The simplicity of family and unity

Well, as Tolstoi the great Russian thinker said; all good families are alike, all bad families are different.

The point is, goodness is one, badness comes in all forms and shapes.

That is something to ponder there. Goodness makes for a very stable, similar and uniform world.

The lore of the ancients are pretty straight forward, if you follow the system of the republic combined with a sound religion, the chances are, you will find happiness.

If you do other things, like chaotic strains of thought that is in this world right now, chances are that you will find chaos and destruction.

This is not 100% true, there are off cause variations, different religions with different systems, but at the core good people are pretty much alike.

They are true, honest, compassionate, pure. Good family men, supporting the community.

In a way pretty boring, if you see it from outside. But from inside, it is happiness, thanksgiving, Hannukah, christmas, and a supportive bunch of old and young people around you.

Yes, it can be terribly constricting for some, and many people dislike the narrow path of truth and good, but that is the way good works.

So, my point is, unity as we have talked so much about is pretty simple, it is just going down that church or religious road, marry your highschool girlfriend, make a family, find a job and see the kids grow up. Eventually you become a grandparent and you will see your kids kids come to you, and you will care for them.

Seeing it from the perspective of the kids, what do the kids need? They need two self-sacrificing parents to nurture them and care for them. That is pretty boring and hard, but that is what it takes to be a good person. To shed your own needs in the face of little peoples needs.

Romance is self-sacrifice, it is not easy. But that is the way of the world.

Unity calls for good people to make good families, all alike yes, but a happy little community to raise your children in. This is the same, wherever you are, in all cultures, it is universal.

So, let us be a little boring, and simple for a change.

G-d bless the will to be good and simple in a world of chaos.

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