If we are to unite the Americans around a subject, I believe, that it is pretty obvious what project that would potentially be. That of public service, humanism and the American dream. 

What is that?

Essentially, it is about seeing the need of the society and not only our own needs. Shedding some of that me time, and look a bit to community time. 

Let people meet across what would considered barriers, and things that is usually considered dividing things. 

Put in motion things, that unites and does not divide. 

That again is not about religion or politics, it’s about human dignity and humanity in a more general sense. 

Something that is not just for one or the other system. But some things, that is potentially human. 

Some say, that the soul is where ethics reside. That our connection to G-d is what teaches us about what is good here in life.

Perhaps it is that essential goodness that we need to strive for, that “yes I see you too” feeling. That is love. Not fake, not just something we pretend, but that what truly binds us together across our differences. 

Find that, and the great US of A, will be redeemed.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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