The face of evil

To be a good person, you need to know what evil is. 

I have a lot of experience with evil. Not just the base meaness of childish behavior, but evil on a societal scale. 

We don’t really know it, but as a part of the mechanisms of culture, evil is embedded in the very fabric of society, and law is the method we have to confront that evil and make a better society. 

Ultimately law is all about culling the natural tendencies of evil in man as opposed to good in a more abstract sense. Natural law it is called, due to the fact, that in nature we have tendencies of evil, and tendencies of good, and what it is all about is promoting the good behavior and culling evil behavior. 

Knowing the system of evil in nature or natural behavior is then most important. 

It comes with the story of the cave, or rather the cave allegory of Plato. 

Here in this story, the philosopher is supposed to bring light into the cave, but mankind is not happy with the light of philosophy. He wants to be manipulated with rather than see truth. 

This is how society work. We may call our newspapers Liberation og Pravda. That is truth. But more than often we fall prey to the control. 

Just take social media these days, that are all about controlling all of a sudden, what happened to the virtue of openness?

But then the truth in opposition to hiding truth is not just an academic discussion. It’s not just something we suffer from in an abstract sense. 

People, especially those who are the truth seekers be that journalists, academics or other truth seekers are actively culled by the state. 

We seek to silence them. 

The primitive society culls the critics actively putting them into workcamps. The more advances societies use other methods.

Me, I have been struck with the torture of my child, with control of my money flow, with berufsverbot. That is, I have effectively lived in an open prison for the last fifteen years. 

That is a prison with no physical bars, but a prison nontheless. 

Now a live prison has the positive thing, that you can actually see the bars, and people react to that. They see, that you are put behind bars, and find it wrong. 

The hidden prison will give people the ability to discard your claims. You can see for yourself, that the prison is there, but it is secret. 

Secret prisons are detrimental to your health. You sufffer mentally and you suffer physically. I can see my health deteriorate slowly through the years, my body breaking slowly. 

But the mental health is really the problem. When all of your friends are going in and out of the lawrooms for this and that political reason, and you are just hit through secret means. You know it is there, but you never know when it might hit you again the next time around. 

You become afraid. 

Afraid about the next hit. Will it be your kid in school?

Most people break under these conditions. That is the true aim of persecution. They want you to break down. 

I once had a friend who made small little posters that he put on the walls in Malmoe, the most haunted city of Sweden, now the rape capital of Sweden. 

These were provocative artwork. He used forbidden symbols. But after all, it was just artwork. You could look the other way if you wanted. 

The Swedish police put him into jail over and over again. 

He told me, that one day, when he was in jail he talked to one of the others in the jail. The other person told him that he had killed someone, and asked him why my friend was there, and he responded by telling him, that he had put up posters. 

That is the face of fascism and persecution to me. 

To be put in jail with murderers because you put up posters. 

For me, keeping a healthy mind is the most difficult. I truly try to look at the positive side, to help, to support, to be a friend. But sometimes the paranoia creeps in. 

The whys and the questions asked. 

Why me? What about my children? Will they also see me as a villain for trying to seek the truth?

But the wonderful thing about children is, that they will not. 

But then I remember a story about a dissident in the Soviet that was deemed evil by the state, and his child refusing to accept it. The child withering away. 

That is the true face of evil. There. 

The tacit acceptance of whole of society of one who are deemed outside. Who is untouchable. The one we do not like. 

True humanism, is recognizing this fault of human society and going against it. Trying to fight the base mechanisms of man to brand the Jew as someone to ridicule and debase. 

The hallmark of a good society is accepting the truth be it how it is, and allowing it to prosper. 

Light upon the Nations is supporting those few lightbringers around the world, and giving them hope. 

G-d bless the will of the fallen, may he arise by the grace of G-d. 

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