To be a brothers keeper

The mission of Israel, is the mission of Israel, to be the light upon the Nations.

That is, we need to support, scold, help and be a friendly force in the world of nations.

Sometimes we are the helping friend, sometimes we will be the scolding father. It all depends on the nation that is in discussion.

To be the light upon the Nations is not an easy task, it requires an absolute understanding of politics. We need to see the ups and downs of democracy, aristocracy, communism, nationalism and all the other isms that is part of the national fabric of the world.

WE should not take part, but try to help where help is needed.

That is, as I see it, essentially the task of Israel.

Somehow I stumbled into this position, and there is a simple answer to that.

The format that I write in, blogging, metaphysical and philosophical discourse fits this role very much.

Today I am already oldfashioned. The young look at YouTube, they do not do blogging.

So exactly, for some strange reason, I was the right man at the right time.

As things progress, I do not see another philosophical renaissance around the corner. The media structure is just not for for it. It gets simpler and simpler.

So, this is really the nexus of political development, right here on this blog, and it will not reappear in another form. This is the tool, that will remake the faith of the nations, like it or not.

I have worked a bit on Kabbalah, the basic faith of Israel and religious Jews, and there is a thing that strikes me, when I do that.

What I miss, is the essential discussion on G-d. There is a lot of talk about how we reach spirituality and so on. But who tries to DEFEND the spiritual idea. No one, in all the texts, that goes back thousands of years, no one truly see a need to defend G-d really, everybody is a believer.

THAT is what I believe is the task of Israel right now however. To lift itself up in a higher level, and defend G-d.

Where there is materialism, we need to make people see, that there is good and G-d is alive.

Because G-d IS alive.

With that realization, it is all about finding a way for people, to be good to each other. To make people see, that it is not in their own true interest just to take, but it is in their interest to give as well.

To be his brothers keeper.

G-d bless the will to do good in a strange and hostile world.

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