Now, there are a lot of discussion on how to tackle the islamists.

First of all, we have a good strategical case, but it is not easy.

We have kind of left the war weariness of the Bush era. That was due to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Two very costly wars in terms of manpower, lives and money.

War is much more than power struggle. It is lives on the ground. Our soldiers pay a heavy price for the fighting, ruined lives, and sometimes the highest price.

So we owe them an honest discussion on the costs of war.

On the other hand, it is pretty obvious that the islamists are openly threatening not only the U.S. but the rest of the West and East as well.

The megalomania is pretty obvious, but their prowess on the ground is pretty impressive.

First of all, what is, to my mind, extremely important, is to recognize that it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is behind most of the islamist movements. IS is just one of the branches.

This makes it a bit more easy to recognise our allies in the Middle East.

First and foremost, in this fight, Egypt. Egypt is actively fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and IS as well. Supporting them, with all we have, is a no brainer.

We should like to see some development in terms of human rights and enlightenment. But that is in the interest of Egypt as well, since human rights is an Egyptian tradition. Humanism comes from Egypt.

The Ankh and the care taking of the human come from Heliopolis. The city of light.

Secondly Germany is an essential ally. Germany is recognising the importance of fighting islamists in general, because it is beset with a lot of them.

So an Egyptian/German axe would make sense.

What we do not need is for all of Sunni islam to go Apocalyptic. So here again Egypt is a force that draws in the right direction, not to mention that the great islamic university Al Azhar is in Egypt. Egypt also has a tradition of not vilifying Christians.

If we see the fightings inside of the Middle East, and are willing to pick our sides with wisdom, we will be seen as a Middle East player at the level of the rest of the players. Right now we are seen as an external force.

It is important to know your enemy as you know yourself.

We are not really into Middle East lore, but we could be, and that would lift some of the heavy weighting without us using physical force.

The Middle East is the birth cradle of the civilisation of man. They are still extremely proud of that, as they should be. If we manage to see them as they truly are, and handle them with due respect, we can perhaps play a more civilised and enlightened role in the conflict.

When we talk about HOW to strategise. I believe we should see our enemy as they are. They are much different from us, but they have their beliefs and ideals. We find them wrong, but we should not let us be fooled by the fact that they see it as right.

We should also discuss their new strategies, that is guerrilla warfare with drones added to it.

They got that from me, and are serving them quite well. I just hope, that our side has learned as well.

Sending in grunts WITHOUT the umbrella of high tech drones would cost a lot of lives.

We need to strategize wisely here, and look at the exit strategy as well as the next steps of the war.

The war is moving to Europe, and we have to be ready for that.

We are working on changing NATO to meet this threat, but we need to see the war as it will come. The new development of NATO should include gurreillawarfare in cities.

In fact, most of the fighting should be redirected to that aim. This will, in practise, mean; grunts on the ground, controlling small and large drones with reconnaissance capabilities and the ability to enter houses and deliver a payload.

Europe is entering one of those hells it has been in so many times. We need to be ready to get it over with as fast as possible.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and strong.

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