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The Brexit process is finally starting in earnest. I suppose it had to be tried, the attempt to get the EU to get an interest in the process from at sound perspective. But this has not been possible, whoever you are, a Brexiteer or a Remainer must simply realize this.

This leaves the process at the hands of the UK administration itself.

No deal is being prepared, it is the only viable option right now. Another vote would not solve anything, repetition of the same vote would just be a repetition.

But to look at things from a positive perspective, this gives a true opening for Westminster and everybody in the UK to actually start discussing what comes next.

As I see it, the problems that the EU has left will be mounting, but with the right set of decisions, the UK has a chance at making itself a better nation.

There is no balance in the current priorities. The former British colonies suffer from a weak connection to the UK. The role of leading intellectual powerhouse is needed, not only for the UK, but for Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada. Not as a leader in the material sense, but a leader in spiritual matters, intellectual matters and scientific matters.

But also some of the dependants of the UK in the former colonies needs to be supported, just to leave them to their own fate, is terrible.

We have seen how farmers across Africa has suffered tremendously, they need support legally and with resettlement, if they are too much in danger.

In other words, there is a host of unsolved problems across the anglosphere that needs to be addressed with diplomacy and problem solving intent.

In the UK there is a lot of problems as well. The most pressing is the problem with home grown terrorists.

Here again there is a huge discussion that will have to include the right as well as the left.

It is crucial, that this problem is solved in unity.

The solution that Barack Obama and I came up with, was to differ between those who support democracy, and those who are against democracy.

That is IS and IS like organizations are the enemies.

This gives room for democratic intended Muslims to be a part of the society. Giving Muslims a choice of integrating.

There are problems with migrants not only in terms of terrorism, but also crime.

This has to be adressed forcefully by the security apparatus.

Enemies of the state, should be treated as such. But liberal people on any colour should be treated on the same basis as everybody else.

Now, there is the fact, that England is England. And a renaissance in English, Scottish, Walisian as well as Irish identity is important.

People need to feel rooted in a positive sense.

Here in Denmark we have a very positive romantic idea about Danish culture, something we inherited from Goethe and Grundtvig. Vikings are not savage beasts in our understanding, but romantic heroes.

So a positive intent on the culture is very healthy to our experience.

So, let us disucuss the deeper issues, but let us be open for more than just the MPs of Westminster, let all that have a role and opinion be heard. The church, the queen, the unions, the fishermen, the workers, the students, the gays, the low and the high.

Let us try to find unity as his eminence rev. John Sentamu advises us so rightfully.

G-d bless the fair islands of the United Kingdom.

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