The Way forward

Now after Brexit, which was a good thing to my mind, and the truly difficult situation that the Democratic Party is in, we have to be sharp on our priorities.

First of all, we have to realize that there is a more nuanced picture on migration than just ‘all migrants are suffering victims’. In order to push through to a more sustainable and balanced view on the world, we need to see the details.

Let me give you a good example, that is firmly rooted in theory that I have done politically.

On one hand we have the Kurds, brave socialists, at the other hand we have Islamic state, vile islamists.

That is, they are both Sunni Muslims, but choose different paths on to how they view Islam.

One is truly all in on democracy, that other is not.

That is really the basis of the difference between our allies and our enemies.

The problem is, as I see it, we do not differentiate in the US or the UK.

Here we still see all Muslims as victims. They are not, some chose to bomb our cities, and do evil things. Others are heroes.

It is as rev. Martin Luther King prescribed. We are the ones, who support the society, try to blend in, be good citizens with rights.

But there are some, who chose to fight society to change into something that is wrong.

Understanding this difference is most important to me.

The same goes for the UK. There is the Anglican Church, that is truly universal and not racist. But there are things going on in and around some British cities, that is vile.

This balance is off cause most difficult to find. To be not racist, and at the same time accept that there is a true problem with Islamism, but that is just a fact.

Rev. Martin Luther King did not like Malcolm X, because his dream was to make a society where all were accepted. From little to big.

We have to follow in his footsteps.

G-d bless the will to be clear on these matters.

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