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It is kind og working Joe, the Western Europeans are warming up to a renewed alliance with the US, and it seems to me, that people around the world are engaging in some serious soul searching. Having the US back as the leader of the world is something people need to think about. Because where does that position them in the game of thrones.

Making some kind of overture to Russia is a wise move essentially. It secures the eastern front, and then we can focus on Turkey, that is threatening Europe quite openly.

Here we have to be honest about how they are doing it. They are doing it, by smuggling IS fighters into Europe through the mass migration caravan that it has tried to initiate in the past.

This is a conundrum, because at one hand we need to take care of refugees around the world. My own father fled from Bangladesh during the civil war there, he was a freedom fighter.

At the other hand, abusing our good hearts actually makes it much more difficult for the real refugees to be accepted. Here in Denmark, people are pretty annoyed with all the mayhem, that the IS fighters of different kinds are making here. So people get pretty angry. Danes are fighters and wont leave it alone.

Yes, then sometimes, it is reflected in inhuman decisions and attempts, I agree, but handling this anger is very difficult. Finding the balances and so on.

But that is the lay of the land in Denmark, but also in Western Europe in general. Finding that middle path, is increasingly difficult, and may just end up being impossible, creating chasms of animosity and trouble. Trouble like shooting artists and the like in Charlie Hebdo.

But, if and when the US should and will take a leading role, it should be to find a equilibrium in the understanding of Muslims in general, support liberal Muslims, fighting the terrorists.

My father was a liberal Muslim, he was really into Mahatma Ghandi and the unification of a democratic Bangladesh. A liberal person in all ways, so to me, that is a prove, that it is possible to find a way in Islam towards Democracy.

BUT, and this is really important, we need to be serious and realistic about the challenge we face. When we made the Arab spring, we thought that just bold action would do it. But that was a mistake. Toppling the governments in Northern Africa, was a serious mistake except for Tunisia. We need to be careful, not to destroy the states that they have. Revolutions may be pretty cool, but they can go the wrong way.

Anyway, we are actually moving towards a renewed role of leadership of the West in the world. To me, that is a good thing, if it is based on true insight and wisdom.

In this way, we have created a leadership, that is to the benefit of all mankind. Ok, our system is the humanistic/democratic, and we fight for that. But that does not mean, that we do not UNDERSTAND other systems, and can have some honest and good relations to them.

Maybe it may not look new, shining and bright, but to me, what we need right now is not new shining and bright. We need to reestablish the leading role of the US, and using proven methods, something people know and understand is the best way. Then after some time, when people get used to us being wise and understanding, then we can start developing new and more advanced ways and strategies.

Good thing about the redrawal of the troops in Afghanistan. Well done mr. President. You are showing bold action, and linking the redrawal to a fierce action against terrorism is very good. Keeping America and our allies safe.

We shouldn’t forget the climate issues, and should be bold in action here also. And I have to get used to writing about international strategy again. It is very, very, difficult and a terrible responsibility.

But, and this is what I think is important. It is done from a free perspective. I am not bought by anyone, I pay for the blog I write, in fact it is done in opposition to the state, that seems to want to oppress me all the time.

That is, to me, a pure, idealistic democratic/humanistic perspective.

So well done Joe, you are starting to look good in the eyes of the world.

G-d bless the will to find peace, at the end of the tunnel.

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