What we fight for

As we are nearing the deadline for the next election, I believe it is important to remember what we are fighting FOR.

Fighting against something is not good, fighting for something is good.

One of the things that I have claimed is the serious problems facing socialism is when it forgets its roots.

There are many things, that I do not like about Marx, but I have never had anything against workers.

In fact I believe, that abandoning the workers in modern socialism is what caused the problems in the first place.

I grew up in a poor workers community, and we had our flaws I admit that. In many ways, we were naiv and didn’t know how the wheels of the world turned around. But we really did have one thing going, that of solidarity and family.

The community I grew up in was quite egalitarian, there was very little hierarchy, and everybody helped everybody. Even the poor people living on the streets was a part of the community.

We had pride, pride in our ability to create with our hands. Craftsmanship was something revered and respected.

Today socialism seems to be something about that I do not like someone. That was not what I grew up with, then it was about liking someone, be a friend and be loyal.

Maybe that feeling of solidarity, family and friendship was something to keep?

The point being, that if we throw away our classstruggle then we lose also our identity.

G-d bless the will to be strong in faith and help the community.

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