The freedom of the Christians

There is a lot of discussion within the Christian community regarding the use of force. Can Christians use lethal force against an enemy?

There has been numerous occasion where this has been the case, not at least the crusades. But even today, the military is, in most respects a Christian military force, at least in Great Britain. 

Then a reflection on military force within Christianity would make sense. 

Me, I am a Jew, but as a part of the “light upon the nations” duty all Jews ideally serve. My attempt has been to try and help some of the suffering nations around the world. 

So back to Jesus Christ. 

According to some apochryphical sources, Jesus Christ was trained as an Essene. That is a Jewish religious order of the ancient Middle East. An order that calls for purity of soul, the obligation to help those in need, and a rejection of material needs. You could say, the Franscicans of the Jews. 

The Essenes is then interesting in the reflection of the spiritual weighing of war against peace. 

Now, in the great rebellion that Jesus was a part of. That of the uprising against Rome, there were other Essenes than just Jesus around, and they did participate in the rebellion against the Romans. 

There is a lot of evidence of this great rebellion in the dig site og Masada, the last great stand of the Jews against the Romans. Here the coins were emblazoned with the cry of Jewish freedom. 

Essenes, among them Jesus Christ was a part of that struggle for freedom for the Jews. 

There were other Essenes that were commanders in the armies of the Jews. 

This, I think, sets a precedent for Christian warfare. 

Jesus was, most probably, a part of a greater rebellion for freedom of the Jews. There were other Essenes that fought for freedom, so there is an Christian religious underpinning under the striving for freedom, for Christians. 

If Christianity is seen as a continuation of some of the ideas that Jesus Christ managed to spread to world, in a symbolic sense, Christianity is the continued fight for freedom of the Jews, and a furthered sense, a fight for freedom for all people around the world.

That is the core of the militaristic understanding of Christianity. 

G-d bless the freedom of the Christians, all around the world, seen from that original Jewish perspective. You are still fighting that freedom fight, please don’t stop, continue until you are truly free.

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