The Middle East

So first act in the two pronged conflict I presumed has come underway.

The conflict in the Middle East between Sunni and Shia Muslim terrorist against Israel is under way.

Why do I call them terrorists? Because shooting rockets towards civilians is the very definition of terrorism.

War between soldiers and military infrastructure is one thing, using civilians as targets are forbidden according to the UN charter, and the Koran.

Civilians are not to be touched in war, it goes against all ethics when it comes to war.

This situation is due to the fact, that the Biden administration has not really touched upon the Middle East in earnest, so now the warring parties in the Middle East are trying to see how far they can go.

Will it be an apocalypse?

A realization of the ancient prophets as to the advent of Israel?

It remains to be seen, but I do feel that apocalyptic vibe in the air.

Anyway, my best advice to the Biden administration would be, to try and go BEHIND the proxi parties in Gaza and talk directly to the Arabs and the Iranians. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are nothing in themselves but the extended arm of Iran and the Arab world, or at least, that is what they try to be.

It makes sense, to reach the real powerbrokers instead of the pieces on the board that are simply moving at the order of the power brokers behind.

This is not to criticize either the Arabs or the Iranians, but to put forth a strategy.

G-d bless the peace, we will eventually find. G-d bless Israel.

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