The promised land

I see a lot of Star Treck these days. I really like Star Trek, and I have wondered quite a bit why I really like Star Trek, it is the epitome of nerdiness, but it has something deeper resting in its ideas, that kind of resonate with my own quest of trying to convey and fight the the American dream.

At the heart of classics like Star Trek lies a deep humanistic striving. A striving for a better world, and a firm belief in the good of man.

Rest assured, in these days, we have come to realize, that the Promised land is not so promised as we thought. We can’t just figure it out, and truly there are some caveats along the way.

But at the other hand, figuring out, how to tackle these caveats is truly the task at hand.

At one hand we have a lot of principles on how to work in the world, sound, humanistic principles that has faith in the force of Democracy.

At the other hand, we have tumultuous world with a host of challenges. It is in the cross hairs of this meeting of principles and reality that we have to forge a path forward.

At the one hand, being too unrealistic about the world will not work, at the other hand being too cynical about the world will not work either.

There are bad guys out there, that seek to destroy and erect towers of tyranny. They are there, and as a consequence we have to be realistic about the world as it is. We have friends, and we have foes. That is the nature of the world right now.

At the same time, we need to acknowledge the legacy and heritage that we have.

Here is how it is. We are the most benign and best empire of the world.

That sounds great and all, but there is the truth of the word empire in the mix. That includes territory, fighting with other powers over power and so on. That is potentially a system that gives way for tyranny itself.

At the other hand, there is no comparison. All other empires in the history of mankind have never been so kind and understanding. The Romans were pretty tough, the Greek abused Egypt, the Phoenicians bought and sold their territory.

But we actually do care about the wellbeing of man.

So going forward, a kind of balance between the honesty of the Anglo Saxon empire, and the humanistic content is something we should align ourselves with.

I mean, can we really embrace the Klingon or the tyrannical oppressor, or do we fight him?

Well that is an easy answer, but at the end of the day, I truly believe that the perpertous and stubborn fight at the path to the promised land, is what we need to stay on.

We need to keep faith in the soul of the Nation, and not stop fighting for that soul.

That is what we need to understand and try to do now. Stay on the path to redemption.

Perhaps redemption will not happen, but on the way, we can make the world a little bit better.

G-d bless The United States of America.

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