The Englishman

So the final deadline for the division between Great Britain and the EU is finally at our doorsteps.

As your best international friend, and true servant. This is my advise.

For the time being, I watch a really good movie on Netflix (no I am not sponsored), it is called Black sails, and describes the pirates of the Caribbean. A time of lawlessness and criminality. But also a time of great seamanship and rowing boats.

There are villains and there are heroes. At the center is the Captain Flint. A former marine captain gone renegade due to some misconduct on the side of the English state.

This brave individual turned criminal because he was abused by the Crown.

As a consequence he went to war to counter the feeling of misconduct. Things like that happened a lot in that times. When Nelson fought at Trafalgar, the seamen never got their due recognition.

This is not a time for rifts between crown and seamen. This a time for all to unite and share the burdens of the yoke.

If Englishmen do that, none can put a dent in their shining armor. None can push them here or there.

The spirit of the viking ancestors, and their unbowing demeanor is what England is about. The fire for freedom.

That is the core. That the Brits will remain free, unbound by any who seek to put down this proud people.

Use that as an anchorpoint and guiding star in the next few weeks, see to, that the Englishmen, Welshmen, Irishmen and Scots remain free to roam the sea at their shore.

Let none tell them what to do, but themselves.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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