The EU

To Change the European Union, one has to understand, the problems that the union see.

At the core of it, is a principle that Marx got all wrong.

Marx wanted to make a copy of the Spartan state, that is the ancient city state of the Greek classical world.

Whereas the French Revolution was a renaissance for Democracy, that is, in the classical times Athens, the Communist revolution was an attempt at remaking the Spartan state.

That is a communal state where no-one owns anything, and the state is the family of the Spartans.

Well, the great fault of Marx was, that Lycurgus, the philosopher who founded Sparta was quite clear about one thing, in fact that was the very prerequisite of the Spartan state. It was to be hermetically closed.

Spartans were spartans, not anybody else.

Hence, the ability to make a communal state.

If you look at Marxist states around the world, you can see, that only Marxist states that are actually closed work. Or rather, they do not disintegrate as Communist states usually do due to a flawed political architecture (Marx was pretty shallow when it came to truly understanding Sparta).

EU is essentially an attempt on making a Social-democratic state.

It is flawed for exactly this reason. You cannot wish to make a Democratic/Socialist state, and then make it open.

It does not work that way, Lycurgus says it, and he is a philosopher on a higher level than Marx.

So, that is really the remedy of the current problems. Each people should have borders around them, and the general borders should be enforced.

That is the key, to make Europe have a come back. In the meantime, off cause some of the barbarian migrants who are here, must be remigrated. Not all are barbarians, but some are, and those who do not accept and respect our laws tear down the cohesion of the society, bring destruction to states.

They cannot be allowed that.

So, put in borders around people, to make them save, and make the socialist wealthfare-states working again.

This way, we heed the principles of Sparta, the true principles of Sparta.

That is the only way it can work, otherwise we should stop Socialism, because a flawed political architecture is some of the most devastating and destructive in the world.

Look at the world today, see all the devastation these flawed ideas have brought, and be honest about it.

G-d bless the European Union.

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