The Kurds

In the fight against IS, one particular ally of the league, the Kurds, have fought valiantly. This has not really been recognized by the league, and now they are in trouble, because IS is beat in the Middle East, and so we do not need them anymore.

On top of this, Turkey is going full retard, and feeling the urge to realize the ancient quest of the Ottomans, seriously?

Turkey is a NATO member, and is supposed to support the league of Democracy, not exactly the way is to go caliphatic.

Anyway, I think we owe it to the Kurds to help them, keep arming them, supporting their fight for a Kurdish homeland.

In fact, throwing such a valuable ally down the drain will not only weaken us in our regional respect, it will also make it much more difficult to make real allies in the future, we need to repay loyalty.

Turkey is another true problem. They are threatening Greece and they have a pretty strong army. So, we need to be a bit worried about that.

The Central European countries are rebuilding their forces, but we need them to fight internal insurgents, namely IS supporters in the countries.

So having a NATO member go rogue is not good.

But, as I see it, the Kurds are an important ally, not at least for Europe, especially if Turkey starts bombing Greece.

So we should support them, with all our hearts.

G-d bless the will to do right.

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