The rebirth of metaphysics

Metaphysics have been out since the French Rennaissance. Why? Because the French Renaissance was an uproar against the clerical might of the aristocracy.

Since then Communism took the anti religious views to its climax making a material philosophy.

That is a philosophy without any religious views. The radicalism in that is quite astounding when you think of it.

But this has changed the last ten years, religion has had a bit of a comeback, and is not so hated as it used to be.

But still, academically, religion is treated as a historical or mythological science rather than a hard natural science subject.

We have to change this in order to reclaim what is lost.

I am reading an exquisite book of an Oxford scholar about the ancient philosopher Empedocles by Peter Kingsley, and that is a boon.

One of the points of the book is, that Plato differed between mythos and logos.

That is things that can be proved and things can be believed in.

What we need to do in metaphysics is to go from mythos to logos.

To prove the existence of G-d on a scientific level.

If you look at the hard sciences, the sciences that usually is considered in the realm of logos, they actually have quite a bit of mythos in them.

It is simply not possible to prove many of the theories of the natural sciences, because they are in the realm of the unseen.

Take the theory of gravitation by Newton. You cannot see gravitation, the only way to prove it is by mathematics.

I mean, that is only a PROBABLE prove. It can be disproved.

So there is always an element of mythos in the hard sciences. Ask a physicist and he will agree.

The question is not whether you can prove something or not, but to the percentage of the possibility of your prove.

What we can do, is differ between hypotheses that is within the realm of rational proving and hypotheses that is not within the realm of rational proving.

My hypotheses of G-d is square within the realm of rational proving. That G-d is intelligence that is inbetween all matter, is a hypotheses that can be discussed, proved disapproved just as Newton’s prove of gravity.

It is within the realm of logos.

And thas is all that is needed in order for at natural phenomenon to be taken serious.

I hereby declare metaphysics as reborn as an academic discipline.

Those are sweet words.

G-d bless the will to find and give G-d a chance.

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