The fighters

Ok, so now the international community has concluded the first day of a conference in the UN. Especially two speeches were vital to me. The speech of mr. Trump, and the speech of mr. Netanyahu.

First of all, let me give a history.

Around a year ago I met this man here in Northern Jutland. This guy was and is a very poor man, he is a thief and a hustler. He wanted so much to be friends, and in the beginning, I really rejected him. I thought he was just too much.

Then time went by, and I began to see him as he really was. This poor man, was a fighter. He had burned the Koran, and then the police came after him with a vengeance.

He had long hair put up in a braid, and a huge hammer of Thor tattooed on his forearm. He used to show me all kinds of weapons to impress me, and honestly, I was a little impressed, but then again, he seemed a bit too much.

Then we started to fight together, he wanted to get rid of the blasphemy law, and we grew into being friends.

We won that fight together, as comrades in arms. And even though he has so little strength, he went all in, putting Dannebrog on shoulders and using that hammer of Thor to fight for the freedom of the Danish people, against a vile islamist enemy.

This friday we plan to give him a hammer of Thor in silver and a silver plate commemorating him as a fierce fighter for freedom. We will do it at Lindholm Høje, and ancient burial ground of vikings here in Denmark. A place where black birds circle the ancient graves made like ships.

That spirit has come down to you mr. Trump. That ancient spirit of the fighters we came from. I know that John might not be someone who you like to be “seen” with, but I see him, and I see his qualities, as I see your qualities. You are a fighter, by G-ds grace.

Now, I started this fight for the ancients ten years ago, and I did as a half-dane. That has its deeper implications. It is not a fight for the supremacy of the white man, it is a fight for the VALUES of the men of north. Freedom, democracy, family, justice and community.

As I see it, there is no skin colour attached to these values, we all share them. They are a part of human civilisation.

This process has reached is zenith in the presidency of mr. Trump, and, honestly, I am really proud of what you have achieved through that fighting heart of yours. It is really well done.

Fighting is what we were born for, the way we fight, is something we choose.

I am proud, that you have chosen to align yourself with the Jews, and that we can, as lights on the sky, spread humanity as well.

Anyway, we will see where it ends.

Let that spirit of freedom, fought for by the mishaps, and the ridiculed be found again, and remain as strong as ever, maybe even stronger.

G-d bless mr. Trump, may you find your fights, and find the way you want to fight them in a sensible and intelligent way.

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