True socialism

To me, science or at least social science has met its Armageddon in the open borders policy mr. Soros has professed for some time. 

It is simply stupid. Off cause countries cannot live with open border, its quite simply not working. 

This has led me to fight for at more sensible border policy, something that has been picked up by, among others, mr. Trump. 

But there is a deeper question at large here, and that is something we need to address. 

Because why do socialism end up in this dead end?

To me, it has to do with one principle that Karl Marx supported. A principle that is wrong to me. 

Karl Marx believed, that human societies progress in a linear fashion. First we were hunter gatherers, then we were living in cities, then nations and so on. 

What if this understanding of our world i wrong? Perhaps it is not so, that history and progress just marches on. Perhaps it is shifting all the time. Sometimes we go forward, other times we go backward. 

I mean, just compare the idea of the Marxist state with the family. There is no doubt, that when the idea of the family was invented by the Egyptians thousands of years back, the idea was a revolution for mankind. 

This was something Marx didn’t respect, but planned a state, where the family was taken over by the state. 

Has it lead to a more happy life in the socialist states where this idea still reigns supreme?

I mean, look at all the divorces, all the unhappy children, all the families that are broken and weak. Maybe all these people would be better of with a stronger family?

So to me, the progress Marx thought he invented with his ideas, is actually a step back in terms of civilization. 

So as a paradoxical consequence of Marx, he actually reduced the level of civilization in the world, he didn’t further it. 

In other words, perhaps we should not be so respectless with the ideas we inherit from our fathers and mothers. Perhaps the world they came from wasn’t so bad after all. 

I could mention more things that I think was a turn wrong in Marxist thinking: His rejection of spirituality, his open borders policy, his belief in state absolutelism, his lack of understanding with democracy and law, so on and so forth. 

I believe, we should realize that Marx was a thinker of poor quality. 

So what do we do?

As I see it, we turn to the socialist that predecessed Marx, because they were actually in the right to me. Voltaire, Rousseau, and one gem, that I have begun reading lately:; Eliphas Levi.

Levi was actually the true salt of the French Revolution. He tried to build a socialist religion, and he was the one who made the revolution by his famous pamphlet: The voice of famine. 

A book where he tried to tell the elite about the suffering of the poor. 

Something that ended up turning French aristocracy on its head. 

But he was a good man, a humanist and a defender of the poor. 

We have to shed all these analyses of production capabilities and turn to the roots, talk about community again, how we help the poor. 

I also believe, that we have to forget about all this hathred to the family, and start supporting that bedrock of the state and society again. Healthy families, in healthy communities, in healthy nations, in healthy federations, if we want that. 

Stop going down that very hedonistic path we are going down on now, and start to care about what is truly important again. 

The world is not without limits, there are limits, but those limits should be about doing the right thing to friends and family. 

G-d bless the will to do good.

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