The way forward

Well, it seems to me. That the entire EU bloque wants to be the leader of the world.

There are several prerequisites to this however.

1. You need to stop trying to harass and subdue me. I know, that this is the direct order of the Danish civil system, but you need to prevent it. I cannot work, and honestly it would not make much sense to work for the EU system if you at the same time try to kill me.
2. You need to rearm. Especially Germany, the largest country needs to rearm. This is difficult due to the lack of confidence since the Second World War. But that is the aim. Make sure, that there are no pro Erdogan officers in the force. They are a potential danger.
3. We need to make sure, that the migration threat is controlled. By that I mean, WE have to take responsibility, and turn it around.
4. We need to reform the system, so that it reflects the current intellectual level. We have a rennaissance in Europe now, the civilization should reflect it. I need a hands up on this, to keep churning out ideas is a waste of time, if it is not used.

G-d bless the European Union.

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