The renaissance

Well, we need to get back on the track, back to the sucess we had with Obama. We do not have his genius in oratory, but we still have his mission.

We need to get back to that mission to succeed. What was it? It was to create hope and change. How do we do that? We do it by putting forth an example of unassailable integrity. That is really where Obama has his strength, he is honest, a good and simple person and humble.

These traits were what I liked about him, and what the people of the US liked as well.

To be honest.

In a revolution that we are going through right now, the best course of action for the system is roll with it. If the system tries to fight it, the chances are, that we end up in the demise of the system. What will come instead, is a more sound and equal system. A system of democracy and humanism.

Obama however, he gave us that democratic system without the necessity to overthrow the system, but changing it from inside. Trump did the same essentially, he went for the bad guys, fighting the swamp and all that.

The system is able to turn around, especially the American system. A system that is based on a revolution to get rid of a corrupt system in first place. This is why the founding fathers are such good role models, because they went through a revolution to get rid of the corruption in system of their time.

So the system has, on a basic level, all the good traits needed to Change it.

What it takes is integrity, honesty, humanism. Being the good guy.

If the US follow that example, it will avoid some of the conflicts and mayhem that Europe and Australia is going through right now.

Treat the people with the utmost respect, change the system so that the needs of the American people is what is in focus, and people will stop the rebellion, do the opposite, and mayhem will ensure.

The thing is, it is a new normal, the honesty and integrity of the political class and system needs to be much more transparent and thus honest in the new internet world. It is essentially a new normal we should get used to.

Before the reformation, the bible was a secret document that the people did not understand. When they did understand the bible, they found out, that Jesus was a liberator and an honest, good person. The church could not keep on with the monopoly of power, but had to reform. Some did, some didn’t, and today we have Protestantism.

With this example in mind, then we should understand, that the demands on power have multiplied, true honesty is what people demand.

Why was Obama a success in the internet age? Because he was an honest person. He has integrity. Ok, he has his faults, we all have, but at the core of what my friend Obama is, his is an honest guy.

So, that is the way of modern politics. No more cheating.

It is difficult, and I know that I demand a lot, but it is essentially not me, it is the system of communication that has changed and we have to adapt to it.

We are in the middle of a renaissance, and we can either roll with it, or be eaten by the revolution. That is the bare naked truth.

G-d bless the will to be a good man in a very difficult situation.

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