The American Revolution, that I envisioned has come pretty far. USA is the one country in the Western world that is actually fixing its own problems, be it economically, in terms of faith, system and military.

That will bring great progress when all these things hit home in a few years. Already we can see that the supertanker is turning around, and the economical problems are much less severe.

In ten years, we will have beaten the other competitors due to economical progress, industrial revolution 2.0, a well working society and a much needed force for good.

The progress I have aimed at, is slow and organic growth. I am sure you can use your money to buy this and that. But at the end of the day, it is your own qualities that will sustain your stability.

If you compare the US to Rome, what really went bad in the Roman Empire, was the fact, that the core, that of the Etruscan ideas, was left for all kind of other ideas.

You need to have a core to survive as an empire.

That is the true aim right now, the America First is, as I see it, a call for the strengthening of the core of the US. That of Democracy, family, civil rights, humanism, a positive spirituality, community.

These things that is at the core of Americanism.

It is about faith, rebuilding the faith in that vast and amazing country of abundance.

That will take a while, but rooting out corruption and fixing the administration is off cause a part of that cure of the state.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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