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It seems to me, that the current conflict between the right and the left, is going haywire. First all the battle in Charlottesville, then deterioration of the presidentship and the division between left and right.

Most conflicts are basically misunderstandings. Let me try and shed some light on the misunderstanding of the alt-right, or whatever it is called.

When I started my career as a philosopher. I tried to lift the West out of the misery it then sat in. We were trapped between the left crying racist onto all who opposed them, and the right crying because they had no power in the intellectual realm.

I wanted to change that dynamic, and arm the right with some basic ideas that could lift our world away from the destruction it then was in.

As a non-white, or whatever you call it, I was sent from the sky to the political right. No-one could blame me for being racist.

At the other hand, the things that I formulated were conservative, but not racist. In fact, what I humbly did, was to formulate a conservative, democratic perspective, that was not racist.

This formula spread like wildfire, and culminated with Breibart and Trump in the US. In France it is le Pen, in UK it was EDL, in Germany the Adl and so on.

To be honest, I had much more power than was due to my political imagination. Yes, I am good, but there are many out there who are much better. It was because I worked as a kind of Martin Luther King type, making a case for my country, trying to find a middle way, where there were both room for whites and blacks and whoever wanted to be a part of the nation.

Then Barack came along, and due to some problems I had with the Danish system, that did not like the way I saw this, I changed side.

I then helped the Liberals with some political theories and solutions. As this happened, the first part of my career blossomed and progressed.

In a strange, weird coincidence, I was beaten in the last election by my former self.

What is the point?

That perhaps the hated alt right is not so bad, and perhaps Barack Obama is not an evil imposter.

99,9 percent of all Americans are not racist, and the philosophy I gave the alt right, is definitely not racist, in fact, it is anything but.

I think it is inventive, has a new angle on Democracy, and strengthens the right things; Democracy, rule of law, the church, family. All the things Americans take for granted and see as their home and dream.

At the other side of the aisle. It is the same, but just a little bit detailed. There is an economic philosophy, there is the fight against ISIS and China. There is the anti corruption striving and so on.

So maybe, it is time to shed all these animosities, and truly look at each other without all the prejudice.

See for ourselves, that we are all American, and we still wish to care and strengthen that great and amazing country that all still see as the ultimate ideal. Free and just, brave and humane.

G-d bless the will to see each other as we are.

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