Well, things are not looking good. First of all, the war is getting closer, it is already here, to some extent.

Essentially the invasion of Gaza, the bombing of Syria by the US, is an escalation of dimensions yet not seen in the Middle East since the six day war.

But, the good development is, that a lot of the Arab states are in it for a lasting peace.

Mr. Putin is angry, and China is dipping its feet in the waters of international politics. Even the UK is flexing its muscles.

But, and this is important, we need to think about what comes after. What will happen, if we end up in a massive war?

Aggression is not a good thing, it ends us up in a place, where we are not really in control of ourselves. There is a certain allure to revenge. Getting back at someone, feels good. The sweet revenge. But essentially, what does it really attain? It just gives you an opponent that is even stronger, viler and more dangerous.

Deescalation requires a clear head.

Think about it, what is the endgame, where do we go?

G-d bless the will to see things from all angles and not loose track of the real end; peace.

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