The peace process

Well, now the West seems to have stopped supporting the anti Isis coalition of most of the world including most major powers in the Middle East.

Add to this, the Kurds are kind of caught in the middle.

What is essentially happening. It is, sorry to say, the West that is reverting to its default state of not really understanding the Middle East, and not really caring either.

The nuanced, respectful, deep, religious understanding that the Obama administration showed in the Middle East has been changed with a numb, disrespectful understanding, that really puts the sacrifice that the Kurds did to fight Isis in a poor light. 50.000 men the Kurds sacrificed to fight this evil, a sacrifice, that is now forgotten by the West, as it is importing Isis to the West to give Isis safe haven.

What do we do? I mean, the peace project, the stability that we gave the Middle East. Israel as the great harbinger of truth, honesty and peace.

It is not understood or respected by the West anymore.

So what do we do?

The only reasonable course for the Middle East is to do its own thing. I mean, maybe the West have gone back to not understanding the moral maze of the Middle East, the “Lawrence of Arabia” process is over, seen from the West perspective.

For now at least, hopefully a new administration in the White house will accept and take up the beacon of peace again in a future constellation. At least to me, it seems, that some of the liberal future candidates seems to buy into the advanced understanding of the Middle East as a possible solution to the conflicts.

So my advice is, forget about the West right now, and let us just continue to make an serious ecumenical attempt at finding common ground. Perhaps the newfound sympathy for Islamic State will vane after a few years, and the inevitable terrorist attacks.

But the rest of the religious world should, to my mind, try to find common ground, and find peace.

This will be difficult, especially for Israel that is traditionally allied with the US. But this process is something that should last for more than just ten years, it should be an eternal process to make peace in the world.

It is difficult, but we need to think ten, twenty and a hundred years from now. To a time, where there is a common ground between all the monotheistic religions, and we can choose to do it ourselves.

With a heartful thank you to the Kurds, that made this possible, essentially. They should be considered the good guys, as they are.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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