The fine line

The great difficulty in trying to counter the threats that radical Islamist is confronting most of the Western world with, is trying to find the line between too much and too little.

Everybody agrees, that terrorism, that is direct attacks on different targets in the West is not acceptable. Being it the car attacks, rapes and so on.

But, one needs to see the fine silver line between these attacks and then just normal people.

THAT is what is needed in the cases in Rotherham and other places. This is not about all Muslims, or all migrants, but some.

At the other hand, protecting these people is not good for anybody, especially not those migrants that actually live according to the law. It brings badwill to all.

So that is what this discussion should be about, where are the limits of offensive behavior. Not taking the discussion is not wise, being too condemning is not wise either. It is about finding that fine line inbetween, but that takes a lot of discussion to reach a public conclusion.

We did it in the facing of Islamic State, we should do it on a national level as well.

That is the third way between too much, and too little to me.

I have done a lot of research on this issue, and these ideas are behind the strategic focus on IS or Daesh as it is called by some. The same reflections should be used to deal with crime done by Muslims internally. But be humane.

G-d bless the will to see these things in a reflective light.

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