The EU

It seems to me, that there is a huge problem in Europe. The Islamist are truly arming up, the European Union is falling apart, and the questions are more than the answers. 

In this case, my basic problem is, that there are so many political parties that I am invested in, and I am in trouble because I have criticized the Eurocrats. The way it is, is like this. If I talk about the EU, the Danish authorities will punish me one way or the other. The will torture my child, fine me or in other way try to shut me up. 

So I do not speak about the EU, because they obviously do not want me to do that. I focus on the individual countries and try to help them and their issues. 

I do have a plan for Europe, that is, in its essence, to support the individual democratic forces, in their fight against the issues at hand. These being Islamism, economic issues, in Germany the rebuilding of a national identity after the Second World War and so on. 

I cannot focus on a EU process. Both because the immorality of the project is so low, that I cannot invest my name in it, and because they will try to kill me if I do. That is the bottom line. 


G-d bless the will to do good. 

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