The Suidlanders

These days South Africa is in turmoil, and the rainbow nation, that everybody hoped to make, is deteoriating.

For me, as a spiritual person, this makes me sad.

Now, dont get me wrong, sacrifice, injustice is what it is. It has no color.

I was a great fan of the whole process of antiapartheid, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela. The forces they opposed were horrible. I can reflect my own fight in theirs. Civil rights, Democracy, humanism.

But these days the white people of South Africa are in danger, just as the blacks were under apartheid. I know that that is a controversial thing, and people dont like to talk too much about it. But suffering and hardship does not have a color.

One of the leaders of the South African white civil rights organizations have reached out to me, to relay their plight.

I will do that. As I have seen on the internet and through social media, the whites are the ones that suffers these days.

One wrong, does not make another wrong right.

So if white people are suffering, they should be protected, just as black people.

I am brown, so this has nothing to do with color, but with minority protection.

I know that this is controversial, but this is not about being popular, but about people suffering. If I can help these people, the Suidlanders, I will.

So, I have accepted the invitation to do an interview, and will make it tomorrow.

I hope you see my intentions as clean and honourable.

I do not accept Apartheid in any way, but minorities are minorities black or white. If it was the black under the thumb of the opressors, I would root for them.

G-d bless the wisdom and honesty of a cause. G-d bless the will to be humane in a hostile world.

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