The revolution

Well, things seems to be developing in a direction that will, at least for the eastern side of the US, be difficult to handle.

As of now, France is REALLY gearing up for a fight against islamic extremism. Twenty generals have publicly declared leftwing academics and many muslims enemies of the Democratic/humanistic state inadvertedly threatening the politicians with action, if they do not do something.

So, what does that mean, really?

Well, it means, that France is adamant in keeping its lead in fighting islamic extremism, and academia is in for a difficult time, to say the least. This is not a little insignificant country, this is France, mother of all revolutions, and a fierce defender of freedom. Its intellectuals founded the US, more or less.

Add to this, France has always keenly sought a role in world leadership. Here it has its chance, because the US has had a few years of problems.

What is it really that France is saying, it is saying, that it is willing and able to start a WAR against islamic extremism IN France, in fact the generals are threatening the politicians that if they do not do it, the generals will put them out of office and do it themselves. Since they are fighting for the integrity of the state, and the state is democratic, off cause this will not be the end of Democracy, but a protective action.

Where does that leave the US, again, I hope the US will get back in the lead, but to be honest, I am pretty smitten by France. Just imagine a French revolution in my time, and having a part of it. This like christmas time for any philosopher, it does not get any bigger. I know, then there is all the violence and the bloodshedding, but the vibe, and the courage. There is nothing like a French revolution, period.

So what do the US do?

Well, to be honest the US needs to see some action as well. But, there is the importance of recognizing the pro muslim part of the Democratic party. Bernie and his crowd. We cant just go on muslim hunting, and it would be wrong, trying to find a balance here is important.

Will it beat the french? Maybe, maybe not. But seeing the French in all their glory maybe is not such a bad thing, and we are sharing values like 1:1 anyway, so it is not that we have an ideological difference.

The French are ambitiuos, and they have a window of opportunity here.

We are looking at a war that is potentially a 100 years long, and definitely vicious, but the alternative is the fall of the Republic, and that is simply not an option, period.

G-d bless the way we will find, as the world is gearing up for more action, and France is leading the fray.

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