The EU

I think, it is pretty obvious, that the current EU system does not work.

The reason why? Because essentially a lot of bankers and rich people initiated the project and has tried to sustain it. It is an elitist project that does not see things from the perspective of the common man.

This creates a lot of resentment, and a feeling that the EU bureaucracy is aloof and extremely distanced to the problems of the people.

In the US it started otherwise, there the people made amendments to the paper that the bureaucracy wrote stressing certain values and virtues that carry the US.

THAT is what is missing in the EU, the amendments.

Why, because if you only have a bureaucracy without heart, people do not like it. A system has to represent the values of everybody. A shining city at the top the hill.

So instead of being angry at the people, why not start listening?

When the Italians say they do not want the Euro, why force them? The project does not lie in the structure, but in the values.

But to represent the values, one needs to understand the values, and do them.

Human rights should be focused on the problems of young women in the EU being raped and harassed. That is THE most pressing problem right now.

So where is Strassbourg on this issue?

I mean, if you want to create a system of common values, you need to stand up for those values.

G-d bless the will to defend the right of women to be free from sexual assault.

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