Unity is not always an aim to strife for. Oppositional forces are, essentially a fashion of the nature to create development. Nature moves in pairs of opposition. Without opposition, there would be no development.

But in Israel, we are simply forced to stick together, like, ALWAYS. We do not have the luxury to have a few years of discord and chaos. If that happens, we are forced to unite again.

So, that is just the way it is. We cannot rely on the mercy of our foes, they are, essentially the tools of darkness, as it is right now, and as such, we need to confront them. They will lie, steal, and use all tools in the toolbox, that is evil to win.

I know this is hard to hear, and I do not count all muslims as foes, but if you abduct kids, and start doing horrible things to them, you are evil, by all accounts.

Anyway, again, I know a lot of sweet and wonderful muslims, the atrocities, that has been done, is of an evil nature, and we have to understand that there is actually a moral imperative in that conflict.

We are supposed to be the sons of light, honest, upright, united, true and beautiful.

We are, but we err, sometimes, and we need to correct our mistakes.

Be honest, don’t let the humanity out of our actions, take the side of weak, and be careful.

The point is, there is a moral discussion, that is important. How did we err, what did we do wrong, only through that understanding will we prevail. And we will prevail, because the impetuous to be benign and empathic is the very core of what it is to be Jewish.

G-d bless the will to do good in a world, where evil prevails.

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