The powergame

Bringing the UK into the international power game again, will be a very difficult task indeed. Essentially the UK has been out of the game for 60 years, ever since the Second World War, so there is a bit of a gap to close. 

Anyway, the power game of the great powers is essentially a tug and give game. You tug a little here, you give a little there, and slowly but surely get your way in things. In fact actually fighting is pretty rare. 

The situation is like this; Russia and the US is still fighting the Cold War game under the surface. Mr. Putin and mr. Trump are two opponents, who fight each other in terms of allies. 

Especially in the Middle East, this confrontation goes on to this day. I tried to stop it, and make som equilibrium. But that has not worked 100%. There is more peace between Russia and the US than there used to be. But it is still in function in the Iran confrontation, where Russia backs Iran, otherwise Iran would not be so bold. 

Getting tangled up in this power play would be absolutely stupid. If the UK wants to play an independent role, it should off cause play its ressources according to its own needs. 

What is the needs of the empire? Well, that is quite obvious, it is to mend some of the glaring holes that there is in the empire. 

For 60 years, the borders of the empire has been crumbling, and untold horrors have been the result. Just ask the Rhodesians and now the South Africans. There has been an ethnic cleansing of the servants of England. 

That has to stop, if the UK is in any way able to do that. 

There are many internal allies of this process, as the church and the queen. So there are plenty of players to set in motion. 

Now, international power game is not about winning, it is mostly about diplomacy backed by a military machine. 

My best advice would be to send the marines to South Africa, try to mend the fences there. South Africa is a crying and horrible problem. Here the descendants of the Boer and Brits are run into conzentration camps and generally lynched in the streets. 

It is not so open, but if you see some of the footage that Ms. Lauren Southern did, extremist in South Africa is pretty open about their ideas. 

This has to stop, some pressure on the current government should be put. Send some of the flagships to the southernmost point of Africa, and defend those poor people there. 

This confrontation has the advantage, that mr. Putin is on our side on this issue, he is also terrified and disgusted by the actions of the South African government. 

This is not about race, it is about stopping a tragedy.

In essence, it is about finding those bleeding wounds around in the empire, and start solving the confrontations there. 

And it is about justice, we should not embark on new colonial ventures, but stop the injustices. 

G-d bless the might of the United Kingdom’s. 

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