for Germany, but it was also the background of many a battle.

My ideas, the latest branch on the tree, has, so for, not lead to much bloodshed, but more to constructive solutions to complex problems.

I have given this a lot of thought, why is it, that my ideas are so much more hands on. I mean, Descartes was in his own head, most of the time, did he ever get out of it?

Hegel was a tower of thought, that was produced in a tower of shining ivory.

I think it has to do with the openness of the world. The internet, essentially, and then just, by coincidence, the early freespirited thinking, that was in the internet, when I was starting.

You could write almost anything.

This little window of oppotunity, has made it possible, to create a new kind of philosophy, that is in direct connection to the world. A connected philosophy.

Perhaps this is what the world has been waiting for, a small possibility, to create a world with less destruction, and a bit more peace?

Maybe, and then, we will see.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world riven with danger and chaos.

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Mr. Sunak

Well it seems to me, that the new PM mr. Sunak, is actually not doing that bad. Wonderful with the new initiative regarding the border control.

Here are som reflections, that might help in that department.

First of all, security is really a very egoistic thing, if you are not hit, then someone else are. This is the problem with the sailing over the strait, it does not help France, if the sailing is stopped, then the migrants just end up in camps in France.

IF we are to cooperate with France, which is the most diplomatic and honestly fair thing to do. We have to make an arrangement, that actually helps BOTH countries, and does not harm the migrants too much.

It is exactly here, that the Rwanda model has its value. I know that there is a lot of negative sentiment against it in the EU. But I mean, what is the alternative?

If we do not do something, things will go even more out of hand.

The Rwanda model is essentially fair for all. The migrants can get an education and help in Rwanda, and the European countries will stop the migration flow, that is, honestly, extremely detrimental to the European countries.

But it has to be fair, and it has be done orderly.

Sadly, the current danish government has stopped its focus on the model, even though we were leading in this department, so this gives the UK an opportunity to be the leaders here.

I know, that the EU see it as unfair and so on, but you have to be a little realistic about the problems that we need to get under control.

If you have other ideas, that are better, please send them on, if not, maybe working on this, slowly, deliberately will turn the tide.

It has to be done humanely, but it nonetheless has to be done. Otherwise some of the very dangerous signs of even worse ideas, may just end up being the solution, and then my mid leaning ideas will seem like the only solution.

So think about it, make a deal with France, and then just get to it.

G-d bless the will to change the world in a sound and humane way.

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The newly minted Danish cultural minister is named Angel, or in Danish; Engel.

He is trying to find his feet in a vicious fight against the civil servants, who wants to control him, and it has made me think a little about, what it is to be an angel.

First of all, angels are not what we think they are in our modern spiritual traditions, that is benign, humble creatures, that shoot arrows of love to the beloved.

They are really something else. Let me spin a tale, that may let you have a glimpse into this subject of spiritual elevation.

Spirit is, to Plato and Anaxagoras intelligence, so angels are just reflections of g-ds intelligence. Mikael, means Mika el, el means OF G-d.

But there are deep traditions of angels, that we must understand, to understand, what angels really are.

The original angels are, as most of our civilisation, originating from the Middle East. Here these beings can still be seen as massive winged beast, carved into rock with the utmost detail.

The world of angels are often connected to astrology, so that angels refer to specific star constellations and other parts of our understanding of the celestial realm.

But what has really interested me, has been the virtues of the different angels. The angels of the seven heavens, has been my go to congegration of angels, and they are BOTH benign, AND very, very powerful.

We say that Mikael is the harbinger of light, and he will blow his silver horn, to call upon the sons of light, in their fight against the sons of darkness. Satan being the leader of that motley crew.

So we see, from that story, the story of the apocalypse, that angels they fight. What do they fight for and against? They fight for life and light, against death and destruction.

But, and that is the dilemma, they actually fight, and when they fight, their shields are emblazoned with marks of inlaid silver, commemorating the victory over evil.

This is what angels do, when they fight, they fight evil, oppression, darkness.

When there is a part of society, where evil prevails, angels roam these streets, caring for the dispossessed, lifting all spirits in the face of the sons of darkness.

In other words, you cannot fight good people if you are an angel, that would be wrong, but fighting bad people, is all what the likes of Mikael do.

G-d bless the will, to find in each of us, that angel, that speaks to us, to do good in the service of human dignity and life.

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The path to peace

The world is slowly crashing into a massive world war. On one hand, we have the US, fighting a two front war against Russia and China, and at the other hand, we have Russia and China, with their allies.

The war is actually not really working for the US. The European allies seems to be lacking motivation, and even India is moving towards China and Russia.

I know this is hard to cope, but to do any serious analysis as to how we are going to change the tides, we need to be honest about these developments.

First of all, the peace laurel that Russia is offering, this would be the time to take it. Russia is advancing, and the human costs are rising by the day.

Secondly, shoring up the alliance with India is VERY important. The war with China is approaching, and that war is inevitable.

So a focus on east is pretty important, as I see it.

A peace, that gives both Russia and Ukraine a way so save face would be really important.

Then on to the war in the east. Collaborating and building alliances with the countries around China is of an upmost importance. We need to focus on it, and get it to work. If it does not work, we will be I real danger.

So a good peace in the East, and a strengthening of the borders in the west is important.

Then the UK, again, a great part of the empire is in real danger; New Zealand, Australia. We need to shore up support, and start building the necessary arms. This would be my recommendation.

We still have bit of a fuss with islamists infiltration in the UK, we need to be ready for that as well. It could be a real problem.

So for me, just to inform my readers, the reason I have been a little less productive the last two months, is because I have been put under administration by the cultural ministry.

There is a bit of a fight going on, in the ministry, involving the minister and the foreign minister. So, the civil servants are sacrificing a massive amount of capital both in terms of man hours as well as reputation, to try and harm me.

Nothing new in that I guess, but it is Purim, and we Jews are famous for getting over insourmountable odds, so I am getting through.

Hopefully with enough ressources to tip the balance of the scales in the Great War we are getting into. So this is not a plea for help, but just to inform you of my current predicament.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of adversity, and steadfast in the course of positive, constructive peacekeeping. G-d bless the western alliance, and may it prevail.

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A renaissance man

One of the discussions I have tried to take on my blog here, and in general is; what is to be a good person. And in opposite, what is it to be a bad person.

There are off cause many answers to this question, but one of the more important answers is the, what we call “humanistic” answer.

In order to understand what “humanistic” values are, we need to understand, where these ideas, that were very influential in creating what we call the United States of America, really come from.

I have done a bit of research on this topic, and the answer is actually pretty straight forward. It comes from the Italian reneassance, where leading lights as Giordano Bruno, Leonardo da Vinci and the Medicis were really pushing that agenda forward.

The way they handled the whole discussion, was to find “hidden knowledge”, that they thought were somehow better than what they had already, thereby all the mystery.

BUT, and this where it gets perhaps a little mundane, but also more true, the sources they found that they thought were “superior” to what was already known, actually weren’t that superior.

I know my Aristotle and Plato by heart, so I can tell if something is superior to those two authors, who were known already.

The “Corpus hermeticum”, as they were called, were reflections on essentially Aristotle and Plato, mostly Plato.

That does not take any value out their ideas however, so let’s have a look at some of the reflections they had in the very basis of humanistic thought.

One of the base presumptions was the idea, that we live in a world that is enlightened and a world that is materialistic.

The materialistic world is base, all about greed, avarice, anger and looking only at the short term in terms of needs.

The superior renaissance man however was pure, devout, merciful and full of vitality. Good is those virtues, while as evil is greed, avarice, destruction.

A renaissance man will build and not destroy, while as a man in opposition to this, will destroy and ruin things.

So there is an element of construction and as they say; g-d is life and light.

Maybe these ancient virtues can still be of some quality today, where things are not exactly brimming with positivity and constructivity.

Being a true renaissance man is to be honest and pure, serious and merciful, full of vitality with a deep faith in a G-d that is truly good.

G-d bless the ability to be a good person in a world filled with greed and avarice.

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Ok now the prince Harry of Windsor has been kicked out of his house in the UK.

This seems to me all right and fair. I mean, we have tried numerous times, to reach out, and create some kind of reconciliation. But it only goes one way.

Without dialogue, there can be no reconciliation.

Anyway. I hope, that Harry gets to his senses, and comes back the family. But he must show some kind of will to be a part of the royal family, and obviously this ruckus is really angering to the royal family and in extent to the institution of royalty.

There is always a possibility for reconciliation, so let’s hope, that all brigdes have not been burned down, and hope, that Harry comes to his senses, and finds his role in the royal family.

G-d bless the divine institution of the royal house of England.

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Asger Trier

February 28th, 2023 No comments

Ok, so I have asked myself; Asger, are you going out of fashion. I mean, I am not a fashion photographer or anything like that, but I guess, that my ideas are fashionable, or can be of less or greater interest.

Well, my experience is, that what I do, is to create layers of understanding and ideas, on basis of other peoples layers of ideas.

Take my work with the liberal left. It is not, that I have invented liberal left. I stand in a long line of philosophers, who came before me, and gave something to the tradition. The latest was Adorno, who gave us multiculturalism. Now I have given a point back to our shared humanistic roots. Tried to talk about democracy and humanism in this day and age.

It’s not like, that I am better than Adorno. I really like him a lot, he was a leading light of his generation, its just that I took up the beacon after him.

This is what multiculturalism is really meeting these days, the push for the people, to move on.

I mean, Karl Marx wrote some amazing things, but without Hegel, there would not have been a Karl Marx, and without Karl Marx, there would not have been an Asger Trier.

My rebellion towards Marx, going back to Hegel, is what I have contributed with to the international development of the left.

Ok, now there is a fight between Russia and the US, so this development, that was really sound for the world has less of an effect, but it is there as a layer, and my experience is, when it is there, you cannot remove it. The PEOPLE wants the politicians the move that way.

So I am there, as a part of the tradition.

G-d bless the will to be good and heartfelt in ones ideas, thoughts and actions.

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Frederick the great

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Ok, here is how the analysis is regarding to the Middle East. It is not Ikea, there are no easy fixes, you cannot just find a manual, and then go by that. To make any kind of progress, you need to play the game. What is the game? The game is the patient positioning of the pieces, so that you will win.

Let me give you an example, there once was a great emperor of the Germans. Frederick the great. He was what we call a “philosopher king” like Marcus Aurelius. That is a philosopher, who turn into a king.

He was great, why? Because he read the game like a philosopher, and played it like a king.

At his time, war was a bit like today. The armies were absurdly expensive, so you didn’t really want to employ them. You were worried, that you would loose your valuable army.

So what Frederick did, was, that he participated in the dance of these armies, one step forward, two steps back. But he did something, that the other kings didn’t. WHEN there was a war, he didn’t spare the armies, he went all in. See, played the game like a philosopher, fought like a king.

That is warfare. Street riots are not warfare, they are just street riots. Ok, I know, that mr. Netanyahu needs to deliver on his campaign promises. But fighting in the streets does not help at all, it hinders his moves.

He has to move, and he has moved. Not least in regards to Iran. I have not been able to help much, because honestly, after I advised fighting Iran. The leaders of Iran threatened to kill me, but now things are shaping up, and there is a positive movement in Iran in regards to the human rights of the Iranians, so hopefully they will not kill me. I respect their pleas.

Anyway, the Palestinians are only proxies, you need to see their backers as the real power players, that is where the complexity comes into play. It is not just Palestinians, it is the entire Middle East, that Israel is playing for and against.

So, see the complexity of that, and you will actually help mr. Netanyahu.

G-d bless the will to play the game like the philosopher king Frederick the great.

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Rasmus Paludan

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Ok I have reflected a great deal on the current events in Israeli politics, and in the way that conservative politics is moving in general.

Maybe I am getting out of fashion, that may be, and honestly, it does not really matter much to me. I mean, it’s not that I get much out of it other and total persecution all the time. So, to me, the advent of the more radical shift of conservatism to something a lot more sinister, than my mid leaning conservatism, will not really be a problem to me, but it will, most certainly be a problem for humanity.

Let’s have a look at it. As I understand, the core of the right wing right now is that they despise gays, and want to get rid of all Arabs in Israel.

Seriously, how is that going to affect the relationship with all the countries around Israel? I get it, the Arabs in Israel are not always playing by the book. Ok, so they must be caught, put to jail, and ultimately be prisoned. But I mean, genocide? Seriously?

I know, that the humanistic, democratic idea is not perfect. I know, that we should have a kingdom, and a wise king. One day we will have that, if HE arrives. But the thing is, we have to wait.

The other thing is the king is supposed to bring peace, not war, and then how are we, if we prepare his arrival with a monster war?

We should, as I see it, slowly but surely, try to transform the Middle East, using our skill, to change the relationship. This does not mean, that we should accept killing of innocents, rockets and so on. But we should play the game deftly. Erasing Gaza is not playing the game deftly, that is a score in our own goal.

In Denmark, after I controlled the islam critics, this guy Rasmus Paludan took over. I don’t have any control over him, he is a maverick and continues to provoke. Ok, that is his right, at least until recently. But the ONLY result of all his provocations is less succes for the islam critics.

While as, when I was at the helm, we had several massive successes. But it was done with finness, a lot of political skill and just through wisdom.

So my advice and honest experience, is, if we start all this power play, it will be very bad. It could, if it is not controlled, be the end of Israel.

So take it easy guys, calm down. Mr. Netanyahu is a skilled politician, he has the support of the US, to tackle Iran. If he does that, he can actually make peace.

And honestly, what is war if it is just for its own sake?

I know, people want fast results, but war and diplomacy are two tools in the same toolbox, and if you don’t play these tools with skill, we will be like Rasmus Paludan.

G-d bless the will to be players of a deft and skilled game. G-d bless Israel.

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Middle East

February 19th, 2023 No comments

I have done a lot of research into the Middle East strategical situation.

This is my recommendation regarding the new Netanyahu government in relation to the Biden administration.

There is a junction in between the Biden administration, but there is also a pretty big risk in a troublesome relationship.

The reason is, that even though Likud is centre rightwing, the basis of the Netanyahu government is not. It is extreme rightwing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of religious friends, I REALLY both accept and respect judaism. To me, the angels are what keeps me alive, period.

But there are also a lot issues, that the Biden administration, could have a negative eye on; gay rights, excessive violence against Gaza. Things like that.

This is why my advice is, to join the American administration in the fights, that Israel and the US have in common. This is, pretty clear, the joined fight against Iran.

To be honest, I don’t really hate the Mullahs. They have be reliable partners in the peace process. The problem however is the war in Ukraine. When Iran joins that fight, it makes the system a legitimate target.

I really am proud of the peace proces we made in the Middle East under Obama, but the world is drifting towards mayhem.

But this is my advice. Instead of an all out war, be careful. People are in harms way. A mass mechanised war against Iran, will be devastating for all involved.

G-d bless the peace we may find at the other end of this conflict.

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