The threat to democracy

We are heading for a fight in Europe against a certain part of the muslim migrants.

First of all, let me clear about muslims in general. They are people as we are. They have families, they look forward to times of festivities and so on. The dark non-forgiving attitude to muslims in general that has bloomed the last four or five years, is not of my making, and I truly think it is wrong. Muslims are people too.

The conflict we have with the muslim world is, as I see it, a conflict with our Democratic values and institutions.

Our belief in vesting the power with the people, and faith in our laws.

Islamists, as they are called, reject these values and this societal system and wish for a caliphate based on muslim law. AKA sharia.

You can be democratic and muslim at the same time, no problem. But you cannot wish for a muslim political system and then have a right to vote in a Democratic country.

This is real. The democratic rights have been taken away from most voters in Turkey, and had Mr. Al-Sisi not won the Arab spring in Egypt, things would have gone awry there too.

In Europe, we have the same problem with what we call islamists. Recently France had terrible occurrence of these issues, with a valiant police officer sacrificing himself for the sake of poor hostages.

So in Europe, these problems are abundant.

Essentially we have a war between Islamism and Democracy being waged in all of Europe, and only Denmark and France has awoken to this threat.

So, what do we do? We find out who the islamists are, their schools, their madrassas and mosques, and we close them down, and remigrate all who are members of said Islamist infrastructure.

Again this seems harsh, but remember the threat of nazism, and how it infiltrated and in the took over Democracy? It is very much same, Democracy must defend itself from political systems that wants to tear down the democratic order.

We have come pretty far in Denmark, but we need to go further to protect our laws and our Democracies.

We have seen it in the maws of the Islamic State, the rape the torture, the arrogance towards human rights.

This will not do, and we need to wake up in Europe, and fight the bastards.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are.

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