The needs of the people

It seems to me, that the UK have acquired a philosopher Prime minister. The reflections of mr. Johnson are really of a high quality, and I will truly look very much forward to serve mr. Johnson with philosophical ideas and understanding of the world. 

Let us build on a thing that mr. Johnson mentioned in his inaguration speech. 

That of human sentiment. 

Human beings, and all in nature have needs. They have needs for security, food, procreation, having a future and so on. 

Politics is about serving those needs of the people, so they are content and happy. 

Needs are destiny, in the sense that you cannot fight a human need. The best example is the French Revolution where the people were starving. The elite didn’t know that, and all if a sudden they were overthrown. 

No amount of tyrannical state persecution could stop that. 

So, a wise politician looks at the needs of a people, and seeks to serve them. 

What are the tools that a politician has to serve these needs. According to Iamblichus they are two. 1. Wisdom. 2. G-d. 

Iamblichus have these ideas from the Egyptians, who at the time were leading in terms of culture in the classical Hellenistic world. So these are essentially classical Egyptian ideas. 

They believed, that wisdom would guide you to be able to serve those needs of the populace, understand the needs, put in place political systems to help the needs. A good example is a politics of grain storage. In Egypt there are strings of good years of harvest and strings of bad years of harvest, as it is described in the Bible. 

So the king made a system of grain storage so that in good years grain was storaged, and in bad years grain was eaten. 

This was wise, serving a need, and as a consequence the populace was very happy with the king. 

So what are the most pressing needs of the Europeans? It is security. 

We have just had some devastating occurrences of violence in Germany, Sweden is a living hell, and the UK has a bit of trouble in London among other places. 

The need for security is not met by the politicians. Consequently the populace gets restless and seek new politicians to meet their needs. 

The wise polician then meets the need of security in an intelligent manner. 

I have prescribed repatriation as a harsh consequence towards those migrants who make the streets of Europe unsafe. This has been accepted by most, but doing it craves a lot of courage, wisdom and luck. 

So, that is why we pray to G-d to incur that luck, wisdom and humanity to solve this devastating problem. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom. 

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