The new threats

Ok, we are in trouble. Radical islam is rising in the West. One of my very good friends mr. Lars Vilks was just assasinated, most probably, and the attacks are in legion these days.

Lately the attack on the British MP Sir David Amess, is another attack in a string of attacks.

The enemy is within the gates, and they are getting bold.

One of the main things that is pretty evident, is the fact, that the police is not up to the job. In Norway, where the killing spree was pretty fast and devasting, it was mainly because the police was not up to the job. Lars Vilks was killed sitting in a police car, and so on and so forth.

This points to the fact, that we need to do some refinement and upgrading of the police force.

I dont know about all of Europe, in fact in France they seem to be on the ball. They have installed the valiant republican troops to protect democracy.

This brings more security, and it kind of puts the conflict out in the open.

This is the next step, here France is leading the way.

We need to follow the example of France, and shift focus from a police lead security operation, to a military lead operation.

The military deals with war, fighting the Al-Qeada, the islamic state and so on, in war.

So we need to apply the adequate tools to solve the problem.

It could be implemented in all of Europe, and go hand in hand with the new ambitions of a shared fighting force, if that is a priority.

At the same time, we need to understand, that if we veer to much to the fringes of politics, as we have been doing lately, things start to unravel.

The fringes are idealistic and want to change things in a fast manner, the center listens to the fringes, but change things slowly and in a controlled manner.

This is how politics is supposed to be. Be careful not to go to fast.

The whole debacle with China is also warming up, so we are seeing a two front war these days, and that is difficult to fight.

But we are having new friends, India is really warming up to Denmark, and thank you for that, we will be friends.

Anyway, we need to shift security focus from police to military, and let the generals do what they do best; protect the nations of the West.

G-d bless the will to be protective of the citizens.

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