The English Family

The different religious organizations need tools to ‘sell’ the faith. Don’t get me wrong, faith is not a superficial thing. It is deep.

But people still need to see their lives improve when they find faith.

Usually they see that, because religion is more than just the faith in G-d, it is a social system as well.

Or rather, a way to organize your life, so that you become happy.

The gospel of joy is really the way of religion. People need to see, that when they become more religious, their lives improve.

The most important institution of religion is family.

The family is really the core of any monotheistic religion. This is truly the best selling point. Why? Because this is the institution that brings about happiness and joy if it works probably.

Therefor the discussion on family, is very important.

The core of any societal institution is harmony. If things are in harmony, they are at rest, and then happiness and joy are the result.

What is harmony? Harmony is if things are in balance. Harmony is really a mathematical understanding of the world.

Take for instance the progressive tax. Why do we have that? We have it, so that there is less of a jump between the very rich and the very poor. The equality of a society brings then harmony.

The same goes with a family. If there is too much of a jump between those who have much and those who have little, the harmony suffer. So we share our wealth and resources with our family.

In England, there is an ancient idea, that represent and reflect this ideal beautifully. The round table.

The round table is a fabled way of organizing that comes from the mythical stories of Camelot, the knights of the round table and King Arthur.

The idea is, that a family of knights sit together at a round table, all equal with King Arthur as the head.

With this we have an ideal to use in our modern families as well.

The father is the king, but not a king that puts the rest of the family down. But a wise leader that makes sure that all the family members are equal, that all share what they have.

It is not a dictator, but a servant of the family in the sense, that he will sacrifice himself, to make sure, that the family has a good life.

With this moral example, the rest of the family will look up to him as the guardian and the protector of the family.

The little knights, and princesses will grow up in harmony and joy because they feel at rest and in safety.

G-d bless the English family.

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