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Well, that was a pretty good string of meetings Joe, to the point, and you made real progress with mr. Putin. Putin is a megapro. He knows how to play the game, and he is really good at it. At the core of his government, it is actually also a warm heart.

You know, Russians have always been villified by the West, especially under the cold war. But the fact of the matter is, that Russia and the US has much more in common than you would know at the surface. Where as the US started as a project 500 years ago, Russia started as a project 1000 years ago.

In Rus. Russians are really descendants of vikings coming from Scandinvia a 1000 years ago. They have had a rougher time than the Americans. Especially the Mongols were a scourge upon the Russians, but then the Russians took their free roaming spirit and turned it into the Kossacks, who swarmed over the steppes of Siberia. Kossacks are really close to cowboys in many ways. Vikings gone inland, shifting boats for horses. Some pretty amazing horsemanship and fighting skills of the Cossacks were displayed over the steppes.

So in a way there is the same kind of frontier spirit over both Russia and the US.

In the wake of the Trump administration this has been subdued, but it can easily be reawakened.

You see, the Russians really like the Cowboys, becaues they see some of themselves in it.

This was a difficult thing to promote when Trumps was president, now it has become a bit easier.

It will matter a lot when the showdown over China comes soon, and the showdown with the islamists in western europe as well.

Anyway, it seems that some rapport have been built with the leaders of Europe in general, and that is very important in this regard. They are extremely pressed on the security front and kind of caught between the wishes of the European Union and the public cry for security.

Hopefully Bennet makes it in the Middle East, so we will not have too many problems on that front. Hopefully we will make peace with mr. Putin, making that conflict less of a problem. Then we can focus on China, that is going hot in Taiwan, and Western Europe.

I know that it is a complicated picture, but we have to be able to see it for what it is, to make any progress. And we will.

G-d bless the will to be a peacekeeper and a strong defender of Democracy.

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