The Muslim world

Understanding the international game of politics requires some understanding of the internal conflicts within the Muslim world.

There are, essentially, two main directions of Islam; sunni and shia.

But within each branch, there are several subdivision. The sunni world, which is essentially Arab islam, there are many different strands, not at least the Arab countries themselves. Here Saudiarabia is the leading light of the Sunnis, with its most sacred sites and the leading ideologies.

At the other side, there is shia islam, which is essentially the Persian version of Islam, that is a mix of Zoroastrianism, liberal ideology and Arab Islam. The leading light of this strand of islam is Iran.

The third, but not least power of islam is Turkey, that calls for its own right, since it is the heir to the Eastern Roman Empire.

Now, we have, more or less, peace with the Shia and the Arab sunni.

Especially the Arab Sunni have become greats friends. We are still in trouble with the Persians, but the most problems we have is the Turks, that still envision the might of the Ottoman Empire.

The Uighurs are turks.

So, in order to find some balance in this game, we need to balance the different interests off. We need to be seen, as someone who UNDERSTANDS the internal game of the Muslims. That is the only way, that we can be seen as some kind of viable partner in the Middle East, and in the conflict with China.

It is difficult, but necessary.

The good news is, that we are here already, and we have made a lot of progress. In fact Trump continued the development that we had under Obama, so we are a very respected partner.

So, small steps, no revolution, but a careful approach, should hopefully develop a better, more balanced view on western attempt at playing a constructive role in the Middle East.

We shouldn’t abuse our power, but we shouldn’t be seen as weak either.

So there is the problem with Turkey, that we need to address. Here the Europeans must get their game together. If not, soon floods of migrants will start again. We need to be seen as a positive og forceful partner in the Mediteranean.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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