The empire

So we are free, it took four ardous years, or was it even more?, to get here, but here we are.

The question is, what now?

Here I believe, that looking a bit on Russia is actually not such a bad idea. I mean, we have been foes, but Russia is getting along pretty well, and they have a thousand year long tradition on keeping the realm together.

What is Russia really?

Russia is a Viking state that started at the rivers of Ukraine, and spread to the east. Along the way, there were a lot of fights, and it really changed the Russians to what the Russians are today; strong, vicious fighters that sleep, but when awaken are unbeatable. That is the lesson learned by both Hitler and Napoleon.

The sleeping bear, as they are called.

At the height of Russian empirialism, because that was what it was, Russians beat everybody even Japan.

Now, how did they manage to keep the realm together?

A lot of the states that was swallowed by the Russians are still ethnically and religiously not Russians, but Muslims and other ethnicities.

They did it by tying a strong bond between the NATIONS of the Russian empire. Somehow each citizen in what we understand as Russia have a Russian identity. They are part of Mother Russia.

The same is probably a strategy that we could try with the British empire. Create a strong identity. A British identity. An identity of people reflecting and idolizing the British culture and ideas.

That is a difficult thing right now, because we have been going in the other direction for such a long time, and just starting a racist Anglo Saxon banging on the shield idea would be out of this world, not to mention both wrong and totally unethical.

But a British identity does not have to be simple, rather make it complex, beautiful and strong in ideas.

Take the ideas, that I have worked on with Oxford, the ideas of climate change in relation to the Anglican Church. This whole ideology ties into Darwin, Goethe and Classical Greek philosophy. It reclaims the land of the Church, and seek to make people believe not only in the church again, but also in G-d.

This is a possible British project to try and unite the different nations of the British empire under.

A good idea, and a way to find some common ground, and it reaches out to the young as well.

We still have to remember, that building nations in an empire, requires nation building, so of cause we have to be in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and all those nations, and inspire and try to improve the nations in a way that creates a sustainable as well as steady flow of happiness.

The British empire was created on the back of the philosopher Adam Smith, that is a banking empire. But now we need to talk content in terms of national ideology, spiritual ideology and the likes.

Don’t get me wrong Adam Smith was a genius, but we have come to an end with his ideas, and the true enigma we have to solve is to understand how to get on from his perspective and SOLIDIFY the empire in terms of stability and happiness for all the citizens.

It can be done, the Russians did it, so we can perhaps learn from them. They seem to be interested in teaching us.

The key here being philosophical development and Change.

G-d bless the will to be honest and solidify the empire that is struggling and honestly crying out for help.

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