The world

Well, to keep ones head above the waters these days economically as well as in terms of military arms, one needs to be sharp.

Let us have a look at the Middle East.

The strategy that I made in the Middle East still seem to hold.

The essence of the strategy was to stop the competition between the US and Russia.

If that was stopped, there was no reason to support the Sunni/shia competition, and here a lot of the fuel for the fighting would stop.

Add to this a genuine striving for peace. The Middle East as it is, is pretty calm.

But, as mr. Trump has so vividly shown, if you take out a card at the bottom of the cardhouse, the whole shebang comes crashing.

At the other hand. I am quite surprised of the tenacity and the willingness of the world to keep the peace accord.

One thing off cause is the geopolitical aims of the European Union, it seeks to further its own independence, but at the end of the day. People do seem to care about it.

Why? Because people do care about peace, and actually making a world where people can strive to fulfill their own spiritual purpose.

We actually do care about the deeper things in life, and the promise of spiritual enlightenment.

At the other end of the world, seen from an American perspective. There is the China/North Korea deal. Essentially the legacy connected to a North Korea deal would not be the same as with the Iran deal. Why? Because everybody would know, that it was a bribe from the Chinese. They figure, if Trump wants peace in North Korea, we can pay him off with that currency, and keep expanding economically as well as militarily.

So, if Mr. Trump takes the bate, he would be seen as a fool. Add to this, he would also seriously hamper the ability of the US to challenge Chinas rise as a superpower.

He would effectively postpone the fight to the next president, giving him or her a much worse hand.

I and Mr. Obama gave Mr. Trump the best possible hand to tackle China, and he is wasting it.

It will be extremely costly in terms of manpower, lives and money when the … hits the fan eventually.

You know, there are always new ideas in the White House, new men who have new priorities. As mr. Bolton. They always fail, or has failed so far.

Me, I am just a poor blogger. I have no career to lose, in fact I do not even have a career. I am just a poor boy trying to help my friends.

So Donald please, couldn’t we just get on with all the challenges that you know is out there, and you need to work on?

Forget about your own look in the history book, and deliver on the grand scale. That is fight China.

G-d bless the will to be clearheaded in a difficult situation.

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