The EU

One of the issues, that I have been prodded to try to take an angle on, is the EU.

What are we going to do, with that construct, and how are we going to make it work.

To be honest, I have not really been a great fan of the EU, but we can make it work, if we do things the right way.

Since I have been kicked out of Danish politics in a pretty mean way, I guess, we can then shift gears, and see things from a new perspective.

So I have seen things from a state level, what about the federal level?

I have worked, for a long time with the federal level in the US, and am actually getting somewhere in terms of business and economy. Mr. Biden is swinging the economy around by going back to his union roots. He is doing it pretty well, actually, and I guess that is a lesson we need to think about. How are we going to make a valid impression on business, to make it work? We do it by stopping the outsourcing and insourcing the economy again. It works in the US, and it will work in EU as well.

Then there is another issue, that I have ponderede a bit. What EU really lacks is a public discussion across the nations of the EU.

I have actually delivered a proposal for such a project, using as a vehicle for cross national dialogue. We are going to make that, but it takes a little time, to get there.

We need to make people feel, that everybody has some kind of voice in the development of the federal level.

There are pressing matters as the growth of the EU and the new plans for an army.

But, to be honest, what the EU really lacks is not new arms or institutions, it needs the public approval of the citizens of the EU, and it needs to be accepted by the citizens of the EU.

How do you make that happen?

By bringing value to each nation, that the citizens can see makes sense.

That is really the key.

G-d bless the peace we can find with a good European Union.

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