War and peace

Well, it seems to me, that the waves of war and conflict has soothed a little over the last four days.

The threatening conflict between the US and Iran has not come to pass, and therefor we have a calm.

I do not understand why we cannot have some kind of peace. But I do understand why the animosity arises.

Let me try and explain.

First of all, war is because people want it. If one side of a conflict wants a conflict, it will happen.

If both sides in a conflict wants a conflict it will perhaps happen, according to the reflection of the red lines of each opponent. That is, do we respect the red lines of the other or not.

So, this is what it is about in this conflict, the US put up a red line and Iran stepped over it.

Then Iran retaliated, but now the US holds its guns.

A stalemate is also some kind of peace, but it may not last.

Lets see, but let us also be vigilant.

G-d bless the possible peace.

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